That’s a good One!

Ah, the wonder of time travel.. A brand new computer, right off the shelf, devoid of any luggage. Clean and fast. No fragmented files to stumble over. Shut up and sit down and i’ll show you how to play. 

The mind does not need washing and or cleaning. It has always and will always be clean, free and pure. What we have apparently added to it does need to be reversed. The concepts, constructs and beliefs about the world, time and separateness are the veil of human ignorance. For example, the idea of a teacher is only for those who think they are something that can be taught. Spiritual seeking is merely another form of materialism! The idea that you are lacking something important and can find it and add it to yourself. This keeps one forever searching, chasing his tail. The great mystery to a fish is water, to a bird, the air, a human- himself. One cannot search for himself in a construct that is him. You are the world, the world is you. Therefore how could you find you in you. Can you imagine telling a fish to go search for an object called water and bring it back to you. Tell a bird to bring back this thing called air. So the human searches for himself in a construct that is him. Seeking is the illusion in itself. You are the God creating. You are the extension of the ultimate reality which is nothing arising as everything. Why do I say nothing? Because as soon as I attempt to say what it is, it becomes an object outside of you, a concept. 

Learning how to tell what is different and what is the same. Terrence used to talk about building a machine to hyperspace, never realizing he was the machine. The concept of going anywhere else is only that. Whatever appears to be happening right in front of your eyes is all there is! You say to me, well no, I just saw on the news where a tornado hit, a flood came, this one murdered that… The ego is in the promotions biz. It loves to be studied. What I mean is, there is only one life, and you are that. Actually there is no you- only the one life.

Sacrifice is only an idea! The idea that you are in a body and must gain or sacrifice is what this game of the ego is! There is only the One life, everything is merely a arising from that including you. There is no transcendence, you can spend time dismantling an idea if you wish, but why?

So what is the me or the ego? Imagine sitting and manufacturing a small software program, then injecting it into a world. This apparent entity now believes it exist, can have possessions and therefore lose them also, can attain, learn skills, accomplish things with its body….it believes it lives within a body and then begins to tell the story of “me” in another apparatus it conjures up called time. It lives in an subject/object experience, things can happen to it. This is very unsatisfactory to this software program called me.

If I ask what more might there be, how can I go higher. One might say, that is the holy grail or veil that is difficult to pierce or drink from. This is where most begin to seek for another item outside itself called religion or enlightenment.  If there is only the one life, the rest are merely acrobatic feats designed and executed by the ego, All of it. A book cannot read its own pages.

That’s all.

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