The Border Guard

Once there was an American border guard between Mexico and the United states. There was a seemingly consistent stream of smuggling going on in this guards mind. Every now and again he would catch the culprits, he was always on the guard.

About twice a week a Mexican man would travel from the Mexican side of the border on his bicycle carrying a heavy burlap bag tied on the end with a twine. As he rhode up to the gate the guard gave a curious eye to the man. “Buenos Dias Señor” said the Guard, “let me see what you have in your bag”. The bicycle man would gently untie the bag and reveal the contents. The Guard would put his hand into the bag and feel around, but it was only filled with sand. “Well go ahead” the Guard would instruct the man. Off peddled the Man down the road. 542406247

This went on for several weeks. The Man pulled up, the Guard searched the bag, and off he rhode.

One day the Guard had a day off and decided to go down to a local Cantina in Mexico. While he was there having a drink, the Bicycle Man walked in. “Hey Bicycle Man come over and let me buy you a drink” the Guard called. The Man came over and sat down, a little uneasy. As they sipped their drinks and loosened up they talked about what most men talk about -sex and politics. After a while the Guard now a little tipsy asked the Man, “You have been coming through the checkpoint now for quit some time. I can’t help feeling that you are smuggling something but I cannot decipher what it is. Now listen, I promise you that whatever is, if you will tell me I swear it will never go any further than this table. You can keep right on doing it and ill never say a word. You pull up on that bicycle with that heavy bag of sand almost twice a week. What are you smuggling?”. The Man took a deep breath and looked at the guard and simply stated “bicycles”.

It was a very obvious smuggling, but not to someone who was focused on the bag of sand. And this is how it goes for most of us. The answer is very obvious! But in the seeking it is obscured. All there is is what is, and it is what it is, with no additional mental commentary to attempt to make it what it is not. Breathing, walking, sitting, thinking all arise out of nothing. That is what is!

The Earthling Who-man lives in a state of separation. This happens at a very early age when the mind discovers that there are objects outside of itself. When this leap is made to the awareness of thinking about a separated object, this begins a state of seeking for fulfillment as if it can be found outside of itself, in the future or in the past. The seeking keeps the sought from being found. The going out is the issue, going out from everything that there is to look for everything. A fish does not search for water, a fire does not seek the flame, a sunbeam does not seek the sun, it goes in a straight path. Therefore make you’re path straight and stop the seeking and what you seek will become obvious

Those that seek the light are merely covering their eyes, the light is in them NOW!

Walking In The Air

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So you want peace but do not believe you have it. It is not felt or experienced constantly or at all. What is keeping it from you but you. Seek we must for this is why all of the separated ones came. The “me” is constantly seeking, but who determines what it is you seek. The world cannot dictate what it is you seek. The seeker is the sought that cannot be seen. What is seeing cannot be seen, what is hearing cannot be heard. What you seek is is before the seeking. It is before the separation. imagesWhat is the separation? It is that moment when a bubble was squeezed out of oneness and the “me” was fabricated. The subject/object split was born, the world of duality, of opposing forces.

Ok, so enough about that. No matter how many times one slices a quarter it will still have two sides. How is the quarter melted back into nothing. How if one decided to could he bring about his own collapse. I wonder back in George Washington’s day if asked to identify himself he pulled out a quarter? How do you identify yourself? Every decision you make will stem from what you think you are. Think that you are a body doomed to eventual destruction and an ego led life will follow. There are plenty of witnesses to this trend, just look around. It seems that we only ask “what can I dangle on my body to attract other bodies, what object can I get to make the body comfortable, what skill can I learn to ensure its safety and future security. What sense can I enjoy before my “time” comes, I must hurry before it’s to late. The identification with a body brings all sorts of issues along with it. Sickness is feared, not getting what it wants, getting what it wants, the idea of possession brings with it the possibility of loss. If it can get then it can lose.IMG_0686

Another Perspective

How could time come to circumvent eternity? This is a nice pretty little sentimental statement, but does it mean anything to you. Do you believe it? Lets just fake it till you make it. If you actually did believe this without a doubt what would life look like. There is no hurry to do anything any longer. In fact, there is nothing to do or that can be done. Think about it, “eternity” no beginning and no end – no time. You just popped into this bubble for a little while to travel on at some point. Oh, I know, this is madness to the “me”. Those who have an investment cannot be a reliable witness to life and the “me” is heavily invested in it’s over learning of a insane world. It takes “me” very seriously, it thinks the “me” can change the ever present One Life to fit it’s goals. The One Life hides in plain sight from the seeker because of it’s seeking. the act of seeking IS what hides it.images

The collapse of the seeker may become possible when it is seen that there never was anything to seek or a seeker to do it. The dualistic quarter melts back into the nothing from which it came. This is death before death. To die before you die and realize there was no death, nothing to fear, nothing to gain, nothing to do but realize this. Once realized, suddenly you can go anywhere and do anything.

Walking in the air,
Floating in the sky…
Floating in the air…
We’re walking in the air
We’re floating in the moonlit sky
The people far below are sleeping as we fly
We’re holding very tight
I’m riding in the midnight blue
I’m finding I can fly so high above with you
Far across the world
The villages go by like dreams
The rivers and the hills
The forests and the streams
Children gaze open mouthed taken by surprise
Nobody down below believes their eyes
We’re surfing in the air
We’re swimming in the frozen sky
We’re drifting over icy mountains floating by
Suddenly swooping low on an ocean deep
Rising up a mighty monster from its sleep
We’re walking in the air
We’re dancing in the midnight sky
And everyone who sees us greets us as we fly

No Thinking Allowed!

Sound a little contrary to the world? It is! This is not to say that thoughts will not arise, of course they will, they however arise to no one. ” This is my opinion about _____.” Opinions are the fallacy. I am real and I have an opinion about this apparent object outside of me. Is it a detachment from the thoughts? No, it’s the realization that there never was anyone attached for the thought to arise to, they arise out of nowhere to nobody. It could be said thatDivinity arise’s or all that is arise’s to no one. As soon as ownership of a thought takes place there is a seemingly serious problem – the one life becomes a subject/object split. Separate mind is born and now things must be done out of fear or seeking for happiness and fulfillment. If man found his false self in theGarden of Eden under his current mindset he would still be in hell, because Eden is a state of no mind or no possession of thought.

A piece of music arise’s! It’s not ” I like” nor ” I dislike”, it does not arise to the me! Sounds arise, thoughts arise sunsets arise- to no one. The idea that “me” is American, Chinese, male, female, black or white, in fact the whole idea of preferences is completely mind made.

Love, happiness, pleasure and pain arise in a dualistic world- of course, but to whom could be the question one might come to doubt. Illusory Senses and perception could be said to be blinding for without them there is no seperation therefore no subject/object split.
Here is an example of the unsatisfactory conditions the idea of “me” creates, represented by the lyrics of an apparent song “Amie”

I can see why you think you belong to me

I never tried to make you think

Or let you see one thing for yourself

But now you’re off with someone else and I’m alone

You see I thought that I might keep you for my own

Amie, what you wanna do?

I think I could stay with you

For a while, maybe longer if I do

Don’t you think the time is right for us to find

All the things we thought weren’t proper

Could be right in time? And can you see

Which way we should turn together or alone?

I can never see what’s right or what is wrong

(Will it take too long to see?)

Amie, what you wanna do?

I think I could stay with you

For a while, maybe longer if I do

Well, now, Amie, what you wanna do?

I think I could stay with you

For a while, maybe longer if I do

What it is!

All there is is love arising: to no one, from nowhere as everything (apparently). No object is involved, it is not directed, has no purpose nor reason. It’s completely and utterly neutral. Completely free energy, divine love- period!

Q: Well how do I become enlightened?

A: No person can become enlightened, it’s a contradiction. Energy arising is not personal. The “I” is the block to enlightenment, the reason for apparently leaving enlightenment. The “I” formed and at that moment the veil dropped over the eyes of the “I”, but only apparently.

Q: What do I do then?

A: Nothing, it’s completely hopeless. Hope is never what is, it’s always “never”now. There is no way out of here because the false self is not here, it’s only apparently here.

Q: Could it be possible to free fall back into wholeness? 

A: It’s possible for a collapse of “me”, then wholeness arises to no one. 

There are beautiful paths in the mountains an the woods. There also seem to be many beautiful spiritual paths in the psyche. They all go nowhere, because there is nowhere to go, unless you enjoy going in circles.

It’s just like losing your keys. Try to lose your keys- you can’t. The “me” can’t lose itself! 

There is no safety because there is no one in which safety is needed, therefore no danger to need safety from. Nothing matters: that’s all that’s happening is nothing mattering. Everything appearing out of nothing.

Place the baby in front of a mirror with a dot on its nose. It will attempt to touch the dot on the mirror. It has no sense of I, yet.

Which Way?

Lets try again.

So this is the last place the “me” wants to be. Any effort to do anything is the wrong direction because that is the belief there is a “me”. Including writing this. The journey back to zero everything, to the place One never left, cannot be accomplished by the “me”. The illusion there is a doer. Is it possible that “me” has never done anything? That it just happens. This would be complete insanity to the “me”. However is it not insanity to think there is something apart from the One Life. If perfection is what is arising then what “me” could improve upon it. Save the Whales, save the trees, save perfection, we must save the One Life.  illusion of thirteen billion years the earth has existed. Why is it illusion – because time is just a concept. The “me” thinks the earth must be saved and he must do it. This is egoism at its height, though there is no such thing. That is, there is no different level of anything, high or low. This is just another idea.

I once wrote a note to myself. It said “Gain control of the organs of the body, focus the mind, become one pointed, then the glory of the universe will come rushing in” or some such nonsense. It was a Buddhist teaching I think. The error in sitting in a cave or attempting to gain control -is the error. There is no thing to have control over. Attempting to gain control of the body directly reinforces the belief there is a body.

When the earthling is young, it is taught that there is a “me”. My name is, my gender is, my mommy is -separate. At this point it becomes convinced that it is on a journey that has meaning. The illusion of time is created in separateness. The struggle to succeed and make life better, guilt for not doing or doing so. Everything that happens in the world seems to happen to “me”, since I am the central figure in my dream of “me”.

The search for wholeness and completion is always going on, that’s what desire is. Cause and effect becomes the central theme, I can get there through this means.

Like a child, no thought, no judgement, no object, everything arising is one with no observer. Like being in love with nothing or everything that arises, which is the One Life.

The self that arises is the falsity, and falsity cannot become, attain or do anything, its literally impossible. It cannot add to or take away because it is not. Its totally hopeless.

That’s a good One!

Ah, the wonder of time travel.. A brand new computer, right off the shelf, devoid of any luggage. Clean and fast. No fragmented files to stumble over. Shut up and sit down and i’ll show you how to play. 

The mind does not need washing and or cleaning. It has always and will always be clean, free and pure. What we have apparently added to it does need to be reversed. The concepts, constructs and beliefs about the world, time and separateness are the veil of human ignorance. For example, the idea of a teacher is only for those who think they are something that can be taught. Spiritual seeking is merely another form of materialism! The idea that you are lacking something important and can find it and add it to yourself. This keeps one forever searching, chasing his tail. The great mystery to a fish is water, to a bird, the air, a human- himself. One cannot search for himself in a construct that is him. You are the world, the world is you. Therefore how could you find you in you. Can you imagine telling a fish to go search for an object called water and bring it back to you. Tell a bird to bring back this thing called air. So the human searches for himself in a construct that is him. Seeking is the illusion in itself. You are the God creating. You are the extension of the ultimate reality which is nothing arising as everything. Why do I say nothing? Because as soon as I attempt to say what it is, it becomes an object outside of you, a concept. 

Learning how to tell what is different and what is the same. Terrence used to talk about building a machine to hyperspace, never realizing he was the machine. The concept of going anywhere else is only that. Whatever appears to be happening right in front of your eyes is all there is! You say to me, well no, I just saw on the news where a tornado hit, a flood came, this one murdered that… The ego is in the promotions biz. It loves to be studied. What I mean is, there is only one life, and you are that. Actually there is no you- only the one life.

Sacrifice is only an idea! The idea that you are in a body and must gain or sacrifice is what this game of the ego is! There is only the One life, everything is merely a arising from that including you. There is no transcendence, you can spend time dismantling an idea if you wish, but why?

So what is the me or the ego? Imagine sitting and manufacturing a small software program, then injecting it into a world. This apparent entity now believes it exist, can have possessions and therefore lose them also, can attain, learn skills, accomplish things with its body….it believes it lives within a body and then begins to tell the story of “me” in another apparatus it conjures up called time. It lives in an subject/object experience, things can happen to it. This is very unsatisfactory to this software program called me.

If I ask what more might there be, how can I go higher. One might say, that is the holy grail or veil that is difficult to pierce or drink from. This is where most begin to seek for another item outside itself called religion or enlightenment.  If there is only the one life, the rest are merely acrobatic feats designed and executed by the ego, All of it. A book cannot read its own pages.

That’s all.