Looking For A Woman That’s Never Been Born

Good One


One green eye, one blue. Let her wear a silver star tatted on her forehead, let her find us another earth, now that we’ve traasahed this one. An astrophysicist on the cover of Hustler – is that still around? A woman who draws an entire row of eeee’s during scrabble and still wins. The devils daughter but dressed in white. If whatever we think about we bring about, then go find her Miss Multiverse. Should keep you busy for a few. A girl that can make a delicate sound of thunder. Produce her in the flesh. While your busy doing all of that, I can pretend not to have time for it. Avoid any confrontations, direct contact and actually have to care. But hey, Im single by choice, just not my choice.

I shot off into a rant there for a minute, it happens.avatar_2009_movie-wide

I noticed recently that I might…

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