Tech Advancement?

We often find our destiny on the road we took to avoid it!

Seek and yea shall find and if your hell bent for the promised land – you’ll find it. Regardless of what road you find yourself on. I often fly in my dreams. When I wake up I can only fly in machines that I have no idea how they work. Hot air balloons- helium is lighter than air. Jet airplanes, how’s that work. If the world is spinning at 24,000 thousand miles an hour, why don’t I just fling off?

We recently celebrated 100th anniversary of man learning to fly. Now that’s the sort of miracle that we tend to take for granted nowadays. For hundreds of years man was taking that same kind of leap of faith and falling on his ass. They were tying themselves to kites and homemade wings and hurling themselves off barns, hillsides and crashing off of cliffs. So, how did the wright brothers do it? When everyone else was nose diving for centuries, they saw the unique value in all of the inventors around them. Did you know that part of their wing design was the same design as a railway bridge. Isn’t that a genius leap, using a bridge to fly? Instead of using a leap of faith we can learn to fly. Success leaves breadcrumbs.

In today’s wireless world, we take for granted our ability to connect in seconds from virtually anywhere, with apps that make work more productive and play more fun. But that constant connectivity is made possible by technology that could’ve been lost to history. In the 1980s, as the telecom industry focused its resources on one technology, Qualcomm wondered, “What if there’s something better?” In a daring departure, they began experimenting with CDMA, a concept that would change the face of wireless communication.

Like my Moma use to say – you should scratch it if it itches- even if it’s in your britches.

CDMA, or code division multiple access, can actually be traced back to the 1940s. Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr and composer George Antheil, inspired by the way musical notes are arranged, theorized that multiple frequencies could be used to send a single radio transmission. “Frequency hopping” could prevent a radio signal from being jammed. They patented the idea and gave it to the U.S. government for use in World War II, but it was largely ignored and the patent eventually expired.

Four decades later, Qualcomm saw potential for CDMA in the emerging cellular field. Founder Irwin Jacobs claimed it could increase capacity forty-fold, working so efficiently that wireless could become affordable for all. But the industry had invested millions in TDMA (time division multiple access) and was reluctant to change course. Some argued that CDMA was too complex and expensive to deploy. Others said it just wouldn’t work.

We cannot solve the significant problems we face today with the same thinking that created them.      -Bert Einstein

Most of today’s cell phones transmit at 250 milliwatts (1/4 of a watt). At this very low power it would take an eon to damage a human being. On another note however, the way celfones are being misused are more dangerous than the debated effects of the radiation it emits. A lot of road accidents specially involving teens are related to cell phone misuse.

Other detriments of cell phones. For one, the light that the screen emitts can keep you up. Your body mistakes it for sunlight, so you don’t fall asleep. For two, when you put the phone to your ear, the signal that is traveling between two phones goes through your ear, and might cause brain tumors. For three, when you are driving and using your phone for any reason, you basically put your life on the line, not to mention the life of a passenger and everybody around you, including other drivers. Also, texting can become addicting. Your body gets so used to texting that you start going through withdrawals. Withdrawals will cause difficulty concentrating, irritability, anxiety, anger, depressed mood, sleep disturbance, and craving. Cell phones can reduce your time with family, friends, and you hobbies, causing you to feel lonely and depressed. Texting will decrease your grammar and writing skills, basically making you look stupid. There you have it. Cell phones in a nutshell.

Even with all of the advancement in technology we still are unable to save us from ourselves, On this little blue marble on the outskirts of a small galaxy in an eternity of Galaxies the cancer we call society and human advancement continues to pollute the body our conciseness calls home.

The use if a different kind of thought form wavelength. In the transmutation in modern man, we continue forward to what end. Obviously the advancement of technology makes life seem easier, illness curable but with each new cure a new dis-ease shows itself. We are unable to change the face of life with whatever we call intelligence. Wars still rage, crime and prison building is on the rise and that’s the Ying & Yang of the cosmos. It will always be like that – an equal amount of good and evil or advancement and the poison excrement of that so called advancement. I just thought I would leave you with that negative spin on the whole trip. We are all in this together. If the point of evolution is to evolve then let’s get to it. But not in technological advancement but in the advancement to be, love and live together.

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