Which Voice-Spirit Led or Ego Driven

Being that these writings observe the essence and the source of all, especially in respect to art, science and psychotherapy of the mind; I would like to look at an idea that could be stated as “Internal Guide”. But first lets state together our goal and what relevance connecting to an internal guide has to that goal.


My reason for doing this is to realize and share complete freedom of the mind, my mind, your mind, our One Mind. Then it would be reasonable to attempt a statement of what is meant by “freedom of the mind”. Our minds natural condition is complete abstraction. Just like when we dream anything is possible and we are unlimited, we can fly, go from one scenario to another unlimited by time, etc. The mind can also realize Peace, serenity and happiness that are not of this world and alien to most. In short, we have added onto that Self all of the learning of the world. Mental constructs, beliefs and teachings of the world have sown layers upon layers of webbing over our natural state.

The ego/private self is akin to a little software package we designed and laid upon the world

These veils block us from experiencing life. In the seeking out in the world  the meaning of life, we pass right by the experience of being alive. Freedom of the mind is the removal of all blocks we have built that keep us from the amazing experience of being alive. Therefore it is not an addition to the SELF that is needed, but a subtraction of the self we have made. It does not add but merely takes away.

Which Voice

Somewhere in your mind you must recognize that there are two voices and a decision maker. The decision maker decides between the two voices as to what he will listen to and follow. One of the voices and usually the one who speaks first, we might call the ego. The ego was built upon learning of what the world says we are and is made up of mental constructs and belief about what is valuable. For example, I am a white American male, an accountant, father of three, a conservative republican and a recovering Catholic…. It usually looks to criticize, divide and separate, which is what the ego is, the idea one could separate from everything else and have a private existence with private thoughts. There is another  voice that waits for a moment of stillness to speak to us. This voice looks at the situation from another perception, usually coming from kindness, love and forgiveness. This still small voice we might call our guide. This guide is connected to the all and the always, thus vastly more intelligent when looking at the best given outcome of events. If we desire to ride with this voice we may rise above the battleground and spread our wings of peace to fly above the turmoil as an observer.


Which voice one listens to is determined by what he thinks he is. Every decision you and I will ever make, has been, will be, and is, determined by what we think we are; which voice we identify with. Is he the first critical voice or the peaceful still voice. The sheiks and shrills of the ego voice most often drown out the other voice. First we have to learn to tell apart what is the same and what is different.

The only thing that is necessary, the small willingness you must give in return for everything is to think about what you are thinking about and to ask yourself- is this my highest Self’s thought,  and if it is not simply choose again. This may seem trite, inconsequential and meaningless, but this little willingness executed once and then again over time will return you to the freedom, purity and ultimate joy of the original state of the mind.

Which Voice-Spirit Led or Ego Driven

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