Trust would solve all of your problems NOW!

A business owner sits at his desk in the rear of his shop. Sales are slow, inventory was ordered that was sure to sell but has not. Advertising bills pile up while no customers come into his store. Stressed, he spends more time at work attempting to remedy the situation. His home life is a wreck. He leaves for work before his family awakes and comes home after they are asleep. Finally he makes a decision to sell his shop. Soon he finds a buyer but with one hitch, this buyer wants him to stay on and run the store. He agrees, and sells the shop. The same problems exist but somewhere in his mind he acknowledges the idea that they are not his problems any longer. While in fact nothing has changed, he is at peace now. He leaves home at a reasonable time and arrives back home unstressed and able to spend time freely with his family.

This is the power of the mind. This exemplifies the idea of giving up ownership, of giving up the illusion of control, of submitting to a power greater than oneself.

Trust would solve all your problems NOW!


From my own personal tried and try experience, I can tell you directly and without a doubt that one may experience a tranquility, joy and peace that is NOT of this world. It just takes practice. Thoughts turn into actions.  Since we are in constant practice of one form or another by the thoughts we think and act out, it is with our thoughts that we must work with.

 Learning is for change, and those who cannot change their mind cannot change anything.    -ACIM


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