The Shepherd and The Buddha

The Shepherd: My meal is ready, I have milked my ewes. The door of my hut is holted, my fire is alight. And you, sky, can rain as much as you please!

Buddha: I no longer need food or milk. The winds are my shelter, my fire is out. And you, sky, can rain as much as you please!


The Shepherd: I have oxen, I have cows. I have my father’s meadows and a bull who covers my cows. And you, sky, can rain as much as you please!

Buddha: I have neither oxen, nor cows, I have no meadows. I have nothing, I fear nothing. And you, sky, can rain as much as you please!

The Shepherd: I have a docile and faithful shepherdess. For years she has been my wife; I am happy when I play with her at night. And you, sky, you can rain as much as you please!

Buddha: I have a free and docile soul. For years I have trained it and I have taught it to play with me. And you, sky, can rain as much as you please!


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Give Up What You Cannot Keep…

How is your Vision? What is vision?

I watched a young musician perform at a Tedx talk. He played and wrote music on guitar and piano. Those pieces have been performed by major orchestras in Comercials and film. It was very impressive for a 14 year old. He also played the flute and harmonica.

What was especially interesting was that he learned it all from YouTube. I don’t need to tell you that we live in a informative time. The reason I mention this is that it’s been a wonderful experience to study the world religions and psychotherapy through many different teachers and text.

It’s not hard to imagine what it might have been like to live just 100 years ago and quite possibly to have never left the farm or village. Like a blind man one would have to imagine what much of the world was and was not. Of course there is always the possibility of walking out of the village. This is the going out and coming back.

I’m encouraging you to not take what you have been told as the truth, find out for yourself. Most of us think- when I get the right job, partner, house, car …. When I get it all lined up then, I’ll have peace…. Then I’ll work on my spiritual path…. Then maybe I can be happy. As soon as I turn this corner it will all be alright. Most never turn that corner, the ones that do must find another corner to turn lest they realize the futility.

I watched a spy movie once. The main character was instructing another character in the movie on the do’s and dont’s of being a spy. “One must be ready to leave town at the drop of a hat with only what he’s wearing”, he preached. This is the dilemma. Can you drop everything and change course at any moment based on what your internal guide is telling you. I once told my daughter that sometimes you have to drop a hand grenade where you stand, blow up what you’ve created and start over totally new. This may be done literally or  it might be done in the thought system. Since we are mind and only mind the change must come to take place in the mind.

Sometimes we find what we thought was life is only pseudo- life. The new love interest, job, car, city to live in has grown stale. The realization that a new object or environment is never going to bring freedom and liberation is the beginning. Wherever we go- there we are. One cannot outrun himself. Searching for freedom is like trying to lose your car keys.


A: Because you are already free. You already have the keys to freedom. Can you see that searching for the keys when there in you hand is futile? Sure you can.

Let’s be practical. Ask yourself what it is that you search for. Then Ask why you think this will make you happy. Then continue – with why. Your answer will be determined by how honest you can be with yourself.  Maybe- if you are not doing something for the joy of it in itself and not a means to and end- then you should stop.

Give up what you can’t keep for something you can’t lose.

Of course, how much help is needed in giving up nothing. These “ideas” are easy to write, simple, yet very difficult to fall into. One may find himself “between the two worlds” for a short time and possibly forever. He has seen the truth but finds it difficult to let go all of the way. Fear of letting completely go is typical in the separated ones. That is the apparent separated ones, for no one is actually separated. He merely believes he is.

Q: Separated from what?

A: Good question. As children, approximately at one and a half years of age, we become self aware and the Limberick system is activated. A child will at this point recognize himself in a mirror and click, his self is born and the rest of the world is now separate. This belief in separation is the “going out”. The realization that this separation is not real is “coming home”. When the separation apparently happened we began to learn the ways of separation and thus the world. Now we come to see the possibility that there might be another way. Another way of thinking, a different thought system.

 It’s very difficult for a “learned” person of the world to hear a new message. Your telling me everything I’ve learned is wrong- he will say. Even if an effort is made to hear a new message- the learned separated one in himself will kick and buck all the way along the trip home.

This message is a reversal of the thinking of the world.

Q: How is that?

A: There is no death, you are free. Therefore there is no time. You are not the body but may dwell within it as long as the perception last. Your real identity is all mind and only mind. You are Universal love created by the Universal One Mind of Love as an extension. Any difficulty, problem, sadness or depression need not be. It it a effect of wrong thinking. You cannot change what you are but can and have covered and hid it from yourself. You will continually block yourself from love and happiness as part of this covering.

You are not a body nor even in a body.

Q: What’s the solution?

A: We all must take full responsibility for our thoughts and experience, since we are choosing and creating them. Reverse the learning of the world by learning and eliminating all of the ways you will block yourself from returning to happiness and love. In order to do this you must know your little self and his games to come to see your true SELF.Once you get a scent of this you will be astonished to see what the belief in separation does to the world.  ACourse in Miracles is one option but there are many.

Dig in – be a happy learner.

No Fear

Just do it

Be Happy!

One more thing. The ego loves to study itself. It will delight in the idea that you are going to visualize a path in which you study “it”. It will be interesting and entertaining but will get you no closer to freedom.


A:Because you are already Free!

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Seeking and Finding -and all that jazz


One goes to the beach, draws a circle in the sand and then sits in the middle. he then says “I’ll sit here until God comes”

Q: Why?

A: Because infinite patience produces immediate effects.

Q: What effect will it produce?

A: Peace – Make that your God- or not

I am not among the living, therefore cannot die, yet I am not dead.

– Alejandre de la Williams

Just remember that ALL of the Aliens you meet will attempt to convince you that They are in control of the Multi-Verse. Whats behind it all is right in front of you.

One thinks he is a great wave rolling across an Ocean of energy. But waves have a ending as they crash against the rocks and walls of time. Yes, some crest as the ocean floor rise’s and gently wash the beaches of the finite. These are the ones to surf. And this is our dilemma. Am I the temporary wave or the infinite ocean, a ray of light or the Sun. To be or not to be. Surf that bitch!IMG_1668-1

We are all seeking our own absence, but we want to be there when it happens!

And that is the split – the Schism. We seek the best of both worlds. We want the Peace, Freedom, liberation of the infinite and yet we want to “be”. Can we have the best of both worlds, a little Heaven right here on earth, a happy dream. Can we dream ourselves right out of here by climbing the ladder of our own Double Helix in the DNA. Go to Golgotha (the place of the skull) and experience our resurrection up and out of the Crown Chakra. Hmmm, a resounding Hell Yes.

Time is the great illusion, a sleight of hand, an idea fabricated. Yet how can time come to circumvent eternity. How might one come to know this through experience. How can one be expected to lay down everything his world is built on, throw it aside and KNOW that he is infinite except through an experience of timelessness. To experience timelessness is to experience his absence.

If time were to be a picture from eternities viewpoint, what would it look like?

If a Spaghetti noodle were to be our prop to represent linear time, then simply turn it on end to face you. That is time as seen from eternity.

This world is built on sand and the waves of this world are constantly shifting and changing the landscape. There is no certainty here, no justice. To have the experience is to experience absence. Do not make yourself as big as the world as to not have an experience of the infinite. Lay down your sword and shield and become a passersby or a purple chicken liver.




What is seeing, cannot be seen. What is hearing cannot be heard. The seeker is the sought.

Q: Become a passersby? Why do I have to do that?

A: Those whom have an investment in this world cannot be a reliable witness to the One Life.

Get to work, watch the stock market, perform the job, take care of the kids, save for retirement, maintain the friendships, mow the yard, mow over the flowers -because who even sees them anymore. Moreover each one of us has a huge investment in “me”. Look at my education, all the lessons I have painfully learned, all my struggling to get to wherever I am, my mortgage, my climbing the ladder at work………………………………”me”.

Q: All the lessons I have painfully learned- don’t they have meaning?

eyesopenA blind man learns his way around the world not through happy lessons but painful ones. Thus he learns which doors are closed and which are open, never to attempt the closed doors again. The world the sightless see must be imagined. Yet the lessons they have learned keep them blind!

One is before the senses. Yes, you are the wave that will eventually dissipate. The body is a communication device to be laid down when it’s usefulness is over. But one is also the universal ocean. To realize one is not only the wave is to come to know yourself as the ocean.

What is looking is what one looks for

Understand that you are the world and the world is you. Therefore seeking in the world will avail you nothing. Therefore turn inward. You know how to do this but have forgotten, because you do not believe anything is there. Seeking but never finding is hardly joyous. You will seek, for this you came. Where you seek is up to you. Surely it is apparent to you that the world does not offer what you seek for.images

Seek not for death, this is death. Be the One life. Be what you are.
Any going out will avail nothing. If one is everything how could he separate out one thing and then attempt to find freedom through that object. Any attempt to add a thing to him will only possess him.

What is the sound of silence? Does stillness speak? What is the sound of one hand shaking your face? Refuse to die, it will cost you mire than you can pay. It is completely necessary for you to be totally confused. Bringing chaos into order is never the case.

Now, Cupid shooting his arrow at the beloved is a criminal action. This is something that everyone should look at -or not. As soon as Love is attached to an object or in this case shot at a Human or animal and penetration is made, then a equal an opposite reaction will take place. If that object of love dies or you lose it them pain of loss occurs. imagesSo the only way to avoids that is to die before that object is taken. Just kidding. Don’t shoot your love at an object, Just be love, just be in love with life, which is no object.

You are the dreamer and I am just a dream.

Made by Everynone

We are now going to add more content to this seemingly convincing simulation. Your looking at a whole lotta rectangles.

From an alien perspective it’s not bad. There’s some great shots from that bycicle. No one wants to see that but it’s there- ya know. 

All at once this baby Serena was on painkillers, so nice. Her performance was a bit hazy to most. She tripped her Achilles on the skate rink. Just chill on into it. Fortunately it would be nice if you could show four times a day. Just flying through the air is nice when there’s an oily core. 

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The stepping was talented and no end what it might achieve. That backflip was dangerous, could split your eyes if your totally fearless. Like an earthquake falling in love all over again. Get a budget before you end it all. Investments are very watchful. Wawa me say la vie- hahaha. 

That’s about all if you do your best you can’t win. She says ya gotta know that in figure skating. Lopped all into a debate won’t hurt. Don’t be averted to soon, might not get the same results. 

I’m just trying to say she was black- ya know. That type of metronome won’t keep it out of the garage.  The yellow lizards have just as hard of a time with water diving. 

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Will the Durge of Alimar please plead your case positively. As we all know Tuesday is moving to ABC. Take the tube to the bollucks ya wanker.

Direct Experience!

It’s all fine and dandy going around like a Parrot repeating phrases like “we are all one” or “live in the now”. When one (such as Robert below) has a direct experience of these concepts- everything changes. If One decides to grow the Ovaries to carry out such an experience, he may be rocketed into the stratosphere of the One Life!



My story begins a year ago when I ran across the Johns Hopkins study on psilocybin. Having suffered for years with depressive episodes, mild PTSD, slight bipolar tendencies, and general anxiety and unhappiness, I read the study results and then read everything I could find. I joined the discussion boards, read the trip reports, studied McKenna and Watts. I became an avid student of the mushroom.
Having tried for years to find a solution to my mental strife with traditional medicines, with no success, I was captivated. I had thought mushrooms were just a fun party drug that we left behind after our college party scene. However, being open-minded, and having nothing to lose, I embarked on a journey to self enlightenment and repair of my psyche.
So I grew my mushrooms, and then I carefully planned the set and setting. I meditated and I prayed to the God I thought I knew, and to the God I was yet to meet, to carry me through this 5 gram, in the dark, scary as hell experience that was about to commence.
About 30 minutes after consuming the mushrooms I started seeing the fractals. Colorful and intricate. Nothing like I had ever seen in this life, or could even imagine. They were insanely beautiful, and they were alive with their own spirit and knowledge. images-4
I had headphones with Pink Floyd on and the visuals began to sync with the sound, and I was lost in it. At 60 minutes I was pinned to the couch, feeling like was I was being overrun by succession of tsunamis, each one bigger that the one before. I was moaning and sweating and curled in the fetal position. My last coherent thought was that I was going to miss my son, because surely I was about to die. And so I did.
Time lost all meaning, my body was gone, the present was gone, and I was dying. But the death was only a massive deprogramming. All the knowledge, all the habits, all the history, all the life experiences, all the bias and the cynicism, and all the walls I had built over this lifetime were being disintegrated. I remember my soul being beaten like I was in a cosmic washing machine. My psyche was being thrashed and pounded and my understanding of myself was being ripped away.
All I though that I was, and all that I thought I understood was but one tiny experience in an infinity of experiences — and it almost meant nothing. This mental beating went on for what seemed like eternity. I struggled, and I resisted, and I kept being pounded against the cosmic rocks.r0001064.jpg
Then there came a point where I just let go and welcomed what I now know to have been my ego dying. Complete ego death. The ego that had taken my infinite conscience and held it prisoner behind bias, ignorance, experience, and fear. I came to accept that my “life” was but a way station, a single blink of one experience in an infinite universe of experiences. There is a part of the trip where I became a cartoon character and my previous life was a sneeze that wouldn’t come. My entire life experience became just an infinitesimal blip — like a booger that needed to be removed. I kept getting to the moment of the sneeze, and it never came — over and over with maddening frustration.Maybe this is the metaphor of this life here and the struggles we have to find the happiness that is always elusive. The feeling that we are almost there, can almost sneeze, but cannot quite manage it, keeping us in a constant state of disappointment in that we can almost get “there” but it never comes. And the joke of it all is that we have always been there — but the ego has hidden this from us.
I am NOTAs my mental walls finally came down, I was told by the universe itself that it was OK. It is OK. All is OK. And I remember I let out a long breath, and I let go, and I was nothing, and I was everything. I was creation, and I was infinity, and it was orgasmic. I remember floating in space, spinning and smiling, and I clearly remember thinking that nothing has ever felt this good. This was who we are — we are bliss. And we are good, and strong. I cried for relief, and I knew for sure, and deep in my bones, that things have always been, and would always be OK. I am OK. I was reduced to only consciousness — floating freely in the universe, and I was it and it was me. And yet I was nothing, and I apologized over and over for the hubris that had defined all my actions on this earth.
And then it happened. I was reborn back into myself. And I was shown that birth is what it is all about. Death and rebirth. Over and over again. The death is a crushing of the constructs we have built during our “life.” And birth is what the root and goal of our consciousness is about. I experienced my birth — and words simply cannot describe that. I was overwhelmed in ecstasy. Nothing can possible compare to this feeling.
As the mushrooms slowly let me go at 5 AM or so, everything was clear. I was calm, and very happy. Life made sense, and I was at complete peace. It was like a cosmic Roto-Rooter had scrubbed by conscience of all the sludge that was slowly killing me, and holding me back from living.
Since then, several months have passed and I divorced the wife that was a black hole in my life for reasons that would take many more pages to explain. But suffice it to say that I was given a crystal clear directive to eject this psychic vampire from my life — and so I did.
Also, since then, the resistance that has defined my life for as long as I can remember has lessened. When I get into a sour mood, most of the time if I stop for a minute and reflect back on my trip while staring at the sky, I can get myself centered and calm again. All aspects of my life have improved, and I am becoming who I thought I could be. But by no means am I done exploring.img_0580
I am so happy — and content. The darkness that defined me for so long has been banished.
As anyone who has experienced the magic of the mushroom knows, it’s impossible to accurately recount the experience either in person or in print. The incredible knowledge you are given and things you are shown, simply wither and blow away at any serious attempt at recounting them. It’s an impossibly maddening experience trying to adequately convey one’s mushroom trip without looking like you have lost all your marbles. The wisdom turns against itself and defies the telling.
And as all of us who have traveled that path in earnest understand, with no doubt whatsoever, that our existence in, and interconnectedness with, the universe makes us both nothing and everything simultaneously, significant and insignificant at the same time, one just as true as the other. Yin and yang, ones and zeroes. Some (including myself) have said that during their trips they saw God and he is us. If you remove the brashness from that statement, it rings with staggering truth.IMG_0372
On one hand, we are just cosmic dust with a heartbeat. But on the other hand, we are the creator as well as the created. We contain the birth and death of all history behind us and all possible futures in front of us. We are infinite, and when we are firmly in our trips, we are able to finally begin to wrap our minds around that concept. The infinite and interconnected conscience of all that IS simply feels right; it makes sense, and it is pure bliss.
We now know how ignorant we have been for so long with our ego in the way, and we are utterly humbled at the incredible beauty that we have seen, and struck down to our knees at the magnitude of the revelations we have been shown. Our experience granted us a level of peace and understanding that sings in our heart, even though it defies all logic and rational thought.
Yours Truly,


The Seeker IS the Sought!

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The biggest cult of all – cult-ure!

The ALL TIME most addictive drug – mainline me! Be of good cheer, you are not the addict that seeks relief.

The seeker is the sought, however: Those who have a investment cannot be a reliable witness.

Q: What the hell does that mean?

A: The answer to all seeking is that the seeker is the sought. A fire does not seek the flame. What is not so, has never been and never will be. But if there is a heavy investment in all of the things of the world, mainly the idea of YOU, then you will not let go and have an experience of the divine being of life.

It seems there are two sides one can take. Watch the world and how it cherishes being for or against. It’s never nuetral. Can you have a nuetral thought? If you attempt to have a nuetral thought the world will call it apathy. No matter how many times we slice a quarter is still has two sides. In reality there are no sides, only what is arising at this moment. Only the “me” slices it and takes sides, do you see.

Beyond that, look at all of the thoughts that occur apparently to you. It may become clear that there are many different desired outcomes you have about a single event. All these imaginary expectations about a imaginary as yet to happen event.  This is how the mind covers the now, so that it is never experienced. But who do these desired outcomes (thoughts) arise TO?

Imagine a satellite far off in space. It sends a signal back to earth that takes one day to arrive. That traveling signal in this example, becomes a entity containing data to be interpreted by some mechanism on earth. In a similar way the mind is constantly receiving data, how that data is interpreted depends on the filters of each seeming person. What we are talking about here is the ilimination  of the filters. What would that look like, letting the Omniverse interpret the data for No One.

The thoughts you think you think are not your real thoughts

Q: Who’s thoughts are they?

A: They are the manifestation of an aberration, imaginary, inconsistent judgements based on the shifting ever changing world, using filters in which you call seeing.  If one can look at what he is, it will become apparent that he is merely a little software package, designed by him and laid upon a world. Hey, it seemingly happens to all of us! enlightenmentThat construction IS the skism or the seperation. At that moment the world was seemingly split off to subject and object. The good news is – it is not so.

All that is arising is Divine Love energy. It’s free, without purpose, wild and has no limit.

We make ourselves as big as the world so we never really experience the real world. Our world is based on a presupposition that we are real. We then journey out into a world looking for satisfaction and fulfillment for this imaginary entity called “me”. You can imagine this little me, out in the world searching for what is already everything. How can one find what he seeks when he is everything. How could one single object or experience satisfy what is already everything. What is looking is what we are looking for!

I found myself searching for freedom and continually asking “what’s behind it all”. What’s behind it all was right in front of my face- so funny. The seeker IS the sought.

I am an imaginary me supposedly informing an imaginary you of how to find your Self.

I am NOT

So this is it. It never gets any better than this. Everything is arising right now, right in front of you. It’s divine energy arising as you, me, the wall, the floor, the flowers. There is nowhere to go and nothing to do. It’s all over. This world was over long ago!

Most people live their lives waiting to turn the corner next week to find fulfillment. A corner that is never turned. The problem is, wherever you go there you are. So realize that the “me” is not so and what you seek is what is seeking. Some realize this but then say, ok great, but I have this thing next Wednesday, I can’t stay here, I gotta go. And so it goes.

If the air in a balloon suddenly realized it was not contained any longer by the shell of the balloon, would it stay contracted within the skin? How can the immediate release by the realization of the fallacy of the containment be prolonged except by a “ME”. The realization of this takes no time. Time can waste as well as be wasted.


There is no need to go the Jungles of the Amazon, Peru or the Himalaya’s to come to this realization.

There must be some kind of way outta here
Said the joker to the thief
There’s too much confusion
I can’t get no relief
Business men, they drink my wine
Plowman dig my earth
None were level on the mind
Nobody up at his word
Hey, hey
No reason to get excited
The thief he kindly spoke
There are many here among us
Who feel that life is but a joke
But, uh, but you and I, we’ve been through that
And this is not our fate
So let us stop talkin’ falsely now
The hour’s getting late, hey
All along the watchtower
Princes kept the view
While all the women came and went
Barefoot servants, too
Outside in the cold distance
A wildcat did growl
Two riders were approaching
And the wind began to howl

God is a comedian with an audience that never laughs!