A Universal Picture

You can never be lost.

When have you ever been apart from me?

You can never depart and never return.

For we are continuous, indistinguishable.you-are-hereAdmitting that I don’t know anything is what I call learning.Oscar Wilde observed that the Western mind, given a choice between going to Heaven and hearing a lecture about Heaven, would choose to hear the lecture about Heaven.

We are the center of our existence. If we think of up or down, we think in relation to our body. Past and future are related to now. First we thought we were flat, then round, and the center of everything, now we see that the earth, we are, merely a grain of sand hitchhiking onto a pebble in a infinite cosmic sea of stardust. This fact, does not altogether allow us to become comfortable numb. In fact the mind expansion that this allows is phenomenal. In this age, at this time, this place, you and I are the freest people who have ever roamed the Multiverse. All that “time” and now this. We come to know that we are not the center of anything, that in fact we are merely an Quixotic figment of our own creativeness. A false concept appearing real, a fast cloud, a runners shadow, the spray of a squirt bottle. Eventually all body’s drop. Can you imagine how all these freaks are going to feel looking back at their insanity. I can! I’m one of “them”. Think of all of the Generals who have slaughtered thousands in the mud packed war fields, spilled the blood of comrades and friends – all for a little piece of dirt, on a pebble, in a galaxy filled with pebbles, in a Multi-verse filled with stardust. No, not many will look back from their deathbed and say, I wish I would have spent more time on the battlefield. aaeaaqaaaaaaaap2aaaajgrly2zkmwu0ltu5n2etngyxms05mdjmlte3odiyntqxnmq5nw

Yet what is not love is murder. Without extending love to every being we effectively kill them off in our mind, discarding them as wrong sex, wrong race, unsuccessful, different or beneath us. In this way we must all endeavor to pick up the pace regarding learning to be inclusive rather than exclusive. To extend love, to join with another, to experience together. The only thing we get to keep in this life is what we give away. Live by the sword die by the sword or rather Live by giving love and it all comes back to you. I once saw a bumper sticker which read “Life’s a bitch and then you die”, a few years later I saw one that read, “Life is a joy and then you ascend”. I think we all must choose on or the other. It’s not really much of a choice, is it.

You can never be lost.

When have you ever been apart from me?

You can never depart and never return.

For we are continuous, indistinguishable.

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