Be For Your Brother

Be For All Brothers!


A: The Universe is behind and for all. It is in joy in all brothers. We all see and come from the same place, therefore be FOR ALL brothers or you are against The Universe. 

However you perceive your brother you will perceive yourself. In him you will find yourself or lose yourself.

To have give all to all. Protect everything you love by the act of giving it away. Notice it’s an act. Giving is proof of having. It brings home the realization that one has. Sharing increases an idea. Everything in the Cosmos is only your idea of it. What you share is determined by what you think you are. Share only Love and Peace for that is what you are. Therefore you increase and extend what creation made and not what you made. 

 Paint the sky with stars!

Q:What does that mean?

A: Isis, murder, battles, power struggles, politics, rape, incest, sickness and disease, suffering, pain and pleasure are only in the mind that thinks these things. Spot it ya got it! Perceive it – you believe it!

The mind that is cleared of these things is free. Do you want freedom of the mind or freedom of the body for both you cannot have. 

Paint the world with love and forgiveness. The way back to the divine is through love. Create a vehicle called love and ride the great light rays back home. 

 Q: What else will you teach me great Sage?

A: The body is servant and not master. Tell the body to walk down this road or that and it obeys. The body merely tells the mind what it has asked for. It feels no pain, it is nuetral. It simply tells the mind what it has been asked to be told, this is hot, that cold. Only the mind gives it any meaning. The body will be servant or master depending on the purpose you give it. Is it the means or the end to you? Do you want freedom of the body or mind. One cannot serve two masters. 

There is not now, nor has there ever been anything whatsoever to fear.

Q: I have time for some more wisdom great Sage.

A: Time- once the illusion of time is released all things flow. Actions become the end and not the means. The doing becomes the joy and not the result of the doing. What the children, parents, wife or friends “do” with “their” life is unimportant. It’s the content or essence, the joining together that becomes life.

Q: How can this be done?

As long as one see’s himself as a body he believes in possession. As a body he is finite and temporal. Therefore his life, his house, will be built on sand to be washed away in the storms of the final episode of this plane of existence.

Simply say I AM! I am not a body nor am I in a body. I Am the ever present I Am before time was. 

 Q: What else?

A: To have Peace, teach Peace to learn it. Everyone is a teacher whether he knows it or not. Teaching is demonstrating. Therefore teach peace to have peace and take it with you in demonstration. 

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