Nothing I See Means Anything

Lets see if we can do this.


Imagine if you will traveling to another planet. As you approach this planet in your rad whip of a spaceship, you glance down only to see beings of light. The language that they speak is obviously foreign and you notice that the words that they speak have a creative value in that the words also give birth to something else. Well this is all very strange and you have no idea what is going on. In other words- you cannot give anything any meaning because you have no idea.

What this is saying is “Nothing I see means anything”- this is the case right here on this planet. When we arrived here we had no idea, slowly over time we each gave meaning to the world. For instance, I have a name, thats my toy etc. As we go along we give meaning to everything. We build a world unto ourselves based on the meaning we give each thing.

Q: So what about it? Whats the big deal?

A: There is no world! At least thee is no world outside of your mind. There are no separate objects outside of you.

Q: So what do I do with that?

A: If you are out in the Ocean sailing on a boat needing to find land and kept seeing land only to realize it was a mirage. I am saying that not only is the land you are seeing a mirage but the ocean is also.

Q: Still, what about it?

A: This is only for those interested on truth, the realization of their true identity and enlightenment. As long as we believe there is a world out there separate from us then we are invested in the world and those who are invested in the world cannot be a reliable witness. Were just digging down into the mind to see what in this hell is really happening. In another light, for those interested, we are tracing our way back home. The breadcrumbs are there for us to follow. In another light most if not all at some point will realize that this world is just the same old song playing itself out over and over. Although I must say that its getting more and more interesting. I can’t tell if thats because Im getting closer to the truth, closer to seeing the real world that the Course in Miracles talks about. Hey, I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round -and looking for the engineer of it all. Its fantastic fun if you ask me, but who’s really asking.

So this is all of projection of the mind, it never meant anything – Jack squat. All of the struggle and sacrifice, schooling, college degrees, weddings, funerals, mortgages – none of it is zip-zero-zilch. And this is very freeing. Fly go on now be free – do you see.

Q: What?

A: You are now free to travel around the cabin- of your own mind at least. Since you have no limits on the construct you now live in you are free to change your mind about the meaning of everything. You  have now taken the “Limitless Pill”. I just want to say that this is very possible to do. Maybe everyone is already doing it and I am just now catching up, Oh wait, there is no everyone – wow.

Everything one sees he has given it all the meaning it has for him. Shakespeare once said, that is so funny because who in the hell is Willie-Shake-a-Spear but my own creation. Anyway, he once said that all of the images are the same, only thinking makes them different. There is no good or bad only the mind gives anything meaning. The world one sees was given rise by his mind. All we see is our judgement upon the world.

When we see that each of us is the dreamer of his own dream we can begin to awaken. Do not seek to change the world, seek to change your mind about the world and all the world changes with it. We all seek to change our circumstances, make a better life, make the world fit our definition of how it should be. I’m just talking about giving all of that up. Loving what is and living in the now. Judgement creates chaos, letting go of judgements is peace of mind, peace of mind is strength and happiness.

If we really want to look, we will see the the human is the only animal that has thoughts about itself. On top of that he then has opinions about those thoughts. This creates havoc in his life and thus the world he lives in.







Where Are YOU Looking From?

This is not meant to be understood by the intellect. Let go of that for a moment. The mind cannot know nothing. It’s a contradiction in terms.

And down the rabbit hole we go.

imagesNotice the baby’s eyes. One can see that there is no identification with a personality behind the eyes. Where are they looking from? Indeed, where are we all looking from. The baby sees his or her hand flash in front of the eyes but there is no thought-that’s my hand. Give the child a toy and he flings it behind his head. He may think that toy is gone from the world. The toy was here and now it’s gone. images

Only as we make an identity do we begin to believe that there are “other” separate objects outside of us. That toy is mine! Where then before the baby has an identity is “it” looking from? I’m just trying to point to the idea that is is looking from the vast awareness of vacancy, from the nothingness from which it came.

imagesNotice the woman eyes…One can see the most definite belief that the looking takes place from an identity. Just an observation.

Take your finger and point at an object, then another, then another. Now point that finger at yourself. Where is it pointing? Mine points into the void. I know you can have some fun with that at my expense, it’s alright.

When we look out of our eyes we can close one eye and see a part of our nose. Now look through the other eye. Where does that looking take place from? If one is standing and  looks down at the feet, all of the sudden are at the top of the screen. When we get into a car, are we moving or is the scenery. When a car passes your car in the other lane where does it go? Might it be true that we have never “done” anything, the doing just happens. The awareness is just sitting still like it always has.

imagesIf one imagines a giant bubble like the ones we blow when children, then imagines that he has stuck his face into it without popping it, is that not how we are looking into this world. Maybe thats why we are so attracted to snow globes. images

Stand up and point your finger at where you think your face is. Keep it there and turn in a circle. Is your awareness turning or is the world? Just an observation.

If you close your eyes and count to five in your mind, can you not recognize the thought of counting as an image. Is that counting taking place outside of your vast awareness. When you have a feeling arise close your eyes. Recognize if that feeling is within or without, where do you feel it from.

We are not a body or even in a body. One is not his thoughts, feelings, past or future.

If we close our eyes and listen to the sounds, how big are they. When we open our eyes the sounds become part of the scenery – which is inside the bubble and outside of the vast awareness. It’s just one big picture of sight and sound and not a bunch of separate objects and sounds. Do you see.

Have you ever seen your face or are you faceless? If one were to hold a mirror in his hand out away from him one sees his face. Where is the face? It is outside in the “world”. When we converse with someone is it not face to no face. Where you are looking from is without limit, boundless and vacant.Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.41.26 AM

Turn your awareness around one-hundred and eighty degrees and look into the vacancy. What you seek is causing you to seek. Watch the thoughts of the mind, become the watcher. Observe the mind.

Imagine that you awareness is going to take one step backward. Now in the theatre of the mind imagine that the awareness is observing your mind. Take one step back and Observe the observer observing. There is a vast power behind you. It’s all so funny but really profound. It’s very entertaining.

So the person you are conversing with is also behind his or her face in the vast awareness. He or she is just putting a face in front. the person may not be aware of that fact. Can you look deep within the eyes and tell? Just say, “are you in there, I’m in here, how did you get in there?’


So what about it. Live there! Thats right live there! Don’t leave that place. Always have one foot behind the eyes and one out in the world. Live in utter boundless freedom behind the eyes in a world that appears out of that nothingness. Get it? Looking from nothing into everything. Looking from outside the bubble into it. It’s fantastic. How could anything in this world touch you, your not here. That is not to say that if you choose to step all the way in for a moment that you can’t enjoy that too.  Just understand that your living in the simulation when you do step all the way in. This is a way of living out of time.

What one is really seeing when he looks into the world is his own mind. I assure you this is true. When he realizes this is true, it’s like all of the bee’s in the Hive are all of the sudden released and the mind is then free. This eliminates all fear, one should not be fearful of his own mind.IMG_0217

NASA now says there are hundreds of billions of inhabitable planets in the multi-verse. Brings to mind the idea of “in my fathers house there are many mansions” to a whole new level. We could expand the idea Jesus taught “As within, so without”  to “it’s all you”. When we meet someone it is a meeting of someone on the other side of the spaciousness appearing in the bubble.


So Close But Yet So Far Out!


This is a stereogram. One must defocus his eyes in order to see the image that is hidden. If one never believed it was there he would never consider further contemplation enabling him to see the three dimensional viewpoint.

In The Cosmic Serpent Author and Anthropologist Jeremy Narby writes about living in the Amazon Rain Forest along side the indigenous tribes. During the first two years he participated in ceremonies including the use of Ayahuasca. After spending some years looking into numerous world ceremonial rituals he was able to piece together some amazing theory’s. And this is how it works regarding discoveries. The poets, writers and artist theorize on what could be possible or probable and then a few hundred or thousands of years later the scientist sometimes catch up.

Among several ancient myth’s and current world cultures there exist common themes. One such theme is that of a Cosmic Serpent. Jeremy Narby witnessed these giant creatures for himself during several ceremonies. Being an Anthropologist he was enamored with this finding. Many Anthropologist of the past studied these cultures without participating in ceremonies and thus threw off the idea that these myth’s were know as real.images

After living with these people for two years he continued to look at the ancient myths coupled with what he had personally experienced. Talking with other anthropologist, shamans and botanist he focused, researched, walked in parks and meditated on the subject.

This is my feeble attempt to relay some of what he found only to the extent necessary to parallel the findings to something that I am enamored with, which is a scribed writing named “A Course in Miracles”.

It’s fascinating and all inspired (in spirit)

In reference to how images are seen while in these altered states of consciousness, Mr. Narby in my own words found that the vast intelligence contained within the DNA of all life actually broadcast a electromagnetic signal. When one learns just a little of what man thinks he knows regarding intelligence in nature within any life form on this planet it becomes astonishing. It suggest to me that the intelligence within nature is far greater than we are exemplifying as humans in our outside world. The supreme intelligence within the genetic code of the DNA is actually capable of communicating with us in what appears to be an outside picture. Just as in a 3D hologram most of us have observed in movies.

Life imitates art. One interesting fact: if it were put end to end the DNA in one earthling would reach 125 billion miles. Enough to wrap around the planet seventy-million times. The same four letter code that makes up your DNA makes up every living thing. The Cosmic Serpent referenced in many world cultures are so big that they are described as bumping their heads on the galaxy’s. (Watch “The Power of Myth” Joseph Campbell – Youtube and read “The Cosmic Serpent”)

So What about it? Just hang on a minute.

The eyes

A layman study of the eyes will reveal that the outer layer of the retina takes a single photon and magnifies this 100x before sending this signal to the neurons in the brain. The brain then reconstructs these signals into a three dimensional image in the back of the brain. We then perceive this image as external. We never really see reality only an image that our brain is programmed to reconstruct. In addition no one really knows how this works. As usual, we think we know vastly more than we do.IMG_1783

Here is one of my comparisons in A Course in Miracles in a section called “The Laws of Healing” it states: ideas leave not their source, and their effects but seem to be apart from them. Ideas are of the mind. What is projected out, and seems to be external to the mind, is not outside at all, but an effect of what is in, and has not left it’s source.

Indeed there are many passages in The Course that state this same idea in different ways.

I’ll let my imagination combined with reason run wild here. If we look at the double Helix of the DNA we will see the similarities to a ladder. Narby discusses this at some length. In some of the Myth’s this ladder ties the sky and earth together. Such as the story of “Jacobs ladder” in the Bible. If one makes a study of world mythology he will see common themes including images of cells, ladders and double helix’s in the art and stories. Interesting that at the beginning of the Jacobs Ladder story it states that Jacob found a stone and put it under his head. I’ll state why in a moment. jacobs-ladder-by-blake1.jpgThese considered primitive cultures would have no other way of knowing about these things other than the visions they interact with mainly while using entheogens acknowledged by their culture. Many of these mixtures in the Amazon used to heal and during vision quest are taken from a potential of thousands of plants. When asked how these combinations were discovered, a simple answer is replied by the Shamans, “the plants told us”. My point is that by the ingestion of these hallucinogens, plant teachers or entheogen’s as we now like to call them, we learn what our vast inner intelligence of the genetic code can teach us. A learning these cultures have not lost as they have been doing it for thousands of years. Many plant remedies for physical and mental illness are taught to them. I might add that it is also believed that the DNA from all of the living beings are projected onto the television of the forest that man sees when in ceremony and not just his own.

Many scriptural quotes come flashing by such as “The Kingdom of Heaven is within” or “The kingdom of Heaven is spread out before man though he see’s it not”. Also “As within, so without” – Jesus taught.

Now I’m really going to go out on a “Serian Rue” limb. If one makes a careful study of the Exodus story of Moses in the desert with the Israelites regarding the story of the mana falling from Heaven. It is clear that the cattle were brought out of Egypt with the people. It is also clear that a rain fell the night before and in the morning a substance lay on the ground in which they described as looking like a stone (Jacobs stone?) they called manna, the bread of life. In case you are not following mushrooms are known to grow out of cow dung as well as after a rain and look similar to stones. In another story of Moses going up on the mountain and the burning bush. It says that the bush was not consumed by the fire but not that the berries from the bush were not consumed by Moses. Many point to the idea that the bush was a Serian Rue, in which the red berries are known to have hallucinogenic qualities.moses-burning-bush As pointed out to me Moses growing up with educated royalty of the time would have been instructed in the sciences of healing at that time. It’s a stretch, but there is much more to look at. In a section of 2 Esdras 14:37-48, …on the next day I heard a voice calling me, which said “Ezra, open your mouth and drink what I give you. “So I opened my mouth, and was handed a cup full of what seemed like water, except that it’s color was the color of fire. I took it and drank, and as soon as I had done so my mind began to pour forth a flood of understanding and wisdom grew greater and greater within me….. Pretty obvious to me, draw your own conclusions. Stories of the liquid named Soma in the Rig Veda (many have called the most potent ancient writing to date) some say was actually made from the berries of the Serian Rue or the Teonanacatl Mushroom nicknamed “flesh of the Gods”.

Narby’s point is that just as the stereogram picture above must be searched with a different way of looking in order to see what is hidden, the powerful ancient spiritual writings when looked at with this new perspective can uncover how these understandings were reached.

Are we to believe that the writings of Taoism, Buddhism and Hindu religions were of a time when the spirit was more prodigious in the world. Where are the qualities that make our religious belief systems powerful. No burning bush or manna stories have I heard lately. When is the last time anyone witnessed anything earth shattering in the western worlds religion’s. “You shall do greater things than I have done” jesus stated. Ok, we invented computers and by the way it is said that the inventor was assisted with LSD. Bill Wilson the founder of AA is also have said to use Psychedelics. He had hoped the substance might help others. This hope was eliminated by fear and misunderstanding during the 60’s.

If the Indian’s of the Amazon are healing people currently as they always have, is it possible that we are missing some of the pieces that might have been hidden away from us by the powers that be. Could it be that these plant elements have been forgotten in the hiding. Is it Possible that it was hidden with the idea that “some knowledge is not meant for the masses”. I have an appreciation for this reasoning to some extent. Why? Because I witness many using these substances for recreational purposes. But who in the hell am I to judge.

Have you ever noticed blue/purple color of Krishna depicted in many art pieces and that he is with a cow. images.jpegIncidentally the color of a Psilocybe mushroom when pinched is purple and emits purple spores. Have you also ever noticed how Lao Tzu, the legendary composer of the Tao Te Ching (Taoism) many times is pictured on a Bull. imagesWe could go on for pages on many symbols in religion pointing to entheogenic substances. I’m not selling anything so I’ll stop here -maybe.

Is all of this a plausible explanation for the stories and myths one encounters as he searches across the religions of the world for common themes, meaning and purpose. You damn right! I have sat in meditation for days, read and studied several text over years, eliminated all kinds of foods from my diet, become celibate, fasted, run through the desert to become physically exhausted…..I tell you right now that what I have gained through the use of Peyote in one single night surpassed all inner vision and understanding that I gained in years of study, practice and real world scenarios putting what I learned into play. Theosophy is one thing, knowing is quite another. Now, that is not to say that any my preparation was wasted. In fact, I have come to know that it all was of utmost necessity in order to navigate the teaching of the wisdom of the plants. Otherwise the wisdom is limited in what it can reveal and be understood. In truth all one can relay is his own experience, which has nothing to do with fact. An analogy I draw is this. Any ascended master or wise teacher looking down upon the earth is not going to bother with someone who has no discipline of the mind. Why would it. It chooses a consciousness which is focused and indeed the untrained mind can accomplish nothing. All are called but few answer the call. This is not to say that the plant teachers will not teach a novice, to the contrary. It’s just a metaphor of how I have chosen to see it.

Ok, back to drawing comparisons with Shamanic Visions and A Course in Miracles. Lesson 30 states: God is in everything I see because God is in my mind. Thats awesome. He is in everything because He is in my DNA. Another line in the Course says, The memory of God is in my mind….Thats perfect, it’s not in the brain, not in the head at all, it’s in the DNA. Just a perspective. Nothing In this world is exact, it’s all a metaphor because it’s a pseudo reality, in other words it’s just a relative reality. And here we find what the ancient text have known for thousands of years and which Einstein’s equations relayed to us. It’s all relative. Another example of science catching up with Wisdom of the Enlightened ones. But hey, it’s all just an opinion about an illusion. Thats what the newspaper is, the TV news and this article.

Ok so, when we do entheogens we see a broadcast of our own DNA. The archetypes come through the veil and we are enlightened as to how to heal ourselves and in general of how things are. We are merely little Humans akin to a single page in a great and shining series of novels of the multi-verse. It’s pretty funny. First we thought we were on a flat world and anyone who said different was executed. Then man thought all of the planets revolved around him -go figure. Then ours was the only solar system, then the only galaxy. Now man thinks he is the only intelligent thing on this planet. Boy this ego thing is intoxicating to the earthling. Always at the center, even to the extent of killing himself in the destruction of his own living quarters. Well that pretty much gives reason as to why we might all want to re-examine our world through the use of whatever we can find other than our own greedy little self.

Another example. Ever notice how deep sea life like creatures are observed. We come from the sea. If one wants to know where he comes from ………..images.jpeg

Ever wonder just what the fruit in the Garden of Eden actually was? By the way there is another story involving a serpent.

Is it a all nice theory to be forgotten in the throws of everyday life. What could come of such a theory. Is it possible that these plants are here to show us the way. Some type of revolution seems to be necessary to bring about an abrupt and swift change and this is not a new idea. I think we are still seeing the benefits of the 1960’s. The cultural message of peace, Love and Joy seems to have diminished in the view of todays millionairies.

As Terrence Mckenna and the Shamans point out, one can ask the entheogen’s questions. One account I remember where Terrence ask the Mushrooms what we should do about the world population problem. They simply said neuter everyone, just kidding, they said every female should be allowed one child. In doing this the worlds population would be cut in half in fifty years and then another fifty percent in this many years and so on.




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Sutra Acronym

What we are all looking for is an experience of being alive. But who needs faith when He has experience. Who has need of dying when He is Life. Who seeks love who comes from it. What one needs magic when the door was never locked. Freedom is a decision made now that gives destiny a destination. If life is a journey then this must be the destination. It’s not out there or in the future. Bring it all back where it belongs.

The vertical dimension of the present moment is narrow and truly a road less traveled. When he comes to a fork in the road a decision must be made. Which path will you walk down now. The past no longer matters, how one arrived here is over and gone. There is only one road leading to this instant. One may go away from it but cannot arrive by doing so.

All of what one calls time is a meditation, while the ego is present most of it is unconscious. There is no such thing as thoughts without effect. To change ones thoughts is to change ones experience but to eliminate all concepts is liberation. Do not be confused with mental constructs, they are mind made and all are false. The concepts you think you think are seen as pictures in the mind and given validity because you think you see them. Picture making is bringing a mental fabrication into manifestation. There is nothing wrong or right with that until it inevitably becomes confusing which is fearful. This place is made of fear, thats what it is. In this respect there are no problems just mental projections.

When the Buddha held up a flower and stared in awe of it’s beauty, only one student received the teaching. Now hold up your index finger high above the head and look upon it. Ask yourself what is lacking at this very moment.

Now you are out of time!

Alex’s Sutra acronym’s

NAP – Not A Problem

PPPT – Perfect Place Perfect Time

PIPO – Peace In Peace Out

PSPS – Push Start Push Stop

OUT – Out Of Time



Push Start, Push Stop or PSPS

PSPS -pronounced psspsss

Ever met anyone from Wisconsin? Obviously I’m generalizing here. To say that every person from Wisconsin…….Well anyway. I walked into a store in Wisconsin once. The counter woman hollered to the back of the store “Harv we’ve got a customer up here now”. Then turned to me and said “well now what can we take care of for ya today, and isn’t it a beautiful day, lets get you taken care of now, my names Barb, husbands Harv, ya know the ice broke through yesterday …….” From my perspective Wisconsin people are about as straight and docile as they come. I love ’em, but I also want to slap ’em in the chops. Now thats duality.

This blog is about spiritual shit. When we look at the examples of those who have come before us whom the world has dubbed enlightened, we see that some if not all were meditators. Have you ever tried to meditate, to silence the mind. It has a whole bunch of momentum does it not. Reminds me of a freight train coming down a hill. Some teachers say that until one can master the thinking mind, the thinking mind is the master, and you are not. This would presuppose that there must be two of you, me, us,they. All of us have two of us? Then some teachings will proclaim there is a decision maker, a right minded thinker and a wrong minded thinker. You know, the old story of the Devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other. Just as the two words together “spiritual shit” and the story of the angel/devil both represent duality. Love ’em but want to punch ’em, Good and bad, hot and cold, skinny and fat, happy and sad, bitter sweet, should I stay or should I go now (the clash), thats a simple but accurate description of this place.

Push start or learn to push the start button. This one most of have down pat. Many just hold the start button in their hand like a morphine pump and just press it even when it stops working. Guzzle coffee, go to work, out to dinner, movies, sex, sleep repeat. If you have not mastered the go button then your probably in the minority of the earthlings.

Push Stop or learn to push the stop button. There are many degrees aspects and intervals of the start and stop button. Some might assume that sitting in a recliner watching football qualifies as hitting the stop button. Sitting on the beach, fishing, playing golf, mountain biking and getting stoned are leisure activities but don’t qualify, at least in my imaginary book.

So what about it? Hey I’m just teaching myself here. I mean what fool would read this anyway. Well in my infinite wisdom and during meditation I came up with this theory. In looking at pushing the stop button, I’ve heard all kinds of tales from meditating in caves for 23 hours a day to fasting in the desert for 40. It is possible to stop that freight train and in my experience very beneficial. Where do we draw the line? If this experience of life on this planet is a one time deal then sitting in meditation for years in a cave is counter life. I suppose that is up to each of us. My point is this. Can we widen our experience here by learning to push the stop and start button at will. Can we enlarge our experience of the ego while widening  our spiritual experience? I think so! I’m an extremist. If I decide to do something then I’m all in. While in the world of duality, lets look at maximizing both. Can someone be a CEO and still make time to widen the spiritual dimension within. Yea, sure, why not. This path is narrow and not traveled by many. It may be akin to walking the razors edge but lets look at it.

Most of us know how to push the start button. The issue becomes failing to realize there is another dimension within. We get into a rut, wake up at 50,60,70 or maybe never and wonder, where did I go wrong, was that all there was. Then lets look at pushing the stop button because one cannot widen that dimension without it, at least as I’ve laid it out here. Where back to mechanisms then aren’t we. How to?

This will vary widely. there are as many ways as there are people. Closed eyed meditation with music, open eyed meditation while walking in the woods. The final goal one may set is to be in a constant meditation. The best of both worlds so to speak. In the world but not of the world.

The story I tell as a metaphor is this. If your driving along in your car, then slam on the brakes. Sit there as long as you possibly can. Then sit there twice that long. As in Yoga, the pose begins when you want to leave it. Now you can start. Throw the car in reverse and floor it. This is one way to slow down the flight train. I know you can’t see where your going. You girls out there that are not good at backing up, don’t worry it will get better quick. Now you simply back right out of the world. Forget this writing, forget this world, and simply come to the Omniverse with an open and still mind.

One sees the play of all things without attachment. There is no fear and no desire. What arises just is and he loves what is. He doesn’t respect it, desire or cherish it, he’s just in love from within. The peace he has now is not circumstance dependent. Success comes and goes with no effect. The world wars on in it’s duality and this is all fine, look at it go, wheels go round and round, where it stops no one knows and who cares. It’s all just here and now. Thats a fairly abrupt finish to this article. And I think this is what you will eventually experience.

Reverse Freudian Slip with a Half Wit

I meant half twist…….

Did Jesus suffer on the cross? No no..remember, he looked down and saw Peter standing there. He said “Peter come up here”. Peter said “how?”. Jesus said “get a ladder”.  Peter found a ladder and timidly climbed up most of the way. Jesus said “come on up all the way”. When Peter reached the top Jesus nodded to off in the distance and said “look, I can see your a house from up here”.


Yes, I Am….a halfwit, however, If the point of evolution is to evolve…. to whole wit, then let’s get to it!

When on your way to meet people I found a little gesture that works for me. The trick is to meet them first in your mind. In this imaginary meeting wish them success, love and Joy. Speak to them all well wishing thoughts and send a little laser beam of peace from your mind to theirs.

I find that this technique helps when you actually do meet with them. When you do not have the best thoughts in mind about a person it shows sub-consciously, the other person will get the vibe-so to speak.

I stated all of that to come to this. This world, this place is a case of mistaken identity. At the very least one might ask “is there another way of looking at the world”. There are an infinite number of ways of looking at the world. Here comes one now.

 Everyone that came here did so to experience autonomous individuality personally. One might point to the idea of an Avatar. This is all fine. That is until the game gets boring and dull -or sharp and painfull. If it’s neither one for you then shoo, go have fun.

So what about it? There are techniques available that do not include: addiction to a substance, addiction to another avatar, money, food, substance, gambling or sex. Which all will eventually further the pain. Well maybe not sex.

What are one of these techniques? Everything that you see is completely in your mind. In fact, you could not possibly see it if it was not. Therefore see everything that appears to be outside of you as completely perfect. Yes, starvation murder, as well as sunsets. Remember this entire thing is a simulation and you are the avatar. We just have to come to the realization of this. By seeing everything as perfectly orchestrated one can come to see himself the same. As within, so without!  Takes practice.

Second idea outlined at the top of this article is one of attack. Where I mentioned meeting people. If we look at what happens when this occurs well See that it’s merely a meeting of false faces. This is the avatar I’m playing in this Sim and what part are you playing. So what about it? Instead of saying “oh, what a bore you are” remind your false self as well as the person in front of you of what a fantastic play this all is. The Omniverse wills all earthlings peace. If you are against another then you are against the All and Always. The idea that we have all popped into this timeframe together in the here and now. It’s a true miracle -when realized.

What was your face before you were born? Look at everything from the source and before the avatar that you are. Don’t just play the part in thinking that’s all you are. It’s really just a movie and you are the screen AND the projector.

 If one wants to be organic about it we can look at it this way. The double helix of the DNA in ones body emits a electrical signal. This signal is projecting all of this before him. We have peopled the entire world with the movie of the past. Within the DNA is all that we call ” intelligence” in this world, which has nothing to do with true knowledge. It’s merely a carry forward of past learning projected in the memory of our genetic code. In effect were merely reliving an ancient past over and over.

To undo all of the concepts we have about the world and the way things should be. Let each thought come to your awareness and then look at it. Why do I believe this. Of what purpose does it serve.

I was watching a mother and a child interact recently. The child wanted to get out of the car and play in a field. The mother did not want this to occur for the reason that the child did not have his coat. The child said “but mom, I just want to be happy, I don’t want to be sad”.  

That’s IT. That should be our last thought ” I just want to be happy”. If man all of the sudden found himself in the Garden of Eden he would fowl it up by the end of the day. However if he corrected his thinking he would find himself there. Desire – that’s a problem or TAP.

Look for the concepts that do not serve happiness and let them go. Struggle is completely overrated!

Oh, I meant to ask you; what has been the peak experience of your life. Have you ever felt like the world couldn’t touch you. So high that nothing could disturb you in that moment. Relive that moment over and over in the now.