You Will See It Everywhere

Whatever one holds in the mind- he will see everywhere. Seek and ye shall find!

In a place you only dream of, where your soul is always free

Silver stages, golden curtains, filled my head plain as could be

As a rainbow grew around the sun, all my stars above, who died

Came from somewhere beyond the scene you see

These lovely people played just for me

Now if I let you see this place where stories all ring true

Will you let me past your face to see what’s really you

It’s not for me I ask this question as though I were a king

For you have to love, believe and feelthumbnail_24689

Maybe you have experienced this phenomena. If you desire something, such as a particular model automobile, you will see that model everywhere. If you have a person you really want to see, you spot them in large crowds, even when it dawns on you that it is not them. If you love a particular flower you might see it everywhere. How might one use this natural mechanism of his mind to find Love and Peace. First one might ask ” do I desire love and peace”? If one cares to look directly at it, all of the things we seek, we seek because we believe it will bring joy, which is a side effect of love and peace. If that meets with your approval, then how can we realize a short path to peace.

Seek not to change the world, but seek to change what you wish to see in the world, and all the world changes with it. As in the examples above, if one holds only thoughts of love in his mind, he sees only Love. wp-1475139312806

The popular book “The Secret” focuses on bringing about “things” into our lives. Why not just shortcut the entire process and go straight for the Love. We think we have possessions, but really they possess us.We have to care for them, and eventually they will all disappear, while the depth of our love and peace will reside with us forever. We only get to keep what we give away. Find your love and give it away.

How do you find your love? Is it your love, did you create it? Has it been in you all along, where does it reside? What is it made of and how do I give it away? 115254819

If you are walking along and see a beautiful flower that you like, you might pick it. But  if you love it, you might bring it some water and care for it. When you feed your dog, cat, Hippopotamus or Rattlesnake, this is a simple act of love. If you try to put a new coat of paint on your Dragon while it’s breathing fire – no wait, I got off track there. We can even sit in meditation and practice giving our love away to the Multiverse.

Giving is proof of having.

You will find your love when you give it away, and then you will see it everywhere.

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