Sutra Acronym

What we are all looking for is an experience of being alive. But who needs faith when He has experience. Who has need of dying when He is Life. Who seeks love who comes from it. What one needs magic when the door was never locked. Freedom is a decision made now that gives destiny a destination. If life is a journey then this must be the destination. It’s not out there or in the future. Bring it all back where it belongs.

The vertical dimension of the present moment is narrow and truly a road less traveled. When he comes to a fork in the road a decision must be made. Which path will you walk down now. The past no longer matters, how one arrived here is over and gone. There is only one road leading to this instant. One may go away from it but cannot arrive by doing so.

All of what one calls time is a meditation, while the ego is present most of it is unconscious. There is no such thing as thoughts without effect. To change ones thoughts is to change ones experience but to eliminate all concepts is liberation. Do not be confused with mental constructs, they are mind made and all are false. The concepts you think you think are seen as pictures in the mind and given validity because you think you see them. Picture making is bringing a mental fabrication into manifestation. There is nothing wrong or right with that until it inevitably becomes confusing which is fearful. This place is made of fear, thats what it is. In this respect there are no problems just mental projections.

When the Buddha held up a flower and stared in awe of it’s beauty, only one student received the teaching. Now hold up your index finger high above the head and look upon it. Ask yourself what is lacking at this very moment.

Now you are out of time!

Alex’s Sutra acronym’s

NAP – Not A Problem

PPPT – Perfect Place Perfect Time

PIPO – Peace In Peace Out

PSPS – Push Start Push Stop

OUT – Out Of Time



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