Give Up What You Cannot Keep…

How is your Vision? What is vision?

I watched a young musician perform at a Tedx talk. He played and wrote music on guitar and piano. Those pieces have been performed by major orchestras in Comercials and film. It was very impressive for a 14 year old. He also played the flute and harmonica.

What was especially interesting was that he learned it all from YouTube. I don’t need to tell you that we live in a informative time. The reason I mention this is that it’s been a wonderful experience to study the world religions and psychotherapy through many different teachers and text.

It’s not hard to imagine what it might have been like to live just 100 years ago and quite possibly to have never left the farm or village. Like a blind man one would have to imagine what much of the world was and was not. Of course there is always the possibility of walking out of the village. This is the going out and coming back.

I’m encouraging you to not take what you have been told as the truth, find out for yourself. Most of us think- when I get the right job, partner, house, car …. When I get it all lined up then, I’ll have peace…. Then I’ll work on my spiritual path…. Then maybe I can be happy. As soon as I turn this corner it will all be alright. Most never turn that corner, the ones that do must find another corner to turn lest they realize the futility.

I watched a spy movie once. The main character was instructing another character in the movie on the do’s and dont’s of being a spy. “One must be ready to leave town at the drop of a hat with only what he’s wearing”, he preached. This is the dilemma. Can you drop everything and change course at any moment based on what your internal guide is telling you. I once told my daughter that sometimes you have to drop a hand grenade where you stand, blow up what you’ve created and start over totally new. This may be done literally or  it might be done in the thought system. Since we are mind and only mind the change must come to take place in the mind.

Sometimes we find what we thought was life is only pseudo- life. The new love interest, job, car, city to live in has grown stale. The realization that a new object or environment is never going to bring freedom and liberation is the beginning. Wherever we go- there we are. One cannot outrun himself. Searching for freedom is like trying to lose your car keys.


A: Because you are already free. You already have the keys to freedom. Can you see that searching for the keys when there in you hand is futile? Sure you can.

Let’s be practical. Ask yourself what it is that you search for. Then Ask why you think this will make you happy. Then continue – with why. Your answer will be determined by how honest you can be with yourself.  Maybe- if you are not doing something for the joy of it in itself and not a means to and end- then you should stop.

Give up what you can’t keep for something you can’t lose.

Of course, how much help is needed in giving up nothing. These “ideas” are easy to write, simple, yet very difficult to fall into. One may find himself “between the two worlds” for a short time and possibly forever. He has seen the truth but finds it difficult to let go all of the way. Fear of letting completely go is typical in the separated ones. That is the apparent separated ones, for no one is actually separated. He merely believes he is.

Q: Separated from what?

A: Good question. As children, approximately at one and a half years of age, we become self aware and the Limberick system is activated. A child will at this point recognize himself in a mirror and click, his self is born and the rest of the world is now separate. This belief in separation is the “going out”. The realization that this separation is not real is “coming home”. When the separation apparently happened we began to learn the ways of separation and thus the world. Now we come to see the possibility that there might be another way. Another way of thinking, a different thought system.

 It’s very difficult for a “learned” person of the world to hear a new message. Your telling me everything I’ve learned is wrong- he will say. Even if an effort is made to hear a new message- the learned separated one in himself will kick and buck all the way along the trip home.

This message is a reversal of the thinking of the world.

Q: How is that?

A: There is no death, you are free. Therefore there is no time. You are not the body but may dwell within it as long as the perception last. Your real identity is all mind and only mind. You are Universal love created by the Universal One Mind of Love as an extension. Any difficulty, problem, sadness or depression need not be. It it a effect of wrong thinking. You cannot change what you are but can and have covered and hid it from yourself. You will continually block yourself from love and happiness as part of this covering.

You are not a body nor even in a body.

Q: What’s the solution?

A: We all must take full responsibility for our thoughts and experience, since we are choosing and creating them. Reverse the learning of the world by learning and eliminating all of the ways you will block yourself from returning to happiness and love. In order to do this you must know your little self and his games to come to see your true SELF.Once you get a scent of this you will be astonished to see what the belief in separation does to the world.  ACourse in Miracles is one option but there are many.

Dig in – be a happy learner.

No Fear

Just do it

Be Happy!

One more thing. The ego loves to study itself. It will delight in the idea that you are going to visualize a path in which you study “it”. It will be interesting and entertaining but will get you no closer to freedom.


A:Because you are already Free!

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