Nothing I See Means Anything

Lets see if we can do this.


Imagine if you will traveling to another planet. As you approach this planet in your rad whip of a spaceship, you glance down only to see beings of light. The language that they speak is obviously foreign and you notice that the words that they speak have a creative value in that the words also give birth to something else. Well this is all very strange and you have no idea what is going on. In other words- you cannot give anything any meaning because you have no idea.

What this is saying is “Nothing I see means anything”- this is the case right here on this planet. When we arrived here we had no idea, slowly over time we each gave meaning to the world. For instance, I have a name, thats my toy etc. As we go along we give meaning to everything. We build a world unto ourselves based on the meaning we give each thing.

Q: So what about it? Whats the big deal?

A: There is no world! At least thee is no world outside of your mind. There are no separate objects outside of you.

Q: So what do I do with that?

A: If you are out in the Ocean sailing on a boat needing to find land and kept seeing land only to realize it was a mirage. I am saying that not only is the land you are seeing a mirage but the ocean is also.

Q: Still, what about it?

A: This is only for those interested on truth, the realization of their true identity and enlightenment. As long as we believe there is a world out there separate from us then we are invested in the world and those who are invested in the world cannot be a reliable witness. Were just digging down into the mind to see what in this hell is really happening. In another light, for those interested, we are tracing our way back home. The breadcrumbs are there for us to follow. In another light most if not all at some point will realize that this world is just the same old song playing itself out over and over. Although I must say that its getting more and more interesting. I can’t tell if thats because Im getting closer to the truth, closer to seeing the real world that the Course in Miracles talks about. Hey, I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round -and looking for the engineer of it all. Its fantastic fun if you ask me, but who’s really asking.

So this is all of projection of the mind, it never meant anything – Jack squat. All of the struggle and sacrifice, schooling, college degrees, weddings, funerals, mortgages – none of it is zip-zero-zilch. And this is very freeing. Fly go on now be free – do you see.

Q: What?

A: You are now free to travel around the cabin- of your own mind at least. Since you have no limits on the construct you now live in you are free to change your mind about the meaning of everything. You  have now taken the “Limitless Pill”. I just want to say that this is very possible to do. Maybe everyone is already doing it and I am just now catching up, Oh wait, there is no everyone – wow.

Everything one sees he has given it all the meaning it has for him. Shakespeare once said, that is so funny because who in the hell is Willie-Shake-a-Spear but my own creation. Anyway, he once said that all of the images are the same, only thinking makes them different. There is no good or bad only the mind gives anything meaning. The world one sees was given rise by his mind. All we see is our judgement upon the world.

When we see that each of us is the dreamer of his own dream we can begin to awaken. Do not seek to change the world, seek to change your mind about the world and all the world changes with it. We all seek to change our circumstances, make a better life, make the world fit our definition of how it should be. I’m just talking about giving all of that up. Loving what is and living in the now. Judgement creates chaos, letting go of judgements is peace of mind, peace of mind is strength and happiness.

If we really want to look, we will see the the human is the only animal that has thoughts about itself. On top of that he then has opinions about those thoughts. This creates havoc in his life and thus the world he lives in.







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