The Border Guard

Once there was an American border guard between Mexico and the United states. There was a seemingly consistent stream of smuggling going on in this guards mind. Every now and again he would catch the culprits, he was always on the guard.

About twice a week a Mexican man would travel from the Mexican side of the border on his bicycle carrying a heavy burlap bag tied on the end with a twine. As he rhode up to the gate the guard gave a curious eye to the man. “Buenos Dias Señor” said the Guard, “let me see what you have in your bag”. The bicycle man would gently untie the bag and reveal the contents. The Guard would put his hand into the bag and feel around, but it was only filled with sand. “Well go ahead” the Guard would instruct the man. Off peddled the Man down the road. 542406247

This went on for several weeks. The Man pulled up, the Guard searched the bag, and off he rhode.

One day the Guard had a day off and decided to go down to a local Cantina in Mexico. While he was there having a drink, the Bicycle Man walked in. “Hey Bicycle Man come over and let me buy you a drink” the Guard called. The Man came over and sat down, a little uneasy. As they sipped their drinks and loosened up they talked about what most men talk about -sex and politics. After a while the Guard now a little tipsy asked the Man, “You have been coming through the checkpoint now for quit some time. I can’t help feeling that you are smuggling something but I cannot decipher what it is. Now listen, I promise you that whatever is, if you will tell me I swear it will never go any further than this table. You can keep right on doing it and ill never say a word. You pull up on that bicycle with that heavy bag of sand almost twice a week. What are you smuggling?”. The Man took a deep breath and looked at the guard and simply stated “bicycles”.

It was a very obvious smuggling, but not to someone who was focused on the bag of sand. And this is how it goes for most of us. The answer is very obvious! But in the seeking it is obscured. All there is is what is, and it is what it is, with no additional mental commentary to attempt to make it what it is not. Breathing, walking, sitting, thinking all arise out of nothing. That is what is!

The Earthling Who-man lives in a state of separation. This happens at a very early age when the mind discovers that there are objects outside of itself. When this leap is made to the awareness of thinking about a separated object, this begins a state of seeking for fulfillment as if it can be found outside of itself, in the future or in the past. The seeking keeps the sought from being found. The going out is the issue, going out from everything that there is to look for everything. A fish does not search for water, a fire does not seek the flame, a sunbeam does not seek the sun, it goes in a straight path. Therefore make you’re path straight and stop the seeking and what you seek will become obvious

Those that seek the light are merely covering their eyes, the light is in them NOW!

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