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You don task too much of life, but far too little

What is this blog site about you might ask. Ultimately it is about eliminating the blocks to the awareness of happiness – which has never left you. One might say that happiness can get blocked or covered up with all our seeking, getting and defending.. It is when we simply stop and ask “why am I doing this”, does it bring me happiness, that we might elect to chose differently. Inherent in all of us is complete bliss! Might it be a worthwhile goal, learning to uncover that bliss.

Some might ask about the virtues of struggle and sacrifice and if you feel led to do these things, just understand what it is for. For example, many times it is for the satiation of your very own guilt that you choose sacrifice. In essence one says, I am going to help this person or situation because I feel guilty about not helping this other person from the past. I’ll make up and atone for it here.  Never in a million years did you think to look at your own guilt as cause for your sacrifice.

If one can come to understand the inner workings of the mind, he will give up any voluntary struggle, besides, struggle is highly overrated. He will come to realize that no-one is keeping score, he is not guilty, and has full permission to move about the world in happiness and joy. YOU ARE NOT GUILTY! You owe nothing to anyone, and in fact you will bring about much peace by learning to be happy. It is your single greatest gift to the Universe. Today and everyday from this point forward remind yourself of this and give yourself full permission to be completely happy and guilt free.

Q: I was always taught that God IS keeping score, and that we have to atone for our sins and ask forgiveness.

A: My child, believe what you will,  but God will never have any need to offer you forgiveness, because he has never condemned you in the first place. What has never condemned, has no need of forgiveness. Unconditional Love is just that – Unconditional!

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Trust would solve all of your problems NOW!

A business owner sits at his desk in the rear of his shop. Sales are slow, inventory was ordered that was sure to sell but has not. Advertising bills pile up while no customers come into his store. Stressed, he spends more time at work attempting to remedy the situation. His home life is a wreck. He leaves for work before his family awakes and comes home after they are asleep. Finally he makes a decision to sell his shop. Soon he finds a buyer but with one hitch, this buyer wants him to stay on and run the store. He agrees, and sells the shop. The same problems exist but somewhere in his mind he acknowledges the idea that they are not his problems any longer. While in fact nothing has changed, he is at peace now. He leaves home at a reasonable time and arrives back home unstressed and able to spend time freely with his family.

This is the power of the mind. This exemplifies the idea of giving up ownership, of giving up the illusion of control, of submitting to a power greater than oneself.

Trust would solve all your problems NOW!


From my own personal tried and try experience, I can tell you directly and without a doubt that one may experience a tranquility, joy and peace that is NOT of this world. It just takes practice. Thoughts turn into actions.  Since we are in constant practice of one form or another by the thoughts we think and act out, it is with our thoughts that we must work with.

 Learning is for change, and those who cannot change their mind cannot change anything.    -ACIM


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Self Concept VS. Self


ee77525ed5c6f27c39d1bc68b145838dThe state that the Who-man finds himself in may be referred to as the split mind.

It is better for one to conquer himself than to win a thousand battles on the field. Then the victory is yours! No one can take it from you, not angels or demons, Heaven nor hell.   –Buddha

As in this example,  there is the self and the one that can conquer that self. First decide if this is true for you. Have you ever wanted to either accomplish something or to quit something? Did you notice two opposing forces at play. One who wants to do it vs. one that thinks it can’t, is afraid or wants to fall back in the conditioned patterns of life.

It has become the human way to take the path of least resistance. And this is perfectly fine, but for those who want to push the limits of the mind, see what is possible and be projected out into the Omniverse, other paths will appear.screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-10-56-59-am

As we travel along the timeline of life, we formulate a concept of ourselves. We could call this -self concept vs. Self. I capitalize Self because it represents our true Self that has never, and cannot ever be lost. It is your face before you were born.

The Conqurer has no fear because it has nothing to lose and therefore nothing to defend. I like to joke about the Conquer. It’s motto could be “freedom is just another word for nothing left but shoes”.  In this sharing today, I invite YOU to identify with this one. This one has nothing to lose, He cannot get back again. Fearless, a thought is given to him, he takes action and it is done. No bickering, debating or analysis paralysis. screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-3-39-22-pm

And so I say to you NOW,  ” You do not ask to much from life, but far to little”. YOU are the limitless, timeless and infinite water. Dive deep my compadre, take all the self conceptual limits off and dream big dear reader, dream big.

Now if I believe this as I tell it to you, what must I also believe about myself.

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Nirvana or Haites

This world is both Heaven and Hell and neither and everything in between.

Why? How can it be both?

Listen closely.

 Nothing you see means anything! 

How is this so?

Everything is neutral. Body’s, oceans, Mountians – everything. The only meaning anything has is what you give it. Because you have given everything you see all the meaning that it has for you, you can withdraw it also.

Do Not seek to change the world, but change your thoughts about the world, and all the world changes with it!

P.I.P.O    – Peace In Peace Out

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