I Don’t Know!

This is my clarification of terms section. Even though I don’t use any of them.

PPPT-Your always in the perfect place at the perfect time. Your journey through time and space is not at random.

PIPO-Peace in, Peace out. We only get to keep in this life what we give away.

LIP – Let it pass. Thoughts are like hooks, bite on one and it will take you out to the wild sea of storms. 

PSPS-pronounced puspus – Learn to push stop button, learn to push start button


Skinner and Tanner were two tough men seasoned by life and their particular trade. In countries where mineral rights were not so very well litigated, the big corporations sought to tap these sources. Skinner and Tanner built the roads that allowed removal of said Earth resources. I met them in Colorado where a mine had just accidentally been punctured allowing who knows how many gallons of mining chemicals to leak directly into a nearby     river. Interestingly enough the EPA were on site when it happened. Skinner whom I met on a mountain trail began to tell me this story.

        “We were in”, Skinner began in his slang, “the Amazon Rain Forest clearing a road for Globaltek. Now when we do this down there we don’t shoot a bunch of lines and make a fancy road. We just get it done and many a  times just go several thousand yards at a time, depending on where the rivers are. Sometimes we even have to climb a tree to see where we are, based on where were headin’. We have about two hundred men on the job, some operate machinery, some scout ahead and what not. So on this one day were cruisin’ along doing our thing and I get a funny feeling that we’re headed the wrong way. So I climb up a tree and it takes about an hour and I’m way up there and I look and sure enough, were headed SE and should be headed SW. Now on the ground below me these guys are bustin’ ass and Bulldozing down trees and anything in the way. So I shout down and tell them we’re going the wrong way. It takes me a few attempts to get their attention. Again, I tell them “we are going the wrong way”. They look around at each other confused and finally shout back up “ yea, but were making progress”.

Are you making progress? Can progress be made? Which direction is Progress Street. More money, better relationships, nicer surroundings. Make the body more comfortable is the central theme of the Earthling. If we take the perspective that we born of other bodies, live a little while between birth and death and then die and rot among other bodies it truly is a bleak dead picture. I don’t want to see that movie.

Q: Why is that, you don’t like action movies?

A: No, I don’t like drama’s, seen one, seen ’em all. Now listen. Just by shifting perspective everything changes. We can live as though nothing is a miracle or everything is. It’s ok to change your mind. Nobody’s looking, no one need even know.

Once there was a politician. He walked out on stage to participate in a debate, took his place behind the podium and settled in. As the debate began he was asked what his position was on Alcohol. He considered the question for a moment and then began his remark. If you speak of the substance that impairs people so that they drive drunk, crash their cars into other cars and harm people. If you speak of alcohol that after ingested initiates men to beat their wives, if you speak of the element that ruins lives rendering drunks to sleep in their vomit out of doors -then I am against it. However if we discuss the liquid of conversation, the elixir that puts a pep in the old mans step, the Champagne we celebrate weddings and birthdays with, the aged wine we enjoy with our dinner -then I am for it.

This is a world of duality, everything has its opposite here. What I have found and am inviting anyone interested to look at is the idea of rising above the duality to see the wholeness of it all. This place is but one little ant pile in the far reaches of one tiny galaxy. 

I cannot tell you anything you do not want to hear nor anything you do not already know. With that in mind I invite you to look at this transformational idea.

What is contained in the outer reaches of our Universe? What is contained in the inner reaches of or one’s mind? There are the same. One of the most difficult accomplishments the earthling will undertake here in this plane is the realization of whole mind. This will make him very happy. Since it will make him very joyful, the attainment of joy from within is one aspect of of the coming to whole mind. In some spiritual practices one is trained to be capable of turning on his happiness in any situation(PSPS.) This is the training of the mind. Here is one idea that may act as a mechanism for this to unfold?

I have no neutral thoughts. Check it out for yourself. Look at each thought and one will see that this is so. Everything one thinks either has a inclination toward truth or falshity. Things that have a true charge create a likeness to themselves in the world we see. Things that have a false charge create their likeness. Everything we see in the world is a result of our thoughts. One could even go so far as to say we create our own world by our thoughts. Everything is only our thought about it!

The idea of purity is as ancient as the first spiritual practice by man. It is by purifying our thoughts that a entire new Omniverse may be perceived. this will make one very happy. If what we see is a direct reflection of our thinking then how would one undergo a change in what he sees. We bring all of our perceptions back inside of us analyze them, kick out the negatively false charged thoughts and keep the rest (for now.) There are no grey areas and no such thing as “idle thoughts”. As Jesus puts it “Listen! A farmer went out to plant some seeds. As he scattered them across his field, some seeds fell on a footpath, and the birds came and ate them.  Other seeds fell on shallow soil with underlying rock. The seeds sprouted quickly because the soil was shallow. But the plants soon wilted under the hot sun, and since they didn’t have deep roots, they died. Other seeds fell among thorns that grew up and choked out the tender plants.  Still other seeds fell on fertile soil, and they produced a crop that was thirty, sixty, and even a hundred times as much as had been planted!  Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand.”That is a practice you may begin today.It is our thoughts alone that bring us pain. As Shakespeare put it “there is no good or bad only our thinking makes it so”. Is this a exercise in making our Self better. I say making a better Self is impossible.  We can however return to zero everything. 

Hummingbirds are believed to be the only creature that can fly backwards

Q: Your not right in the head. Zero everything?

A: If the world is insane and you are in the world then I will take that as a complement. Any attempt to create our own reality is what this place IS! The further out we go from zero is the further away from Nirvana. Building a false self concept is one way we have gone away. There is only one road to happiness. One either goes away from it or towards it. If we can get back to zero we can get back to being everything. 

Q: Ok, what does zero everything mean?

It means coming back to whole mind, enlightenment which is total identification with the light, Buddha nature, One with the Tao that cannot be named…….In all of the Archetype’s of ancient past we see this theme of transcending the ego. And indeed in some of our modern day movies this is clear (see Perfect Place, Perfect Time article). However the culture has forgotten that these stories are meant for us and not merely entertainment or hero’s to be marveled and held up as idols. The mechanism for  returning ourselves into the Universe has been lost. For example, Where in our culture does a boy become a man. When does a girl come to realize that she is the life bearer of this world. In one culture when a girl gets her first period she is taken into a structure to sit for several days to contemplate her womanhood. Boys are taken to go out on the hunt with the men. Once an animal is taken they drink of it’s blood. Many, many different rituals are seen throughout time but not so much today.

Here is an interesting sacred ancient rite of passage. In New Guinie when the boys are coming into manhood, there exist a celebration. During which the tribe dances for days and days until they are exhausted, a common theme in many rituals. The boys who have not had sex as yet are dressed as dieties with all of the adornments of headgear and body paint. A Virgin girl is dresses this way as well. There exist a large lean to built of heavy timbers under which the ceremony takes place. Finally the Virgin girl is brought out and played on a alter. Each of the boys comes to her and has his first act of sex in public. As the last boy is experiencing the ectacy of the act, the timbers that hold up the structure are released and come crashing down on the couple. The timbers are then removed, the dead couple are then taken, cooked and eaten by the tribe. If we take the view that we have evolved past these ideas this is well understandable (ha), but what modern day technique might replace these.  

Q: But ceremonies of manhood or womanhood would be going away from zero wouldn’t it?

A: Many in our culture never become men or women. If nothing changes then nothing changes. Some mechanism must be utilized. I should clarify that since we have entered this plane or dimension it seems as if we have to first develop a false concept of the self into adulthood and then we can transcend it. This is not for children. However the idea of having to transcend something is also false. For example, this world is an illusion, but since we do believe in time and space then it must be undone.

Q: Is it possible that we have reached a point when it is our thoughts alone that we must work with and transcended. 

A: Very nice statement. Many teachings point to the idea that this is not ultimate reality or only relatively real. If this is true then one might say that it is all mind. If it is all mind then we must master the mind (then return it to the Omniverse) in order to reach the next phase if there is to be one. I think more accurately put, we must master our mind kingdoms and then surrender that kingdom of the mind back to reality in order to pass to the next level of simulation in our training. No words can accurately say it, they merely point.

We have all most likely read stories of our brothers and sisters who have entered traumatic life circumstances and emerged as different people. This is similar to what must happen on a larger scale in population and magnatude.

Q: Are we to simply wait for this to happen to us to wake up or can we put ourselves in a situation that will ignite the change. 

A: What I am speaking toward is a total transformation of the total or one mind. And yes, there are many paths in order for one to allow a return back to zero everything. However at this point there seems to be a need for a traumatic world event to bring us together and transform us all.

Q: Whats in it for me?

A: A smack in the chop’s first off. Thats about all the boys get now in the Jewish tradition of a Barmitsva. This used to be a real transformational event. What’s in it for you? The end of world suffering for one thing, most likely after some severe suffering. A side effect will be a joy that arise’s from within, however the true effect will be a return to the Self. The Self is awaiting patiently our return so that the real journey may begin. World peace is not a lofty goal, it’s just a starting point. As soon as we stop throwing rocks at each other like children then we can begin.

Q: Sounds like of bunch of girly woo woo hassle

A: It might sound like that. Our identification with ideas such as Male and Female have conditioned us to live up to what we think were supposed to be. This is part of a prison house that keeps us locked within preconceived ideas. These are just earthly terms, there is no gender ultimately. This conditioning to the thinking of the world is very strong. One could even say that it has been passed forward from millions of years of conditioning in the genetic code of the DNA and RNA, in westerners anyway. Our culture for example says that Nature is everything that is not human. Culture is everything that is human. If we go down to the Amazon and talk with the indigenous people as ask what culture or nature is, they will look puzzled and say it’s all nature. To them evil and good are not entities that exist outside of manWe have concepts that are just of the imagination. 

Simply put the first steps one can take is to completely and totally stop attacking and defending. Defending what? Our positions. The ego is like a little software system each os us has developed and laid upon a dying world. It is made up of concepts or better yet constructs that seem real. We constantly defend these imaginary illusions with ideas such as Male and Female and a plethora of others depending on culture etc. Get a lawn mower and mow them all down and there we stand brand new, now give your brand-new self away. Bad bing, bang boom.

Q: Bottom line – How do I return to zero everything?

A: I’ll tell you as soon as I waste some more of your illusive time. 

Now I’ll tell you. Ok, you’re driving along in your car dee,dee,dee, now slam on the brakes. Wait, make sure no one is behind you. Now pull over to the side. Sit there until you can’t stand it anymore. Now we can start. Sit there twice as long as before. Now sling it into reverse and floor it. You girls who can’t back up very good, don’t worry you’ll get better. Keep on going. You might have to back up for a while, don’t worry you can’t run out of time. May have to back up into another lifetime. It’s just a theory, try it. 

Costa's Hummingbird r25-10-040_V
Fly backwards?

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