Push Start, Push Stop or PSPS

PSPS -pronounced psspsss

Ever met anyone from Wisconsin? Obviously I’m generalizing here. To say that every person from Wisconsin…….Well anyway. I walked into a store in Wisconsin once. The counter woman hollered to the back of the store “Harv we’ve got a customer up here now”. Then turned to me and said “well now what can we take care of for ya today, and isn’t it a beautiful day, lets get you taken care of now, my names Barb, husbands Harv, ya know the ice broke through yesterday …….” From my perspective Wisconsin people are about as straight and docile as they come. I love ’em, but I also want to slap ’em in the chops. Now thats duality.

This blog is about spiritual shit. When we look at the examples of those who have come before us whom the world has dubbed enlightened, we see that some if not all were meditators. Have you ever tried to meditate, to silence the mind. It has a whole bunch of momentum does it not. Reminds me of a freight train coming down a hill. Some teachers say that until one can master the thinking mind, the thinking mind is the master, and you are not. This would presuppose that there must be two of you, me, us,they. All of us have two of us? Then some teachings will proclaim there is a decision maker, a right minded thinker and a wrong minded thinker. You know, the old story of the Devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other. Just as the two words together “spiritual shit” and the story of the angel/devil both represent duality. Love ’em but want to punch ’em, Good and bad, hot and cold, skinny and fat, happy and sad, bitter sweet, should I stay or should I go now (the clash), thats a simple but accurate description of this place.

Push start or learn to push the start button. This one most of have down pat. Many just hold the start button in their hand like a morphine pump and just press it even when it stops working. Guzzle coffee, go to work, out to dinner, movies, sex, sleep repeat. If you have not mastered the go button then your probably in the minority of the earthlings.

Push Stop or learn to push the stop button. There are many degrees aspects and intervals of the start and stop button. Some might assume that sitting in a recliner watching football qualifies as hitting the stop button. Sitting on the beach, fishing, playing golf, mountain biking and getting stoned are leisure activities but don’t qualify, at least in my imaginary book.

So what about it? Hey I’m just teaching myself here. I mean what fool would read this anyway. Well in my infinite wisdom and during meditation I came up with this theory. In looking at pushing the stop button, I’ve heard all kinds of tales from meditating in caves for 23 hours a day to fasting in the desert for 40. It is possible to stop that freight train and in my experience very beneficial. Where do we draw the line? If this experience of life on this planet is a one time deal then sitting in meditation for years in a cave is counter life. I suppose that is up to each of us. My point is this. Can we widen our experience here by learning to push the stop and start button at will. Can we enlarge our experience of the ego while widening  our spiritual experience? I think so! I’m an extremist. If I decide to do something then I’m all in. While in the world of duality, lets look at maximizing both. Can someone be a CEO and still make time to widen the spiritual dimension within. Yea, sure, why not. This path is narrow and not traveled by many. It may be akin to walking the razors edge but lets look at it.

Most of us know how to push the start button. The issue becomes failing to realize there is another dimension within. We get into a rut, wake up at 50,60,70 or maybe never and wonder, where did I go wrong, was that all there was. Then lets look at pushing the stop button because one cannot widen that dimension without it, at least as I’ve laid it out here. Where back to mechanisms then aren’t we. How to?

This will vary widely. there are as many ways as there are people. Closed eyed meditation with music, open eyed meditation while walking in the woods. The final goal one may set is to be in a constant meditation. The best of both worlds so to speak. In the world but not of the world.

The story I tell as a metaphor is this. If your driving along in your car, then slam on the brakes. Sit there as long as you possibly can. Then sit there twice that long. As in Yoga, the pose begins when you want to leave it. Now you can start. Throw the car in reverse and floor it. This is one way to slow down the flight train. I know you can’t see where your going. You girls out there that are not good at backing up, don’t worry it will get better quick. Now you simply back right out of the world. Forget this writing, forget this world, and simply come to the Omniverse with an open and still mind.

One sees the play of all things without attachment. There is no fear and no desire. What arises just is and he loves what is. He doesn’t respect it, desire or cherish it, he’s just in love from within. The peace he has now is not circumstance dependent. Success comes and goes with no effect. The world wars on in it’s duality and this is all fine, look at it go, wheels go round and round, where it stops no one knows and who cares. It’s all just here and now. Thats a fairly abrupt finish to this article. And I think this is what you will eventually experience.

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