Perfect Place-Perfect Time or PPPT


We often meet our destiny on the road we took to avoid it. Ones travel through time and space is not at random. Therefore, we must accept whatever comes to us as it is woven with a golden thread into the fabric of our destiny. We are always in the perfect place at the perfect time or PPPT.

The Unified Field is thoroughly known to all intend to know it. All of the Myth’s, parables, metaphors and allegory’s are true. We merely need to follow the paths of those who have come before us. The path is our own but will seem familiar. Somewhere in our genetic code of the double helix it is imbedded and echoes the memory of home.IMG_0369If one wants to know the experience of the ancient paths he must go beyond the temples, churches and ashrams, beyond the writings, doctrine, dogma and theosophy. He must…

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The Waves Bow Down Before You

Time alone, every month in nature, overnight and by yourself will work wonders in your life. Why? Lets assume for this article that you are made up of three parts. Spirit, personality and ego. Taking a brief look at each of these, one will see that Spirit is the all and the always, nameless, formless, it is before time was. Spirit needs no protection as it has nothing to protect or defend. Ego is what happened when we split off from the spirit. Ego dies when the body dies. Personality is how you express through the ego. Persona meaning mask is the face you present to the world.

Klamath River -Alex Williams

Ego and personality are protectors or defense systems that are engaged and on duty when other ego’s are present. When others are not around the spirit can present itself if the mind is quiet. At that time the All and the Always come alive within us. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed as well as Moses all freed the spirit alone in nature, see this article .

The ego and personality are always on duty when crowds of people are about. This is why so many are frightful of being alone and quiet. They are unfamiliar with the spiritual all and the always. They must fill in all moments with jabber or doing some non-essential thing and must always be around people or they feel alone. One will come to see that there is a difference between spending time with yourself and feeling alone or separated. If you will play with your spirit and become familiar with it, you will always have the most highest and loving friend with you. By spending time in nature with this part of you a guide and muse will appear.

The ego and the personality are like the wardens of your prison. They stifle and hinder the Spirit from arising. They are not fit to run your show and are prone to reaction to surroundings. Cult-ure is the biggest cult of all. Ego and personality are continually attempting to franchise the world. How can I profit from this, is the modus operandi. The world of ego and personality is a world of desire, wanting and seeking. They search for glory, prestige, wealth, happiness. When one is around lots of people continuously he can become caught up and swept away with the group thought system and energy. The spirit is content….

I wear a crown, my crown is not decked with diamonds or indian stones. My crown is called content. It is a crown seldom kings enjoy.   -Willie Shake-a-spear

The spirit is always content and unaffected by the ego/personalities doings. It takes a lot of  energy to keep all the worldly seeking and doing going. Many people never catch a glimpse of the spirit while rushing about the world shows at full speed. To live without this Spirit is to be among the walking dead. The Spirit is always accessible and waiting patiently, outside of time.

Religion is for people who do not want to go to hell. Spirituality is for those who have already been and are not going back.

One will never plan his escape from the prison cell of the mind,  unless he first acknowledges that he is in hell. This sometimes sounds like an outlandish remark to the ego. But the ego does not have any frame of reference to what true happiness is. All it really sees is a label he has placed on an experience based in the past. This is relativity. Happiness is then based on how I feel now verses yesterday. Most people only experience this small bubble of

How would it feel to be carried quietly down a warm summer path needing to  do nothing. Nothing to be accomplished, no to-do list, nowhere to be and no time.

We enter this world through the womb struggling to take our first breath. It is not hard to understand why we believe life should be a struggle. Have you ever stopped to ask: What are my greatest fears, what drives all of these struggling actions. Indeed if you are courageous and patient enough to ask you might find that struggle is overrated. If the Spirit is freed then it will direct your steps. The steps you will be directed to take are as light and easy as floating down a quiet mountain path in full bloom.alternative-perspectives-2

Once you get a taste of your connection to spirit and nature, nothing else will do to take it’s place. Once the three are working in balance together…

 a light in you which cannot die; whose presence is so holy that the world is sanctified because of you. All things that live bring gifts to you, and offer them in gratitude and gladness at your feet. The scent of flowers is their gift to you. The waves bow down before you, and the trees extend their arms to shield you from the heat, and lay their leaves before you on the ground that you may walk in softness, while the wind sinks to a whisper round your holy head. -ACIM

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The Magic of Sitting Down and Shutting Up!

We should know If there is intelligent life on earth, within the next 20 years!


You find yourself looking through some online classified advertisements. This one catches your eye.

Subjects, male or female for (1) year study needed.

We have recreated The Garden of Eden. It is obviously within the boundary of North America, the most beautiful place on earth. We will pay off all of your debt and handle all existing responsibilities you may have, forever. You will be placed in The Garden for a period of (1) year. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to be careless, care free and cared for by the natural surroundings. A shelter is provided in a temperate climate. Being a garden, food is provided naturally and in abundance. You may take any name you like. Moonshine, Starlight, Blossom, River, Ziggy and Crystal Rose are already taken. 

After reading this you decide to make the call. The application is immediately  accepted. You leave and arrive the next day.

This is exactly what happened to me. I sold everything I owned, cut all ties, bought a motorhome and went off in to the metaphorical sunset -to the west. Now, thats just the beginning.

It doesn’t begin with an adventure, it begins with a risk

As I traveled the country alone for two years, many things became apparent for me. For example, I had to set up a reminder on my iPhone. It said “you are free”. It took me a long time to get that into my thinking. Two years later that reminder is still on my phone. This is one example of conditioned thinking. I was taught, or taught myself to look at the world through a lens of extortion. One of my paradigm’s (filter in which I viewed the world) consisted of thoughts such as: can I make that work for me, what can I get out of that. How can I profit from this. Conditioned thinking, which is based on our belief of what we think is valuable, can become like the grooves in a record. To notice this as well as how the ego mind works is the beginning of awakening. If we fail to spot or learn its mechanisms, it will continue to trick us. One way this can be learned is to sit down and shut up.

It occurred to me that if I had gone this far then why not go all the way. What do I mean by this. I had quit the world, why not quit everything else. Quit eating, quit drinking coffee, quit sex, quit thinking. I would go into my mind to train my soul to play with me. I had nothing, therefore nothing to lose.

I had read all sorts of historic accounts of Ascetics, Sages and Yogi’s sitting in mediation renouncing the world. Why even Jesus had wandered in the desert for forty days and forty nights and then to be tempted by desire. I read similar stories about the Buddha as well. I fancied myself as someone who might benefit in unlearning the world by doing this. I mean historic figures are great, but the point of all of this to me is “It’s your turn now”. Can you bring the ego mind to it’s knees whence you say “I can use you, but you cannot use me any longer”. Can you shut down you hard drive and load a new and improved software package that allows a entirely new world to be witnessed. A new Heaven and a new earth. Pretty tall order!

What can be gained by such endeavors? I don’t want to promote the idea of separation from the world as such, but lets just take a look at what the mains stream is producing. Look at the condition of the world. It is a history of madness! What other creature destroys its habitat, while imprisoning or killing anything that stands in its way. It’s a sad state of affairs. We should know if there is intelligent life on earth in the next 20 years. If we cannot change our thinking, then we will come to realize that our application was accepted, we were shipped off to The Garden Of Eden, but nothing changed. Like the lottery winner who is found a few years later broke and miserable, our thinking must change in order to enjoy the bounty.

 The Earth is a very small stage in a vaaaast cosmic arena. Think of all of the rivers of blood spilled by all of those generals and emperors so that in a momentary triumph they can become masters of of a tiny fraction of a dot. -Carl Sagan


If the outside world is a direct reflection of the minds of those whom live in it, and I assure you that this is so, then we must each of us become responsible for our thoughts. Beyond politics or end of the world conspiracy theories and the fascination with the fantastic, there is a Universe of peace. May you find it now.

My mother told me she was responsible for teaching me everything I knew about meditation. Quite surprised I asked, “how is that”? She said, “I was constantly telling you to sit down and shut up”.

One of the things you might find if you decide to take on such an endeavor yourself of sitting in meditation is that the experience of total happiness and peace will be followed by depression and sadness, for no apparent reason. This is the attributes of a dualistic mind. It’s completely natural. However, you might also find that you can become a peak jumper. That is when the crest of joy is reached for several hours and then you recognize yourself falling into the trough of the opposite, you can realize this and just say “know”. Know that this is happening and refuse it.

Ultimately, it is very beneficial to hire a guide. Someone to take you by the hand and walk you step by step, day by day through the labyrinth of the belief constructs you have built, until they are unwound and you are at ground zero. I call this “The Journey Back to Zero Everything. Fortunately each of us was intrinsically created with this very guide. Be still and know that I am God means to recognize that within you.

Beyond all concepts and thinking, there is a field. I will meet you there.  – Rumi

PIPO  -Peace In-Peace Out

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Tired of Being You?

What would be the point of evolution, but to evolve! The greatest ability that you possess, is the ability to change your mind. How would you respond if I were to say that you could swap your silly little mind for the mind of God?

Most if not all have become familiar with the fact that an atom is 99.99999 percent energy and .00001 percent physical substance. The we can extrapolate from that fact the we ourselves are more nothing than something. Why is it that we focus all of our attention on that tiny percentage of the physical world. We define ourselves through perception- what we can see, feel, touch, taste and hear. These are our biggest limitations, to identify ourselves with the false mind made self. Let’s look at blowing off the chains that bind us, the chains that keep us limited to the sensory field.

Beyond all concepts of right and wrong there is a field. I will meet you there.  – Rumi



What creates your reality? 

Two men, after being stranded in the desert, walk into a town. One is hungry and so all he sees are the restaurants. The other man is horny, all he sees are the pretty girls.

If a pickpocket meets a saint, all he sees are his pockets.

Therefore, first our desire and then thoughts create our reality. We each hardware our brain to continually create more of the same and familiar of what we perceive as valuable. This is all fine and dandy but practically speaking, how does one change his thoughts? How can you rewrite the software of your mind permanently and get a different result.

Repetition is the Mother of all learning

If nothing changes, nothing changes. If we always do what we’ve always done, we always get what we’ve always got. We think the same 60,00 thoughts everyday, over and over. And they have now become a grove in a broken record.

How can you teach someone to value what he has thrown away. He threw it away because he did not value it. You can only hope to show him how miserable he is without it. To show him how to return to “correct” thinking by reward.  If our belief/desire thoughts (what we think is valuable) create our reality, then it is with our desire thoughts alone that we must work.screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-5-11-37-pm

Try to learn to play the Piano at 40, or learn a new language. It might be necessarily uncomfortable at first. Why? Because it’s out of the ordinary order, that means out of our conditioned thinking. We do this over and over until it becomes habit and we then break through.

1. Drop the personal opinion. If you have one-lose it, forget it. It’s all based on the past and will not be apart of the new perception you will come to know. This is another way of saying “do not judge”. Your judgement is based on false learning and is the past.

2. Meditation. The act of of silencing the mind and shutting off sensory perception. Take a few minutes several times a day to enjoy this. Through meditation we will rewire the neural pathways of our mind.

3. Nothing that you think, see or hear means anything. Why? Because YOU have given everything all the meaning that it has for you. The thoughts you think don’t mean anything. They are neither good nor bad, they are meaningless.

To swap you mind for the mind of God, first you must erase everything that you have taught yourself. At this point the Universe will rush in and write it’s own meaning!


I point you now to a online practice source. Simply Tap here and do One lesson a day for 50 days.

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