The Peak Jumper

Better not to begin, Once begun, better finish the Zen Master informed his student. 

When sitting in meditation undertaking any spiritual path the trip is now underway. Why undergo the trip in the first place? Inevitably the even somewhat sensitive earthling Who-man will ask himself “what am I doing in hell” and the answer will come “get the hell out of here”. 

He will hear of enlightenment, choose his method- become a Methodist, and away he goes. It’s beautiful and the highest goal that learning can achieve. Now- why is it better to finish once begun? The ego set in its constructs and beliefs giggles a little at the onset. It says “he thinks he can come out to the woods for a weekend, meditate and chuck me- ha”.  Once the walker is on the path many exciting moments await. He’s on a wild bucking bronco now intent on throwing him. Persistence alone is omnipotent, consitency of purpose, focus like a laser beam. The untrained mind can accomplish NOTHING!  You must finish or become like a computer with to many fragmented files unable to even boot up. 

On this journey wild swings of mood will be experienced. Complete joy will arise and he will inform the world that he has done it, he has found enlightenment only to be closely followed by the deepest depression. They will be close together and the may expand to come to him in bigger wider waves. Over and over like the rinse cycle of the washing machine. He is growing smaller and smaller as each concept is brought up and released. Soon he will be no more. 

In the periods of Great Depression the Peak Jumper may arise. What does this mean? Instead of sitting through those low periods there are things that can be done. I fly helicopters. When I hit strong headwinds I change altitude. Sometimes one can find a total wind shift at different levels. So, change up the activity.

1. Do something for someone. The ego cannot survive in the service to others. 

2. Run, exercise, completely wear yourself out.

3. Paint, play guitar, listen to music

4. Accomplish one thing per day outside the normal realm. 

5. Teach what you have learned. To learn enlightenment, teach it, even if only to yourself, write down your experience or record it on your phone.

Remember: after some great time of searching, practice and self inquiry most beings give up the practice, short term or permanently and this is when enlightenment takes place. 

Some uncomfortableness is necessary and inevitable. If nothing changes then nothing changes. This is about your transfiguration, not about your observation of that change. Service work will take one a long way in the transfiguration. Go do be free.

PIPO- peace in peace out

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