Perfect Place-Perfect Time or PPPT


We often meet our destiny on the road we took to avoid it. Ones travel through time and space is not at random. Therefore, we must accept whatever comes to us as it is woven with a golden thread into the fabric of our destiny. We are always in the perfect place at the perfect time or PPPT.

The Unified Field is thoroughly known to all intend to know it. All of the Myth’s, parables, metaphors and allegory’s are true. We merely need to follow the paths of those who have come before us. The path is our own but will seem familiar. Somewhere in our genetic code of the double helix it is imbedded and echoes the memory of home.IMG_0369If one wants to know the experience of the ancient paths he must go beyond the temples, churches and ashrams, beyond the writings, doctrine, dogma and theosophy. He must…

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