Perfect Synchronicity


When our Love of life matches the unified fields love for life, we are in perfect synchronicity.

The field is programmed to respond to this Love of Life. How do we get there? By unlearning, by removing the blocks to the awareness of our natural state. The clouds at times block the sun, however if we were flying above the clouds we would see that the clouds are a mere smokescreen that cannot even support a penny. Our blocks are imaginings, built on mental constructs of our conditioned learning in this world. How do we remove the blocks?

When a young elephant was being weaned from nursing the mother,  Circus workers would tie its foot to a stake to keep it from escaping. Try as hard as he could, he could not free himself. As the elephant grew to twelve feet high and two tons, he no longer attempted escape, believing it was hopeless he was restrained by an even smaller rope and stake. Not recognizing his great power due to conditioned behavior, completely based in the past. And so it is with us. The body is a prison for the soul. Like the elephant if we cannot see our imprisonment to conditioned response’s, we will never plan our escape, well be stuck forever tied to a tiny stake on a tiny planet.


The only question then we must ask ourselves is: What am I conditioned to?

The mind is the brain in action. The brain contains neurons which connect and form pathways of thought. Neurons that fire together wire together. Our conditioned response is controlled by the pathways our neurons fire on. One of the greatest gift of the earthling is the ability to alter these pathways. The ability to be conscious of what we are thinking about is innate and highly developed in humans. In the genetic code of the DNA lies our ability to fight all kinds of dis-eases. That’s right, because our ancestors hundreds of thousands of years ago was able to defeat a dis-ease, we now in this day and age can also.  If the point of evolution is to evolve – lets get to it and do our part. If we always do what we’ve always done we will always get what we’ve always got! If one wakes up in the morning and wanders into the bathroom to pee and brush the teeth, then go and make the coffee, get in the car and drive the same route to work……. See what I mean- nothing changes.

Our Personality will never change until we change our personal-reality.                                – Dr. Joe Dispensa

If our conditioned response is creating our reality and with the acknowledgment that we can change our personal reality it must inevitably all boil down to the thoughts that we think! With the correct thought we may bring about a Love of Life that will allow us to experience “Perfect Synchronicity”.

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