I’m Just Passing Through

And it’s just passing through me

The light is so far above the little concerns of the Who- man. It invites one to soar above time for just a little while. One can always return to the little contracted thought form energies. For now let’s fly….

However absurd the notion is that one can return to anything. Never get cemented into any concept or idea of yourself. No idea belief or dogma can encapsulate (not you) what you are. And this is very obvious, simple and basic, but happens consistently. We pigeon hole ourself with ” I am this or that” . We are not this or that but all of it and none. The Essence and not the form. And this has all been said.

One vision well said is that of realizing that the only reality is the one in front of you. Thought about it, the past or future, do not exist in this frame of reference. In fact the rest of the world does not exist in this view. Only what one sees in front of him is reality. It’s not to be intelectualized. When driving in a car, is the awareness that you are- moving,  or are the images passing thru ones awareness. 

 The universe of the Divine is laid out before man, though he sees it not. Hidden in plain sight. The Open Secret. Don’t be fooled, there’s nothing to do and nowhere to go. Stick with me and I’ll teach you nothing. No rocket ships to build, no investigation into the matter of matter. It’s all just much to do about nothing. But it’s all happening within and arising out of nothing. But don’t give it any meaning, that’s the trap.

When a question arises, who would you choose to answer it. Your limited small inexperienced ego or the one mind that is before time was and will be after time was. And where is that mind? Is it out there, is the Buddha nature or Tao or Christ consciousness in the world- no. It is within your mind. And where are You then, but still in Nirvana. It within you and you within it. In this truth is the idea of gaining experience and learning is revealed as being false. If we are in Nirvana and have never left then learning is a skill that we have made. There are no choices to be made in Ultimate Reality. There is nothing to decide between and therefore experience and learning are unnecessary. In this idea is this hell transformed to paradise.

The fireflies are firing, the caterpillar butterfly ing, the floor is flooring, and here we all are. Satellites are orbiting, cell phones buzzing. Where we are or how we got here are insignificant questions. Now, can one look, can one become a passersby? Can you enter the Throne Room- yes. Can you reside there- yes, and you always have. It’s the journey into thought and thus fear that escapes the room from memory.

And anyone taking about it is just a fool for he who knows does not speak and he that speaks does not know, and yet here it is- speaking. Completely nuetral awaiting nothing to give it no meaning. It’s  Wu Wei-Woo- doing, not doing. Wooooo- I thought I was doing something, it’s just happening. The stars are rotating over my head, just all on their own. The Big Dipper was there and now it’s gone. Look- there goes another UFO. Ancient Aliens? I AM one.

Innocence is strength and purity cannot be confined in a world built diametrically opposed to Nirvana. But hey- don’t tell anybody about this for they will contrive to crucify you. Toil and spin like a mad scientist searching for the open secret is the name of this plane. Never underestimate the insanity of it all. Only an ego could ask for more.

It’s deep but not deep in thought. Thinking is the separation!

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