What it is!

All there is is love arising: to no one, from nowhere as everything (apparently). No object is involved, it is not directed, has no purpose nor reason. It’s completely and utterly neutral. Completely free energy, divine love- period!

Q: Well how do I become enlightened?

A: No person can become enlightened, it’s a contradiction. Energy arising is not personal. The “I” is the block to enlightenment, the reason for apparently leaving enlightenment. The “I” formed and at that moment the veil dropped over the eyes of the “I”, but only apparently.

Q: What do I do then?

A: Nothing, it’s completely hopeless. Hope is never what is, it’s always “never”now. There is no way out of here because the false self is not here, it’s only apparently here.

Q: Could it be possible to free fall back into wholeness? 

A: It’s possible for a collapse of “me”, then wholeness arises to no one. 

There are beautiful paths in the mountains an the woods. There also seem to be many beautiful spiritual paths in the psyche. They all go nowhere, because there is nowhere to go, unless you enjoy going in circles.

It’s just like losing your keys. Try to lose your keys- you can’t. The “me” can’t lose itself! 

There is no safety because there is no one in which safety is needed, therefore no danger to need safety from. Nothing matters: that’s all that’s happening is nothing mattering. Everything appearing out of nothing.

Place the baby in front of a mirror with a dot on its nose. It will attempt to touch the dot on the mirror. It has no sense of I, yet.

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