Permanent Domain

The admission that you and I don’t know anything is what I call learning.

In looking back, one might see that he was always walking through the cathedrals of the forest of his own mind. I see this now because of much trial and error with the retraining of my mind.I seek not to be esoteric nor to confuse, but I would invite your mind to stretch to the borderland of possibility.

You do not ask too much of life but far too little

Each time we look outside ourselves for some person, place or thing to save us, to make us happy, to fulfill us we ask too little of life. We think that pills or fluid inserted with a needle and pushed into our veins will save us. We believe that little green paper strips will sustain us. The high of getting that new thing will inject a little short term happiness, so we become like drug addicts looking for the next hit of endorphins. We will never get the rubric cube of the world to line up. I believe you and I know this, the issue becomes unwinding our mind from these beliefs. We need to take an in depth microscopic look at these things and run some experiments out in the laboratory of life and decide for ourselves. The issue therefore becomes can you focus like a laser beam long enough to carry out one experiment from start to finish without falling asleep. And then take the results and hold them against your beliefs to see if they indeed hold up.


You will undertake a journey because you are not at home in this world. Search you must for this you came. But no-one can tell you for what you must search for. And you will search for your home whether you realize where it is or not. If you believe it is outside you the search will be futile, for you will be seeking it where it is not. You do not remember how to look within for you do not believe your home is there.

The fundamental mechanism of the ego is a striving machine. The motto of the ego is to seek but do not find. The belief that we need seek something comes from the “idea”, not fact, that we are lacking. That we must add something to a self in order to fit in, succeed and be of worth on earth. Within this mental construct lies the fallacy that we can add to ourselves and therefore we can experience the opposite which is loss. If in some way one can grasp this idea that the Who-man earthling believes it is an entity that can gain and lose and that this is not true- you will take a giant leap toward freedom. If we believe we are only a body here on earth, to live a little while and die, only to be eaten by the worms, then we will think it possible to add to the little self, for at least a little while. However, if the door is cracked to the possibility that this life is one one page in a great and shining series of novels, then the journey towards freedom is begun. If we were to fly over all of your lives from above you might ask where this current life is located and I would tell you it is back a little ways, you blinked when we flew over it. And so what is the purpose of time. The purpose of time is for you to learn to escape from it. I’m talking about psychological time. Clock time will appear real as long as we are in this body. This body is merely a learning device to be dropped one day when it’s usefulness is no longer needed.
Escape from Psychological time could be thought of as a state in which there is no longer any need or desire; only satisfaction, fulfillment, contentment would exist. Striving and struggle only arise when one thinks right here and now is not good enough. Ask yourself, what if this now, is as good as it gets. Ultimately one will come to see that this must be true, and in that moment he embraces this moment forever for it is the only happy choice.


Here then is a experiment that one can conduct to form conclusions to hold up to the light of the truth about held beliefs. At the very root of the discontent problem, down deep in the mind is the belief that it can be better in the future, or that it was better in the past and that past can be brought forward and lived again. If we seek outside in the world for solutions in the ever changing shifting world of dreams, where nothing is certain but change- then we will be doomed to seek but never find. We merely follow the ego into oblivion. Let go of that eggo.

Those who seek the light are merely covering their eyes, the light is in them NOW! –ACIM

Sit and watch the thoughts of the mind machine. To quiet the monkey mind and then analyze the thoughts in which arise, follow them back to the root of belief and hold them up to the light to dispel the darkness of falsity.

Q: Why do I want to be CEO of this company?

A: To get the girl, Ferrari, 401k

Q: What girl is it I want to get?

A: The one who wants a rich man

Q: Is this really what I think will make me happy

I know this all to be true from my own experience. I’ve had it all several times to no avail. Some will say that each must experience having it all for ourselves in order to find the truth, and I suppose there is some truth to that. I suppose the danger is that some never have what the world calls “it all” and therefore spend all of their lives chasing a delusion or in dissatisfaction of giving up. We are lost, we need to find our way home. If you ask, you will be led home, you will lose your way again, and you will be led home again. By losing and then finding your way enough times you will memorize the way home, home being a state of mind. A sweet spot within your mind. There is a purpose to forgetting-that purpose is to remember. Forget and then remember, into chaos and out of chaos until you make a choice to stay home forever.

I teach on the basis of what I need to learn or hold dear, because what I teach is teaching me. Therefore I merely share my experiences with you now for you to take or leave.

I would invite you to rise above the battleground and examine life from a larger perspective. Perfection is not a future state. Happiness is a state of mind and can be experienced regardless of external life circumstances. Mahatma  Gandhi, while jailed for several years wrote books, learned to cook and brought joy to all of those around him. Surely we all have the same possibility within us. Remember it is a state of mind, that state is within your mind now, it is merely a way of thinking. Enlightenment is the freedom of concepts. Therefore empty your mind of everything you think you know, forget this article, forget this world, lose your mind and come with holy empty arms into the Universal mind.  Let this be your permanent domain. Let your light shine. maxresdefault



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Journey Without Distance to a Place We Never Left

Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. Once the mind is made up to be happy then a journey toward that goal begins. It is a journey without distance to a goal that never left you. It is by merely uncovering the light mind from all of the dark blankets of mental constructs that our freedom and joy can shine again into eternity.

I’ve often thought of the notion that each of us is his or her own Universe. One will not have to look very far or long to come upon another Who-man Earthling that thinks differently. If we were walking down the sidewalk and together witnessed a automobile accident and were questioned later as witnesses we would describe the incident quite differently. The drivers of the cars as well as other witnesses would all have different viewpoints from where they witnessed the accident. Each would have his own description of how it affected them, how scared they were, if they were in danger and of course who’s fault it was.  

We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.      -Anais Nin

We look at situations, events and interpret what other people say and do, according to our own set of past experiences, culture, faith, values, all of which help us form our beliefs about ourselves, about others, and about the world in general. The meaning we give events, the way we make sense of our world, is based upon our set of core beliefs. Another point is that we interpret everything based on our  past learning, in this light we are only seeing the past.

Even though we all think differently we all share the same goal of contentment and happiness.

However one might like to view it, isn’t that completely fascinating -the idea that we are each a complete Universe unto ourselves. I must confess that at different times in my life I would meet someone and spend a few minutes with them and then make a judgement either putting the person into a file marked – like, dislike, neurotic, no self confidence, narcissistic etc. It’s interesting that I have to know that trait in order to recognize it in someone else. In other words, It takes one to know one. This habit of making judgements about others is very detrimental to our state of mind.

When we judge we are really judging our own past learning,

When we judge someone else we are only judging ourselves, 

When we judge another we are seeking to separate them from us.


And so I invite you to look at this with me.

In the judgement of our brothers and sisters we may find ourselves or lose ourselves.

What might this mean. If we look deeply at how the Who-man mind works we will see that  however I see/judge my brother I will come to see myself as well. If I believe my brother is dishonest, it is only because I have been dishonest. If I believe he is neurotic or narcissistic, it is only because I have experienced it within myself. Conversely, if I believe that my brother is a complete Universe unto himself, which includes all possibilities, then I am also.

What do I mean includes all possibilities? img_0056

My view of the Universe is that everything is only possibilities. This falls in line with the double slit experiment in quantum mechanics which says that everything is in superposition until it is not or until the mind decides consciously or unconsciously where it will be. Every moment we are deciding what to see, feel and experience. How are these decisions made? They are habitually made by the thinking mind. Therefore if one wants to change his perception, the way he experiences life then he must change the way he habitually thinks.

One of many benefits in changing the way the mind habitually operates is that we can come to see that everyone has a gift for you. Each has a unique way of looking at the  world. If one looks closely he will also see the beautiful innocence that each person carries within. Regardless of their views on Starbucks vs Duncan Donuts, politics or philosophy, there deep within is a graceful innocence that may be seen when the judgement is suspended. We might even say that it is in superposition until we make an effort to look for it and then it falls into position for us to view with our spiritual sight. Once this is seen in others our minds must accept the idea that pure innocence is within us also. Each person that we meet is a meeting with ourselves and a opportunity to learn of ourselves. By seeing this purity in others we again experience it within ourselves. This is the gift everyone offers you. And by looking for this gift we seek to include everyone within us as one and not to separate ourselves from them. In this inclusion is our unity and return to everything.


How is this accomplished:

S.T.O.P. Learn to stop -pause for a moment

Take a deep breath

Observe – what am I thinking about, what am I focused on, how am I judging this, am I reacting

Pull back – rise above the battleground and look at the big picture, what is another way of looking at this, what advice does my highest mind have to give.

Remind yourself that whatever is happening will pass and a new set of issues will come to take it’s place.

Practice this for a few days until it becomes habit. STOP helps to increase the time between stimulus and response. This is how habits are broken.

Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. Once the mind is made up to be happy then a journey toward that goal begins. It is a journey without distance to a goal that never left you. It is by merely uncovering the light mind from all of the dark blankets of mental constructs that our freedom and joy can shine again into eternity.

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Which Voice-Spirit Led or Ego Driven

Being that these writings observe the essence and the source of all, especially in respect to art, science and psychotherapy of the mind; I would like to look at an idea that could be stated as “Internal Guide”. But first lets state together our goal and what relevance connecting to an internal guide has to that goal.


My reason for doing this is to realize and share complete freedom of the mind, my mind, your mind, our One Mind. Then it would be reasonable to attempt a statement of what is meant by “freedom of the mind”. Our minds natural condition is complete abstraction. Just like when we dream anything is possible and we are unlimited, we can fly, go from one scenario to another unlimited by time, etc. The mind can also realize Peace, serenity and happiness that are not of this world and alien to most. In short, we have added onto that Self all of the learning of the world. Mental constructs, beliefs and teachings of the world have sown layers upon layers of webbing over our natural state.

The ego/private self is akin to a little software package we designed and laid upon the world

These veils block us from experiencing life. In the seeking out in the world  the meaning of life, we pass right by the experience of being alive. Freedom of the mind is the removal of all blocks we have built that keep us from the amazing experience of being alive. Therefore it is not an addition to the SELF that is needed, but a subtraction of the self we have made. It does not add but merely takes away.

Which Voice

Somewhere in your mind you must recognize that there are two voices and a decision maker. The decision maker decides between the two voices as to what he will listen to and follow. One of the voices and usually the one who speaks first, we might call the ego. The ego was built upon learning of what the world says we are and is made up of mental constructs and belief about what is valuable. For example, I am a white American male, an accountant, father of three, a conservative republican and a recovering Catholic…. It usually looks to criticize, divide and separate, which is what the ego is, the idea one could separate from everything else and have a private existence with private thoughts. There is another  voice that waits for a moment of stillness to speak to us. This voice looks at the situation from another perception, usually coming from kindness, love and forgiveness. This still small voice we might call our guide. This guide is connected to the all and the always, thus vastly more intelligent when looking at the best given outcome of events. If we desire to ride with this voice we may rise above the battleground and spread our wings of peace to fly above the turmoil as an observer.


Which voice one listens to is determined by what he thinks he is. Every decision you and I will ever make, has been, will be, and is, determined by what we think we are; which voice we identify with. Is he the first critical voice or the peaceful still voice. The sheiks and shrills of the ego voice most often drown out the other voice. First we have to learn to tell apart what is the same and what is different.

The only thing that is necessary, the small willingness you must give in return for everything is to think about what you are thinking about and to ask yourself- is this my highest Self’s thought,  and if it is not simply choose again. This may seem trite, inconsequential and meaningless, but this little willingness executed once and then again over time will return you to the freedom, purity and ultimate joy of the original state of the mind.

Which Voice-Spirit Led or Ego Driven

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