Free the Earthlings!

You don task too much of life, but far too little

What is this blog site about you might ask. Ultimately it is about eliminating the blocks to the awareness of happiness – which has never left you. One might say that happiness can get blocked or covered up with all our seeking, getting and defending.. It is when we simply stop and ask “why am I doing this”, does it bring me happiness, that we might elect to chose differently. Inherent in all of us is complete bliss! Might it be a worthwhile goal, learning to uncover that bliss.

Some might ask about the virtues of struggle and sacrifice and if you feel led to do these things, just understand what it is for. For example, many times it is for the satiation of your very own guilt that you choose sacrifice. In essence one says, I am going to help this person or situation because I feel guilty about not helping this other person from the past. I’ll make up and atone for it here.  Never in a million years did you think to look at your own guilt as cause for your sacrifice.

If one can come to understand the inner workings of the mind, he will give up any voluntary struggle, besides, struggle is highly overrated. He will come to realize that no-one is keeping score, he is not guilty, and has full permission to move about the world in happiness and joy. YOU ARE NOT GUILTY! You owe nothing to anyone, and in fact you will bring about much peace by learning to be happy. It is your single greatest gift to the Universe. Today and everyday from this point forward remind yourself of this and give yourself full permission to be completely happy and guilt free.

Q: I was always taught that God IS keeping score, and that we have to atone for our sins and ask forgiveness.

A: My child, believe what you will,  but God will never have any need to offer you forgiveness, because he has never condemned you in the first place. What has never condemned, has no need of forgiveness. Unconditional Love is just that – Unconditional!

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