The Mechanism of Thought

If you’ll just help enough other people get what they want in life, you can have everything in life that you want.     -Zig Ziglar

That quote has always stuck with me. When I started looking at the spiritual practices of the world, I noticed that within the quote, there contains a “whole lotta wanting”. It’s the epitome of the western minds thinking -get,get,get. Now lets look at a quote from the ancient eastern teachings…

Desire is a trap,

Desirelessness is moksha, or liberation

Desire is the creator,

Desire is the destroyer,

Desire is the universe.

mvczwopAnd so here we might perceive the attraction to these teachings which are contra to the western thinking. The great way is not difficult for those who have no preferences, no desire for things to be different. The teachings of A Course in Miracles explain the big bang in terms that say, we created the big bang out of our desire to experience our own reality away from God. Here again we see desire as the cause of this world pain.

It’s interesting to look and see that our desire to get, even when satiated eventually turns into unhappiness. We get the car and the houses only to quickly realize we’ve trapped and strapped ourselves with maintenance, payments and insurance. Look what happens to the movie star trapped, unable to freely move about without paparazzi or the entourage at his or her heels. Forced to go to events by contract that he/she is miserable attending. Even the lottery winner whom finds himself broke in a few short years, left most likely with regret. Oh, I realize that many things bring temporary joy and happiness but there is much to say about being content.

I wear a crown, my crown is not decked with diamonds or indian stones, my crown is called content, and it is a crown that seldom kings enjoy.        -Willie Shake-a-spear

Indeed, many of the kings of this world have not overcome the ego and all of it’s desire. You can do this NOW, and experience the peace that passeth all understanding, from which joy and happiness emanate. In fact it must be done now, and now and then again until it is your natural conditioned way of being. It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles on the field. No one can take it from you, heaven nor hell, angels nor demons.


thumb-1920-466427Our way of thinking determines our experience here, for we all know that we cannot control all the things in the world, but we can control our thought and reactions to events. This is great news, for the who-man mind is very capable of doing this. Whatever you focus on you will become. The only thing that separates the experience of your desire is time. As quantum physics has shown us “the observer and the observed cannot remain separate”. Whatever one holds within his mind and values will be revealed in time. Change your thoughts, change your life!

How do we use this mechanism of thought. If we say the partner, car, house, promotion, boat, lear jet will make me happy, this is fine. There is nothing wrong with owning things or promotions. Culture is the biggest cult of all. I know, its hard to resist the desire for the Lamborghini, all of the bling-bling and the girls with the fake titties. With some age and experience you will know what has worked and what has not but I tell you now – Why not just go straight for the peace, from which joy and happiness spring forth. It is a decision! Real happiness is not circumstance dependent, it comes from a decision made within the heart of the mind. It is a decision to include and not exclude all beings into your fold. You can come visit my campfire any old time.

If you see a flower growing in the sunshine and you like it, you might pick it.

If you see a flower that you love, you might care for it, water and love it.

This is the open secret

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