Teach What You Would Want To Learn

Teach What You Would Want To Learn, because what you teach is teaching you.

We all choose our thought systems. This may seem a surprise to some due to the fact that our thought system is built one idea at a time through the course of ones life. Sometimes it seems that the world has imposed it’s thoughts on us, telling us what to think and say and do. But no, we all choose our thoughts and beliefs. Here is a idea from a thought construct I have tried to adapt.

A attitude of Gratitude. Begin by acknowledging that everything – all of your possessions and all that you are belong not to you. The dawning of each new day is a gift not to be taken for granted. The Earth is vibrantly alive giving testimony to the Divine. If you slow down your pace of life, you can find what you seek anywhere.

The eyes that you see through are the same eyes the Divine see’s you through. Go to the other side and look – what do you see. The secret to Gratitude is learning to see everything through the eyes of the Divine. His world is our classroom.


The Cathedrals of The Forest Of Your Mind

You are on the path. The path that you are on IS your path. This is IT. We often find the thing we were avoiding on the path we took to avoid it- Destiny!

You are on the path that the Multi-Verse has chosen for you. There is no randomness about ones life. Here and now comprise the coordinates of daily life. Most people let the moments of their life slip through their fingers, unrecognized. They cover the present by worrying about the future past, longing for a better time imagined. Are we not creatures that are bound to time and space. We can only walk together in the present. Where every moment is tied together with everything and anything anyone would desire, if he where to see it just once. Where the lights of Christmas Island illuminate one by one until they join together for one infinite eternal bright Golden unity.

We must accept what comes to us, as it is woven with a Golden thread through the fabric of our destiny, what more could we use or need. We are always on the perfect place and in the perfect time. Let that direct my steps – now.



Focal Point -Focus Like A Laser Beam!

“Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.”

–Paulo Coelho The Alchemist


Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. However I like to focus on progress and not perfection. How do we make progress in the art of concentration and learn to focus like a laser beam. I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from many masters the different techniques to bring the monkey mind under control. What is the monkey mind? The monkey mind is what most of us deal with on a daily basis. We find thoughts arising that have no beneficial outcome and in many cases are detrimental. Any person that is honest with themselves in taking a look at the thoughts arising will agree that many are not going to bring about enlightening creations into the world. With this in mind what are some techniques one might practice


Breathing. Now most if not all have encountered a guru instructing the student to come into the now or the Yoga instructor directing the viewer to breathe. The reason this is cliché is because it is one of the most effective methods for learning to focus like a laser beam. A common method is to count to 5 while breathing in through the nose. Hold the breath for a count of 5 and then breath out for the same count. The beneficial results of learning how to do this are so numerous I don’t know where to begin – so I won’t – give it a try or not. I believe with practice you will enjoy some great benefits.

Tis better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles on the field. No one can take it from you, not angels nor demons, not heaven or hell.     -Da Buddha


If you happen to give this a try, notice how the mind wanders. I need to do the laundry. I think I have to pee. I have to remember to put the garbage out. I cannot believe that car alarm is still going off. I wonder if I left the dog in the dryer. You will see how difficult it is to direct your mind only to breathing.  We need to think about what we are thinking about, and if it’s not beneficial than we should learn how to redirect our mind. Existential detectives and redirectors. If we are not in control of our thoughts then this is a serious problem. Stress, envy, jealousy, health problems and depression stem from the inability to focus on what brings peace, love and joy. Thought alone is the source of all sadness, depression and also happiness and peace. This is heaven or hell- you get to decide. The world is completly neutral.


The quality of your life is truly derived from the thoughts you think, change your thoughts, change your life. And so changing your thoughts- just like rebooting a computer is a concious decison that requires one to focus like a laser beam. Who is the instrument, the music and whom is playing it?  

To reiterate, consider taking 15 minutes first thing in the morning and the last thing at night to focus on your breathing. This helps train the mind. A undisciplined mind can accomplish nothing. A disciplined mind can accomplish anything.

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A Painting I just finished on wood panel. Lets call it “Pain in the neck”


The Shepherd and The Buddha

The Shepherd: My meal is ready, I have milked my ewes. The door of my hut is holted, my fire is alight. And you, sky, can rain as much as you please!

Buddha: I no longer need food or milk. The winds are my shelter, my fire is out. And you, sky, can rain as much as you please!


The Shepherd: I have oxen, I have cows. I have my father’s meadows and a bull who covers my cows. And you, sky, can rain as much as you please!

Buddha: I have neither oxen, nor cows, I have no meadows. I have nothing, I fear nothing. And you, sky, can rain as much as you please!

The Shepherd: I have a docile and faithful shepherdess. For years she has been my wife; I am happy when I play with her at night. And you, sky, you can rain as much as you please!

Buddha: I have a free and docile soul. For years I have trained it and I have taught it to play with me. And you, sky, can rain as much as you please!


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Talking about asceticism 

Mystics throughout the ages have sworn off, given up and ceased the pleasures of the senses in order to become closer to their diety. In truth the diety and Self are one. In this light one may deprive the senses in order to realize the true self. From retreating to caves, cabins, temples or Ashrams seekers have realized God, the Tao that cannot be named or Buddha nature. Whatever we Earthlings name the Divine, seeking “it” has been written about and studied since either existed.

I was speaking with my daughter recently about spirituality. Her comment was ” I didn’t think anyone did that anymore”. Even though she regularly attended Yoga classes. I mentioned that Yoga meant union with God but I m not sure she heard me. Many but not all western instructors and then students who participate in Yoga assume it’s the stretching of body parts. In any event, I wondered if the idea of spirituality becoming extinct was only my daughters opinion? Does the fact that our electronic gadgets, the current world smorgasbord of appeals to the senses along with the lighting fast change going on all around us blind us to the idea.

There is nothing so blinding as perception.    -ken wapnick

Our perception is continually bombarded with images and sounds. Keep up or get run over and better get yours before it’s all gone attitudes prevail. The idea that we are all one, connected into the Unified field has debatebly been proven. This idea either has not permeated the culture or everyone may always be engrossed with getting their share.  This is how it’s been for ages. The fact that we are one with nature and our brother, are comical to most in this day and age. Yea, yea, I’ve heard all that before, is the reaction of a majority. However together with a strong movement of Spiritual seekers across the globe as well as awareness of the destruction of the planet there is potential for change.

 The outside world is a reflection of the inside condition of the state of mans mind.

This world is so old that everywhere you stand someone either died or was buried there. Twenty-five thousand people die every hour. Twenty- five thousand six-hundred are born every hour. This apparent world is a field of flowers arising, flowering and then decaying to make room for the next. It’s been going on for longer than anyone knows.


All that arises passes away, this I know!

Will the earth and its inhabitants pass away also, and if so when. I suppose it’s inevitable. In the context of eternity time is a mere dot. Time is the distance between cause and effect. That is, the illusion of what we have attempted to create “time” is the distance between our eternal Self and the identity we have created or the “me” we have come to believe we are.

Tibetan Zen Buddhist practice the art of dying. In the Tibetan book of the dead these techniques are outlined.

The opposite of Love is fear, but what is all encompassing has no opposite. What is everything leaves room for nothing else. Love is the removal of all fear, including death. Do not fear death but prepare and embrace it when it comes. This fear of death is one element of Socrates teachings. He would place a skeleton by his students side and say in effect- look right at it. That’s YOU! When we feel as though we have nothing in common with our brother,  think about that. We all have a great deal in common with each other. We come from and end up in the same place, and not too far from now.  With this fact one might see Everything in a new light. I have nothing special that you do not have, however I have focused like a laser beam on the ethereal unseen for many years. Once in meditation I was taken out past the Omniverse so that I could look back and see that this entire Cosmos of matter is merely a fabrication utilizing mental constructs. Simply-it’s ALL mind. Time as well is only an idea. At some level you certainly know this as well. How might one use this knowledge. Inevitably we all consider the point of being here? With consideration of the declaration that space and time are illusions, what is the purpose.  Practically speaking, what good are these concepts to us today. Let’s look at an idea together.

 Every decision one ever makes will stem from what he thinks he is! 

I won’t go through what that statement means to me, rather I would like to invite you to take it with you. Examine it, talk about it, use it. See if it serves any use for YOU. What might you be in reality vs what you have come to believe you are. This is how all true science operates. Imagine an idea then seek to find out if it holds true for you. This is only slightly different as it is the science of your mind. Our experience is the final test.