Which Way?

Lets try again.

So this is the last place the “me” wants to be. Any effort to do anything is the wrong direction because that is the belief there is a “me”. Including writing this. The journey back to zero everything, to the place One never left, cannot be accomplished by the “me”. The illusion there is a doer. Is it possible that “me” has never done anything? That it just happens. This would be complete insanity to the “me”. However is it not insanity to think there is something apart from the One Life. If perfection is what is arising then what “me” could improve upon it. Save the Whales, save the trees, save perfection, we must save the One Life.  illusion of thirteen billion years the earth has existed. Why is it illusion – because time is just a concept. The “me” thinks the earth must be saved and he must do it. This is egoism at its height, though there is no such thing. That is, there is no different level of anything, high or low. This is just another idea.

I once wrote a note to myself. It said “Gain control of the organs of the body, focus the mind, become one pointed, then the glory of the universe will come rushing in” or some such nonsense. It was a Buddhist teaching I think. The error in sitting in a cave or attempting to gain control -is the error. There is no thing to have control over. Attempting to gain control of the body directly reinforces the belief there is a body.

When the earthling is young, it is taught that there is a “me”. My name is, my gender is, my mommy is -separate. At this point it becomes convinced that it is on a journey that has meaning. The illusion of time is created in separateness. The struggle to succeed and make life better, guilt for not doing or doing so. Everything that happens in the world seems to happen to “me”, since I am the central figure in my dream of “me”.

The search for wholeness and completion is always going on, that’s what desire is. Cause and effect becomes the central theme, I can get there through this means.

Like a child, no thought, no judgement, no object, everything arising is one with no observer. Like being in love with nothing or everything that arises, which is the One Life.

The self that arises is the falsity, and falsity cannot become, attain or do anything, its literally impossible. It cannot add to or take away because it is not. Its totally hopeless.

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