Have No Spear! 

I meant have no fear.

No Fear!

Just Do It!

Be Happy!Don’t think about it, plan it, engineer it, get a degree, aim at it, talk about it- just do it. 

 My friend Jeremy Narby living with the indigenous Indians of the Amazon, while walking from one village to the next commented to his Amazonian friend ” I think I’ll be needing a new axe handle soon, mine is old”. Upon hearing this the friend stepped off the path, wacked down a small tree containing the type of wood necessary, then quickly whittled a new axe handle.

My message to myself is: stop talking about enlightenment, get to it, do it, be it!

The Earthling is the only known animal that has thoughts about itself and then has opinions about those thoughts. It’s madness at its finest.

My life has been littered with problems, most of which never happened! 

With the realization that both sides of the argument one is having with himself are unreal, comes the fact that there are no problems, therefore no solutions are necessary.The mirage is an illusion right along with the Desert itself. “Have no spear, have no fear”. Lay down the sword AND the shield, there is nothing to fight for nor defend. Become passersby!

Rise above the battleground and see the nothingness of the egos domain. Is it a sacrifice to give up nothing- I think not. Is it hard to give up pain, sorrow and death? 

The egoic mind made self, labors under the false impression that it can possess objects and therefore lose them as well. It gets very upset at the thought of not getting or losing an object. Remember that an object is only your thought about its value or lack of. Therefore, what is the value of possessing a thought about an object except for imprisonment.

Do we believe we would starve to death without green paper strips and round metal disc? Do pills or fluid pushed through a needle into our veins sustain us. Are we merely a body? 

Have no Fear!

Just Do It!

Be Happiness!

One last unrelated note to myself: remember that you are not moving through the images, the images are moving through your mind. 

I AM responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I have achieved. And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for, and receive as I have asked.


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