Where Are YOU Looking From?

This is not meant to be understood by the intellect. Let go of that for a moment. The mind cannot know nothing. It’s a contradiction in terms.

And down the rabbit hole we go.

imagesNotice the baby’s eyes. One can see that there is no identification with a personality behind the eyes. Where are they looking from? Indeed, where are we all looking from. The baby sees his or her hand flash in front of the eyes but there is no thought-that’s my hand. Give the child a toy and he flings it behind his head. He may think that toy is gone from the world. The toy was here and now it’s gone. images

Only as we make an identity do we begin to believe that there are “other” separate objects outside of us. That toy is mine! Where then before the baby has an identity is “it” looking from? I’m just trying to point to the idea that is is looking from the vast awareness of vacancy, from the nothingness from which it came.

imagesNotice the woman eyes…One can see the most definite belief that the looking takes place from an identity. Just an observation.

Take your finger and point at an object, then another, then another. Now point that finger at yourself. Where is it pointing? Mine points into the void. I know you can have some fun with that at my expense, it’s alright.

When we look out of our eyes we can close one eye and see a part of our nose. Now look through the other eye. Where does that looking take place from? If one is standing and  looks down at the feet, all of the sudden are at the top of the screen. When we get into a car, are we moving or is the scenery. When a car passes your car in the other lane where does it go? Might it be true that we have never “done” anything, the doing just happens. The awareness is just sitting still like it always has.

imagesIf one imagines a giant bubble like the ones we blow when children, then imagines that he has stuck his face into it without popping it, is that not how we are looking into this world. Maybe thats why we are so attracted to snow globes. images

Stand up and point your finger at where you think your face is. Keep it there and turn in a circle. Is your awareness turning or is the world? Just an observation.

If you close your eyes and count to five in your mind, can you not recognize the thought of counting as an image. Is that counting taking place outside of your vast awareness. When you have a feeling arise close your eyes. Recognize if that feeling is within or without, where do you feel it from.

We are not a body or even in a body. One is not his thoughts, feelings, past or future.

If we close our eyes and listen to the sounds, how big are they. When we open our eyes the sounds become part of the scenery – which is inside the bubble and outside of the vast awareness. It’s just one big picture of sight and sound and not a bunch of separate objects and sounds. Do you see.

Have you ever seen your face or are you faceless? If one were to hold a mirror in his hand out away from him one sees his face. Where is the face? It is outside in the “world”. When we converse with someone is it not face to no face. Where you are looking from is without limit, boundless and vacant.Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.41.26 AM

Turn your awareness around one-hundred and eighty degrees and look into the vacancy. What you seek is causing you to seek. Watch the thoughts of the mind, become the watcher. Observe the mind.

Imagine that you awareness is going to take one step backward. Now in the theatre of the mind imagine that the awareness is observing your mind. Take one step back and Observe the observer observing. There is a vast power behind you. It’s all so funny but really profound. It’s very entertaining.

So the person you are conversing with is also behind his or her face in the vast awareness. He or she is just putting a face in front. the person may not be aware of that fact. Can you look deep within the eyes and tell? Just say, “are you in there, I’m in here, how did you get in there?’


So what about it. Live there! Thats right live there! Don’t leave that place. Always have one foot behind the eyes and one out in the world. Live in utter boundless freedom behind the eyes in a world that appears out of that nothingness. Get it? Looking from nothing into everything. Looking from outside the bubble into it. It’s fantastic. How could anything in this world touch you, your not here. That is not to say that if you choose to step all the way in for a moment that you can’t enjoy that too.  Just understand that your living in the simulation when you do step all the way in. This is a way of living out of time.

What one is really seeing when he looks into the world is his own mind. I assure you this is true. When he realizes this is true, it’s like all of the bee’s in the Hive are all of the sudden released and the mind is then free. This eliminates all fear, one should not be fearful of his own mind.IMG_0217

NASA now says there are hundreds of billions of inhabitable planets in the multi-verse. Brings to mind the idea of “in my fathers house there are many mansions” to a whole new level. We could expand the idea Jesus taught “As within, so without”  to “it’s all you”. When we meet someone it is a meeting of someone on the other side of the spaciousness appearing in the bubble.


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