Life Savers

An invitation to look at some ideas:

L i f e  S a v e r s 

Silence in the morning -to start the day in peace sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Affirmations – reset the tone of your life against all of the worlds negatives.

Visualization places you in the spot you desire, if you can see it and believe it, you will achieve it.

Exercise to stir up the endorphins and oxygenate the body.

Reading opens the mind to other thought systems and keeps the elasticity muscle of the neurons strong.

Scribing forces one to put his ideas in writing whereby he can see if they make sense.


It’ll Never Get Better Than This!

Love, Light and Wisdom to YOU.

The great way is not difficult for those who have no preferences. When Love and hate are both absent, everything becomes clear and undisguised. Make the slightest distinction and heaven and earth are set infinitely apart.

Trust would solve all of your problems now!

Infinite patience produces immediate effects!

Question: what are you talking about?

Answer: The great way (way to be in the world) is not difficult in the absence of desire (preferences). If you can come to a neutral position on all things, then they become clear- they are what they are. To see the Multi-verse in a grain of sand is to see the purpose of every living thing.

Trust would solve all your problems now because all dis-ease is the result of doubt. If we come to believe we are always in the right place at the right time – then we have mastered trust.

Infinite patience produces immediate effects. 

Q: What effect does it produce? 

A: Peace

This is all there is! Hold up your hands and wiggle your fingers. This is all there is! Sensations, thoughts, noises, seeing, sitting on a couch – are all happening. What is happening is all there ever has been, is now, and ever will be. 

This is it! If not Now, then when? Most people search in the perceived outside world for their peace and happiness. This ensures that it will never be found, because it was never lost. To come home to this is a journey without distance to a place we never left. 

Once again- searching for peace will fail. Why? Because you have never been separate from it! It’s something one falls back into and is a state of mind. Be love Now!

When you want only Peace, you will see only Peace!

Are you with me? Hold up your hands and wiggle your fingers. This is what is arising from nothingness into apparent everything. 

  • THIS IS iT!
  • It’s all it’s ever been
  • It’s all there can and will ever be

When you want only love you will see only love. 

One of the first steps to Peace and love is to make a decision about time. When the body drops, do you continue?  Or is this life but one page in a endless series of novels. Until this is decided one will live in limited time. In other words he will live in psychological time. A obvious example of this would be; I must experience all of these things before I die. I only have so much time. Why is this stoplight taking so long. I wish these people would get out of my way.  I have to get mine from you so I can win.

Despite the overwhelming evidence gathered over the last eight- thousand years, from the Sumerians, Egyptians, Aboriginal Indians, etc about life after death, the question remains- “how do you know”. From all four corners of the worlds religions and spiritual writings a common theme is repeated- there is no death. In an attempt to help his students overcome the fear of death, Socrates would bring a student to the head of the class and then bring a human skeleton up and sit it next to the disciple.  “Now look right at it” he then said, “this is you in a vary near future, possibly in the next few moments. 

We are seven billion people on a tiny planet in a vast galaxy within an infinite Multi- Verse.

The fear of death must be overcome in order to truly live. Until one has his own experience, whether it be from a psychedelic trip, by meditation or near death experience,  the question shall remain, is this all there is. Just imagine the mind expansion one experiences when he opens to the idea of this life being one page in a great  and shining series of novels. 

The evidence of people being born into new bodies while still remembering their prior life is overwhelming. Even to the point of in present time, visiting surviving family members and to their amazement giving detailed accounts of past events. 

Regardless of how or why the Schism occurred, it appears that time and death are of our own invention. These personas (masks) we wear and bodies we dwell in are merely temporary learning devices. As long as we are in them, let us enjoy the curriculum knowing there is much more to come.

I have a friend whom I talk to on the other side. I once asked him what I should tell people about death. He said, ” tell them it’s perfectly safe”.