The Source

What is the source, the source of your thoughts. Sit, quiet the mind as best as you can. Watch the thought arise. Follow it when it arises back to its source. Some have referred to the entry point of thought into this dimension as a weep hole. What is before that?

What is a thought? Is it energy, an idea, is it real? Is it nuetral?  Can you have more than one at a time? Who does the thought arise to? 

Is it your brain that has these thoughts?

What language and accent do these thoughts occur in?

” The Source of All” is the mind with which you think! Rhetoric, ideology and intellectual thinking will Not give one the experience of this. 

If something can be perceived with the senses, then it is nothing. If it cannot be perceived, it is everything. There is nothing so blinding as perception! Why? Ego (the false self) made Perception thus sees everything as separate. One must look past the body to the light in which all is shared. In looking at our brothers we see them as separate and thus have opinions about them. Since we believe we are a body also, the opinions include us. What has effects through you also has effects on you. 

We become what we think about, therefore, focus like a laser beam on the source of the thoughts. All will be revealed.

All thought is emanating from where?

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