Love & Fear, never the twain shall meet

First, sign your name as you usually do, on the line below (or grab an extra piece of paper for this), and date it:

Signed, _____________________________

(Dated: _____________)

Look at your signature, and try to get in touch with your sense of whose name that is. What concept of that person are you holding as you sign the signature? Is it not a separate person? A person with a particular history? And a special station or place in the world? With special attributes?

Isn’t this self trying to make its way through a perilous world? Isn’t that why you sign your name to things? To protect yourself from something? Or to procure some needed thing for this endangered self? If, for instance, you sign a legal document, are you not often afraid of what it may bring into your life, even while you are hoping it will protect you in other ways? In short, isn’t the identity signified by your name filled with fear? What else would a separate self trying to make its way through a perilous world be filled with?

Keep going!

Therefore, sign your name again, and this time sign it simply as “Fear.”

Signed, _____________________________

(Dated: _____________)

Once you sign it, try to see this signature and the first one as the same. Look back and forth between the first and second signatures and try to let them blend into one. Try to realize that when you sign your name in everyday life, you are signing “Fear.” You are saying, “This self who is separate from The Source, vulnerable, and beset by the dangers of a perilous world.” Regardless of the specific words you write, the content of what you are writing is fear.

Now sign your name one more time. This time sign it as “Love.”

Signed, ____________________________

(Dated: ______________)

As you sign it, try to really mean it. Don’t think of it as a given name like “Joy,” which doesn’t mean much. Think of it as a statement that you really are love. Love is your nature. You are not a being who can love, who can love at times and hate at other times, whose love is partial, selective, and intermittent. You are love. Love is your nature. You are a segment of Love Itself. In your true nature, you are incapable of any anger, any hatred, even any neutrality. Being love, all you can do is love.

Realize that this is not an aspiration of what you want to be. This is who you are now, beneath all appearances. You are love, a segment of God’s Love, merely dreaming that you are a separate being filled with fear. You are love masquerading as something else.

Look at this final signature and try to identify with it. Think to yourself, “That’s me. That’s who I am.” Does that make you see yourself differently? What feelings does it evoke?

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists, herein lies the peace of God”

How often do I realize that I am afraid of love? We are afraid of love far more frequently than we realize. Use  this thought as a suggested mental response whenever we notice our egos acting up: “I must be afraid of love again.” There is a sense in which we could say that the ego is the fear of love. It is a mental stance that rejects Love as our Source, that rejects Love as our Self, and that refuses to recognize Love in everyone and everything around us. When we look at it in this way, it begins to be more understandable that if we could simply realize this one thing-not to be afraid of love-the salvation of the world would be accomplished.

Fear of love is insane on the face of it. Of all the things we might be reasonably afraid of, love is not one of them. A famous old-time Christian evangelist, Charles Grandison Finney (famous in the 1800s), once wrote that “Love is the eternal will to all goodness.” To be afraid of that which eternally wills only our good is truly insane. So to accept today’s idea is “the decision not to be insane”


The Transition


Few will understand this. Even fewer will care to. Sea La Vie. I like to spell it “Sea” Just because I love the C. Smile and wave while your at the Sea and you might find the son. Words I strongly dislike are:

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Self Concept VS. Self


ee77525ed5c6f27c39d1bc68b145838dThe state that the Who-man finds himself in may be referred to as the split mind.

It is better for one to conquer himself than to win a thousand battles on the field. Then the victory is yours! No one can take it from you, not angels or demons, Heaven nor hell.   –Buddha

As in this example,  there is the self and the one that can conquer that self. First decide if this is true for you. Have you ever wanted to either accomplish something or to quit something? Did you notice two opposing forces at play. One who wants to do it vs. one that thinks it can’t, is afraid or wants to fall back in the conditioned patterns of life.

It has become the human way to take the path of least resistance. And this is perfectly fine, but for those who want to push the limits of the mind, see what is possible and be projected out into the Omniverse, other paths will appear.screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-10-56-59-am

As we travel along the timeline of life, we formulate a concept of ourselves. We could call this -self concept vs. Self. I capitalize Self because it represents our true Self that has never, and cannot ever be lost. It is your face before you were born.

The Conqurer has no fear because it has nothing to lose and therefore nothing to defend. I like to joke about the Conquer. It’s motto could be “freedom is just another word for nothing left but shoes”.  In this sharing today, I invite YOU to identify with this one. This one has nothing to lose, He cannot get back again. Fearless, a thought is given to him, he takes action and it is done. No bickering, debating or analysis paralysis. screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-3-39-22-pm

And so I say to you NOW,  ” You do not ask to much from life, but far to little”. YOU are the limitless, timeless and infinite water. Dive deep my compadre, take all the self conceptual limits off and dream big dear reader, dream big.

Now if I believe this as I tell it to you, what must I also believe about myself.

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Nirvana or Haites

This world is both Heaven and Hell and neither and everything in between.

Why? How can it be both?

Listen closely.

 Nothing you see means anything! 

How is this so?

Everything is neutral. Body’s, oceans, Mountians – everything. The only meaning anything has is what you give it. Because you have given everything you see all the meaning that it has for you, you can withdraw it also.

Do Not seek to change the world, but change your thoughts about the world, and all the world changes with it!

P.I.P.O    – Peace In Peace Out

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Made by Everynone

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Direct Experience!

It’s all fine and dandy going around like a Parrot repeating phrases like “we are all one” or “live in the now”. When one (such as Robert below) has a direct experience of these concepts- everything changes. If One decides to grow the Ovaries to carry out such an experience, he may be rocketed into the stratosphere of the One Life!



My story begins a year ago when I ran across the Johns Hopkins study on psilocybin. Having suffered for years with depressive episodes, mild PTSD, slight bipolar tendencies, and general anxiety and unhappiness, I read the study results and then read everything I could find. I joined the discussion boards, read the trip reports, studied McKenna and Watts. I became an avid student of the mushroom.
Having tried for years to find a solution to my mental strife with traditional medicines, with no success, I was captivated. I had thought mushrooms were just a fun party drug that we left behind after our college party scene. However, being open-minded, and having nothing to lose, I embarked on a journey to self enlightenment and repair of my psyche.
So I grew my mushrooms, and then I carefully planned the set and setting. I meditated and I prayed to the God I thought I knew, and to the God I was yet to meet, to carry me through this 5 gram, in the dark, scary as hell experience that was about to commence.
About 30 minutes after consuming the mushrooms I started seeing the fractals. Colorful and intricate. Nothing like I had ever seen in this life, or could even imagine. They were insanely beautiful, and they were alive with their own spirit and knowledge. images-4
I had headphones with Pink Floyd on and the visuals began to sync with the sound, and I was lost in it. At 60 minutes I was pinned to the couch, feeling like was I was being overrun by succession of tsunamis, each one bigger that the one before. I was moaning and sweating and curled in the fetal position. My last coherent thought was that I was going to miss my son, because surely I was about to die. And so I did.
Time lost all meaning, my body was gone, the present was gone, and I was dying. But the death was only a massive deprogramming. All the knowledge, all the habits, all the history, all the life experiences, all the bias and the cynicism, and all the walls I had built over this lifetime were being disintegrated. I remember my soul being beaten like I was in a cosmic washing machine. My psyche was being thrashed and pounded and my understanding of myself was being ripped away.
All I though that I was, and all that I thought I understood was but one tiny experience in an infinity of experiences — and it almost meant nothing. This mental beating went on for what seemed like eternity. I struggled, and I resisted, and I kept being pounded against the cosmic rocks.r0001064.jpg
Then there came a point where I just let go and welcomed what I now know to have been my ego dying. Complete ego death. The ego that had taken my infinite conscience and held it prisoner behind bias, ignorance, experience, and fear. I came to accept that my “life” was but a way station, a single blink of one experience in an infinite universe of experiences. There is a part of the trip where I became a cartoon character and my previous life was a sneeze that wouldn’t come. My entire life experience became just an infinitesimal blip — like a booger that needed to be removed. I kept getting to the moment of the sneeze, and it never came — over and over with maddening frustration.Maybe this is the metaphor of this life here and the struggles we have to find the happiness that is always elusive. The feeling that we are almost there, can almost sneeze, but cannot quite manage it, keeping us in a constant state of disappointment in that we can almost get “there” but it never comes. And the joke of it all is that we have always been there — but the ego has hidden this from us.
I am NOTAs my mental walls finally came down, I was told by the universe itself that it was OK. It is OK. All is OK. And I remember I let out a long breath, and I let go, and I was nothing, and I was everything. I was creation, and I was infinity, and it was orgasmic. I remember floating in space, spinning and smiling, and I clearly remember thinking that nothing has ever felt this good. This was who we are — we are bliss. And we are good, and strong. I cried for relief, and I knew for sure, and deep in my bones, that things have always been, and would always be OK. I am OK. I was reduced to only consciousness — floating freely in the universe, and I was it and it was me. And yet I was nothing, and I apologized over and over for the hubris that had defined all my actions on this earth.
And then it happened. I was reborn back into myself. And I was shown that birth is what it is all about. Death and rebirth. Over and over again. The death is a crushing of the constructs we have built during our “life.” And birth is what the root and goal of our consciousness is about. I experienced my birth — and words simply cannot describe that. I was overwhelmed in ecstasy. Nothing can possible compare to this feeling.
As the mushrooms slowly let me go at 5 AM or so, everything was clear. I was calm, and very happy. Life made sense, and I was at complete peace. It was like a cosmic Roto-Rooter had scrubbed by conscience of all the sludge that was slowly killing me, and holding me back from living.
Since then, several months have passed and I divorced the wife that was a black hole in my life for reasons that would take many more pages to explain. But suffice it to say that I was given a crystal clear directive to eject this psychic vampire from my life — and so I did.
Also, since then, the resistance that has defined my life for as long as I can remember has lessened. When I get into a sour mood, most of the time if I stop for a minute and reflect back on my trip while staring at the sky, I can get myself centered and calm again. All aspects of my life have improved, and I am becoming who I thought I could be. But by no means am I done exploring.img_0580
I am so happy — and content. The darkness that defined me for so long has been banished.
As anyone who has experienced the magic of the mushroom knows, it’s impossible to accurately recount the experience either in person or in print. The incredible knowledge you are given and things you are shown, simply wither and blow away at any serious attempt at recounting them. It’s an impossibly maddening experience trying to adequately convey one’s mushroom trip without looking like you have lost all your marbles. The wisdom turns against itself and defies the telling.
And as all of us who have traveled that path in earnest understand, with no doubt whatsoever, that our existence in, and interconnectedness with, the universe makes us both nothing and everything simultaneously, significant and insignificant at the same time, one just as true as the other. Yin and yang, ones and zeroes. Some (including myself) have said that during their trips they saw God and he is us. If you remove the brashness from that statement, it rings with staggering truth.IMG_0372
On one hand, we are just cosmic dust with a heartbeat. But on the other hand, we are the creator as well as the created. We contain the birth and death of all history behind us and all possible futures in front of us. We are infinite, and when we are firmly in our trips, we are able to finally begin to wrap our minds around that concept. The infinite and interconnected conscience of all that IS simply feels right; it makes sense, and it is pure bliss.
We now know how ignorant we have been for so long with our ego in the way, and we are utterly humbled at the incredible beauty that we have seen, and struck down to our knees at the magnitude of the revelations we have been shown. Our experience granted us a level of peace and understanding that sings in our heart, even though it defies all logic and rational thought.
Yours Truly,


Talking about asceticism 

Mystics throughout the ages have sworn off, given up and ceased the pleasures of the senses in order to become closer to their diety. In truth the diety and Self are one. In this light one may deprive the senses in order to realize the true self. From retreating to caves, cabins, temples or Ashrams seekers have realized God, the Tao that cannot be named or Buddha nature. Whatever we Earthlings name the Divine, seeking “it” has been written about and studied since either existed.

I was speaking with my daughter recently about spirituality. Her comment was ” I didn’t think anyone did that anymore”. Even though she regularly attended Yoga classes. I mentioned that Yoga meant union with God but I m not sure she heard me. Many but not all western instructors and then students who participate in Yoga assume it’s the stretching of body parts. In any event, I wondered if the idea of spirituality becoming extinct was only my daughters opinion? Does the fact that our electronic gadgets, the current world smorgasbord of appeals to the senses along with the lighting fast change going on all around us blind us to the idea.

There is nothing so blinding as perception.    -ken wapnick

Our perception is continually bombarded with images and sounds. Keep up or get run over and better get yours before it’s all gone attitudes prevail. The idea that we are all one, connected into the Unified field has debatebly been proven. This idea either has not permeated the culture or everyone may always be engrossed with getting their share.  This is how it’s been for ages. The fact that we are one with nature and our brother, are comical to most in this day and age. Yea, yea, I’ve heard all that before, is the reaction of a majority. However together with a strong movement of Spiritual seekers across the globe as well as awareness of the destruction of the planet there is potential for change.

 The outside world is a reflection of the inside condition of the state of mans mind.

This world is so old that everywhere you stand someone either died or was buried there. Twenty-five thousand people die every hour. Twenty- five thousand six-hundred are born every hour. This apparent world is a field of flowers arising, flowering and then decaying to make room for the next. It’s been going on for longer than anyone knows.


All that arises passes away, this I know!

Will the earth and its inhabitants pass away also, and if so when. I suppose it’s inevitable. In the context of eternity time is a mere dot. Time is the distance between cause and effect. That is, the illusion of what we have attempted to create “time” is the distance between our eternal Self and the identity we have created or the “me” we have come to believe we are.

Tibetan Zen Buddhist practice the art of dying. In the Tibetan book of the dead these techniques are outlined.

The opposite of Love is fear, but what is all encompassing has no opposite. What is everything leaves room for nothing else. Love is the removal of all fear, including death. Do not fear death but prepare and embrace it when it comes. This fear of death is one element of Socrates teachings. He would place a skeleton by his students side and say in effect- look right at it. That’s YOU! When we feel as though we have nothing in common with our brother,  think about that. We all have a great deal in common with each other. We come from and end up in the same place, and not too far from now.  With this fact one might see Everything in a new light. I have nothing special that you do not have, however I have focused like a laser beam on the ethereal unseen for many years. Once in meditation I was taken out past the Omniverse so that I could look back and see that this entire Cosmos of matter is merely a fabrication utilizing mental constructs. Simply-it’s ALL mind. Time as well is only an idea. At some level you certainly know this as well. How might one use this knowledge. Inevitably we all consider the point of being here? With consideration of the declaration that space and time are illusions, what is the purpose.  Practically speaking, what good are these concepts to us today. Let’s look at an idea together.

 Every decision one ever makes will stem from what he thinks he is! 

I won’t go through what that statement means to me, rather I would like to invite you to take it with you. Examine it, talk about it, use it. See if it serves any use for YOU. What might you be in reality vs what you have come to believe you are. This is how all true science operates. Imagine an idea then seek to find out if it holds true for you. This is only slightly different as it is the science of your mind. Our experience is the final test.


By Big Al

  The term “archetype” has its origins in ancient Greek. The root words are archein, which means “original or old”; and typos, which means “pattern, model or type”. The combined meaning is an “original pattern” of which all other similar persons, objects, or concepts are derived, copied, modeled, or emulated. 

I suppose it’s an archetypical story. The idea that one must lose himself to find himself. I have come to understand this as the premise for enlightenment that so many speak about with the clear understanding that the one that is ” found” has no likeness or familiarity with the one that was lost. The two have never met. 

Interesting to me is the idea that I underwent this process many times and seemingly continue it now. Falling further and further down the rabbit hole, I see no end. The light at the end of the tunnel comes and goes as another tunnel appears, each time thinking; if life is a journey this must be the destination. 

On the spiritual search a mystic writes: better not to begin, once begun better finish. The initiate has no idea what he is getting into as his egoic constructs are broken down one belief at a time and in a few cases all at once. I’ve heard many stories both ways. I had hoped to get it over all at once but have come to see that even when that happens the consciousness frequently spends and equal number of years researching just what in Heavens name happened (Eckhart Tolle). Purity is not confined, therefore he is forced to find the ideas and words to attempt to communicate it to the others he now feels bound to assist. (Plato’s allegory of the cave). He finds himself in a completely new Heaven and a new Earth. I find that I am never alone in this new dimension, however it can get a little uncomfortable at first. Looking forward looking back I see that I had wandered into ” It” several times on my search, discarding “It” as nothing meaningful. Here we find the value in discovering what is the same and what is different. They must be seperated- what’s real and what’s not. This can be very simple but hard to do. If it’s not eternal it’s not real, that’s simple but just try to unwind what you call your life from that perspective. There will be much nashing of teeth! One can feel like he is losing or giving up a piece of himself each day- indeed he is. Very frightful! Once he sees that the giving up of nothing is no sacrifice he might relax a little. He gives little by little of himself. One day he says enough, I quit. Too late. He looks around for the pieces of himself he gave away- they are no longer. There is no going back. Better not to begin, once begun better finish- the dismanteling. 

I know this; all that arises passes away. I also see that the consciousness must come to the conclusion that he is a prisoner of his own beliefs, otherwise he will never consider an escape necessary or even possible. If I were the uninitiated reading this I would ask; where is there to go, escape from what, to what or whom am I a prisoner. ” Yes”, I would reply, now your on to it. 

When Buddha wrote:

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand (outside) battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels nor Demond, heaven nor hell.

What could he possibly have meant ” conquer yourself”.  

 Let me pose another question for your consideration. Where is this, where are you? What city are you in? Where is that? Where is that state? Where is that country, where is that continent? Where is that continent? Where is that earth? Where is the solar system? Where is the Milky Way Galaxy? You can’t even tell me where you are. This is the beginning of your quest. Where the fuck am I, how did I get here, who am I, where am I going, what is the meaning of this? On the other hand, maybe it’s better not to ask; just do it, be happy, have no fear. How far from home does one need to go to find his way home? What is the sound of one hand clapping? Who is the you that could be lost? Who is the self that has convinced himself that he is another- seperated one – and seperated from what reality. What apparent entity has made the illusive reality that you live in and where else is there to go. We travel but in dreams my brother. Realities can be exchanged by changing our beliefs, our values. Entirely new worlds can be experienced, if only we would stop, look and consider the possibilities. There ARE many mansions awaiting you not in the future but now.  

Richard Alpert
 We ALL find what we are seeking because it is a law of the Universe. Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be opened, as above so below, as within so without. Why? Because this place is all potential. Each seeker cannot but find what it is he is seeking because every sought item has an opposite answer. There are no problems only solutions. What we define as problems and answers are always evident in pairs- they exist together. They cannot exist apart, they would not be whole and this place, this dimension we are in is total, complete and whole. Is this a a Theosophy? One way to find out- believe it and try it on for size. These ideas must be born in your mind. Know you not Nicodemus you must be born again. Nicodemus ask: how am I to crawl back into thy mothers womb to be born again. Jesus states: what is born of water is water, what is born of spirit is spirit. 

Picture yourSelf standing where you now actually ARE. In Nirvana standing side by side with all of the ascended spiritual masters, which are all actually one with YOU. Looking down from there what advice would you give self that thinks he is here. I would think of that advice to be; go in Peace, Love and the joy of being. Love what is! If the ascended masters or God Itself where to look through your eyes what would He see but perfection. No pas or future would reasonably only see perfection. The past can only be remembered, the future but imagined. Now see as God sees.

If that’s to much to ask go and undergo your crucifixion and resurrection  into the Spirit of the One mind. 

 Where the River meets the Ocean and the Ocean meets the sky- you will find me there.

Order a New World

Every World one might imagine or travel to is made of mental constructs. Based on beliefs and values they are walked on and traveled thru. Like a worm hole. Yes, seek not to change this world, but seek to change your mind about it, and the whole dimension changes. But one cannot see two worlds at once. He cannot serve two masters with his thoughts. One cannot split his beliefs, they are total. Who can Love and hate at the same time? What can be seen in darkness that is real. One must choose between Love and fear. One exist and one is shadow. Perception is consistent, it shows one what he believes. See a fearful, hateful, vengeful, unforgiving world … 

Let all thoughts of darkness in this dream of death go and they are what? Gone! He but holds His Self in chains, hostage, with his mental constructs he walks upon. When the booming voice comes down and states; let my people go. In angst does it dawn on him that the voice speaks to him about his True SELF and His Brothers for he holds them in bondage as well. 

Therefore call upon the Great and Unfailing All and Always to help you unwind your mind from all these fearful constructs. No one can fail who seeks to reach to Truth. His Will paves the way as he journeys onward onto this new beautiful path to the chosen New World.

Solvation of the riddle of the Omniverse- Whole Mind

Alex P Williams – Durango, CO

Again,  this is Big Al Will-I-Am broadcasting live in Unity and High-Definition on the Spirit Broadcast Network, which is everywhere you want to be. 

With the declaration of; teach on the basis of what you want to learn, because what you teach is teaching you. Here we go…

Keep in mind we are working with simple words, very limited. Words are symbols of symbols twice removed from reality. We are using words to create metaphors in order to bring us to an experience of where we already are in reality.


Here is where we have ” learned” we are. 

 This is Not so. 

 Some examples of The Fibanacci . We can see similarities with the rings in our own Universe and everywhere within the same.

Here is what I am proposing in my metaphor. Simply stated, we have wondered off from creation in search of. In search of what? What would it be like to go off and experience individuality and person- ality. It was a mistake that happened so long ago that it is all but forgotten. Through DNA memory and re-construction we have simply forgotten ” True Reality”. We are simply playing out a fantasy of nothingness in our forgetfulness. We have hid ourselves from realty within this Fibanacci sequence. We are all One appearing as many. There is only one of use apparently fractionalized in this dimension appearing as seven- Billion. In illustration, it’s as if we dropped a large single piece of glass on the World and it broke into billions of pieces.   

What’s the solution to this Hell we made. We must each bring ourselves back to whole mind. We must realize Unity. It’s all happening now. This is a great place to be in the re- evolving backwards to Unity.    

 This place in the illusion of space time was created by projection of the one mind. Projection is not creation. Creation is extension of what you were created As. In order to unwind ourselves out of this hiding place in the Fibanacci spiral, we must all extend what we were created as. Another way to say it would be that in order to come into Unity or whole mind is to reverse the belief in seperateness or attack and defend modality. Who are we really attacking and defending but a part of ourselves. 

The total and complete insanity of descending on this apparent globe, drawing imaginary lines, subdividing continents into country’s, states, provinces, cities, towns, villages and finally personal estates; developing different Gods and beliefs and then attacking and defending those illusory beliefs; killing each other in the name of personality, seperateness, individuality – must stop. How will it though. It seems that it will take much clock time for this re-engineering of the DNA. 

It would seem absurd, even evil to me years ago to even mention this. But hey I have nothing to lose. At John Hopkins and other places around the Globe research is being closely examined on Entheogens and Psychodelics with astounding results. DMT, Ayawauska, Ibogain, Mushrooms, LSD. This is pretty far out but maybe we should just release it into the water supply. We see movies made based on the destruction of the population using the water supply, why not reverse that idea to save it. We have all witnessed the results of the 1960’s. In fact I believe we are continuing to see those results manifest today. Was it enough? No, I don’t think so.  

it even looks like a Mushroom
In reality I don’t see how we can screw up a false reality. Even if we totally destroy ourselves- so what. The issue I see is the pain and suffering that continues up to the point of destruction. Then again pain and suffering are truly mind made entities. Pain and pleasure as we label these emotions are two sides of the same coin. This is how the entire ” show” continues. Everyone is running away from “pain” and toward “pleasure”. I gotta get mine even if I have to take it from you. Yep let’s make enough LSD and release it into the water system- save the world. Probably lose a few hundred thousand in car and plane wrecks. Twenty- five thousand people die every hour as it is. But the idea of death IS the issue. I must get MY happiness before I’m terminated. What a mess. 

 However, like I said, all anyone of can do is extend what he was truly created as. Call it whole mind, Love, Peace, Buddha Nature, Krisna Consciousness, the Toa or whatever, but call upon it Now!

See: Entheogens at