Seeking and Finding -and all that jazz


One goes to the beach, draws a circle in the sand and then sits in the middle. he then says “I’ll sit here until God comes”

Q: Why?

A: Because infinite patience produces immediate effects.

Q: What effect will it produce?

A: Peace – Make that your God- or not

I am not among the living, therefore cannot die, yet I am not dead.

– Alejandre de la Williams

Just remember that ALL of the Aliens you meet will attempt to convince you that They are in control of the Multi-Verse. Whats behind it all is right in front of you.

One thinks he is a great wave rolling across an Ocean of energy. But waves have a ending as they crash against the rocks and walls of time. Yes, some crest as the ocean floor rise’s and gently wash the beaches of the finite. These are the ones to surf. And this is our dilemma. Am I the temporary wave or the infinite ocean, a ray of light or the Sun. To be or not to be. Surf that bitch!IMG_1668-1

We are all seeking our own absence, but we want to be there when it happens!

And that is the split – the Schism. We seek the best of both worlds. We want the Peace, Freedom, liberation of the infinite and yet we want to “be”. Can we have the best of both worlds, a little Heaven right here on earth, a happy dream. Can we dream ourselves right out of here by climbing the ladder of our own Double Helix in the DNA. Go to Golgotha (the place of the skull) and experience our resurrection up and out of the Crown Chakra. Hmmm, a resounding Hell Yes.

Time is the great illusion, a sleight of hand, an idea fabricated. Yet how can time come to circumvent eternity. How might one come to know this through experience. How can one be expected to lay down everything his world is built on, throw it aside and KNOW that he is infinite except through an experience of timelessness. To experience timelessness is to experience his absence.

If time were to be a picture from eternities viewpoint, what would it look like?

If a Spaghetti noodle were to be our prop to represent linear time, then simply turn it on end to face you. That is time as seen from eternity.

This world is built on sand and the waves of this world are constantly shifting and changing the landscape. There is no certainty here, no justice. To have the experience is to experience absence. Do not make yourself as big as the world as to not have an experience of the infinite. Lay down your sword and shield and become a passersby or a purple chicken liver.




What is seeing, cannot be seen. What is hearing cannot be heard. The seeker is the sought.

Q: Become a passersby? Why do I have to do that?

A: Those whom have an investment in this world cannot be a reliable witness to the One Life.

Get to work, watch the stock market, perform the job, take care of the kids, save for retirement, maintain the friendships, mow the yard, mow over the flowers -because who even sees them anymore. Moreover each one of us has a huge investment in “me”. Look at my education, all the lessons I have painfully learned, all my struggling to get to wherever I am, my mortgage, my climbing the ladder at work………………………………”me”.

Q: All the lessons I have painfully learned- don’t they have meaning?

eyesopenA blind man learns his way around the world not through happy lessons but painful ones. Thus he learns which doors are closed and which are open, never to attempt the closed doors again. The world the sightless see must be imagined. Yet the lessons they have learned keep them blind!

One is before the senses. Yes, you are the wave that will eventually dissipate. The body is a communication device to be laid down when it’s usefulness is over. But one is also the universal ocean. To realize one is not only the wave is to come to know yourself as the ocean.

What is looking is what one looks for

Understand that you are the world and the world is you. Therefore seeking in the world will avail you nothing. Therefore turn inward. You know how to do this but have forgotten, because you do not believe anything is there. Seeking but never finding is hardly joyous. You will seek, for this you came. Where you seek is up to you. Surely it is apparent to you that the world does not offer what you seek for.images

Seek not for death, this is death. Be the One life. Be what you are.
Any going out will avail nothing. If one is everything how could he separate out one thing and then attempt to find freedom through that object. Any attempt to add a thing to him will only possess him.

What is the sound of silence? Does stillness speak? What is the sound of one hand shaking your face? Refuse to die, it will cost you mire than you can pay. It is completely necessary for you to be totally confused. Bringing chaos into order is never the case.

Now, Cupid shooting his arrow at the beloved is a criminal action. This is something that everyone should look at -or not. As soon as Love is attached to an object or in this case shot at a Human or animal and penetration is made, then a equal an opposite reaction will take place. If that object of love dies or you lose it them pain of loss occurs. imagesSo the only way to avoids that is to die before that object is taken. Just kidding. Don’t shoot your love at an object, Just be love, just be in love with life, which is no object.

You are the dreamer and I am just a dream.

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