Freedom, Love and Forgiveness

Just do it, there’s nothing to it. The most natural thing in the Omniverse cannot be complicated.

Definition of terms:

Freedom: the absence  of concepts. Concepts or mental constructs in which we see the world. Paradigms or veils that filter reality. The lack of mental modification. The end of suffering.

Love: that which flows from within when there is a lack of mental constructs. The all encompassing. The natural essence of all life.

Forgiveness: that which gives be-fore. A decision made before an event apparently takes place. A state of mind. An awareness of All and Always in all ways, which leads to peace.

Lay down the troubled mind. Love is still Lord of All. Turn the world around, for it is backward and upside down.

Use the mind to overcome the mind. The mind is time. Time can be wasted as well as waste. As long as the mind believes in time, use it to reach a goal as high as learning can achieve. Freedom, Love and Forgiveness.

Do not seek to change the world. Seek to change your mind about the world and All the world changes with it. Hold the thought of freedom, love and forgiveness. The mind becomes what it holds within it.There are no individual personal problems. If one is willing to look at his problems he will see that he has none. What is trying to solve the problem, is the problem. The problem solver is actually the problem maker.

If I come to you and say “I have a problem”, you might ask “what is it”. At that point I must manifest a problem, that is, go into my mind and formulate a problem. Otherwise I have none.This is the prime goal of the ego. To keep you embedded in problem solving. The oldest trick in the proverbial book, look, look over here, but don’t look and find you are free.

On the other side of the coin. There will always be events and circumstances that one will attend to. Not making them into a problem is the trick. Once it is understood that life seems to be one damn thing after another, and that the “to do” list never gets shorter one may take pleasure in the events in whatever form they come in.

I wrote myself a little song I’ll share with myself.

Time, it’s all in my mind

Unwind, look and you’ll find

See, eternity

Friend, be like the wind

And fly, don’t ask why

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