Perfect Place-Perfect Time or PPPT


We often meet our destiny on the road we took to avoid it. Ones travel through time and space is not at random. Therefore, we must accept whatever comes to us as it is woven with a golden thread into the fabric of our destiny. We are always in the perfect place at the perfect time or PPPT.

The Unified Field is thoroughly known to all intend to know it. All of the Myth’s, parables, metaphors and allegory’s are true. We merely need to follow the paths of those who have come before us. The path is our own but will seem familiar. Somewhere in our genetic code of the double helix it is imbedded and echoes the memory of home.IMG_0369 If one wants to know the experience of the ancient paths he must go beyond the temples, churches and ashrams, beyond the writings, doctrine, dogma and theosophy. He must go to the movies. Yep! All the Dragon slaying, Princess rescuing, Knights of the round table, seeking The Holy Grail, Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz, Lion King, The Hobbit, Thor, Hercules, Star Wars, The Matrix. Its all there. However we must go beyond the movies to the experience. The images of an historical Jesus going into the desert for forty days and forty nights then being tempted by the devil. Buddha becomes an ascetic, consults the wisdom teachers then sits under the Bodie tree to be tested by lust, fear and social duty. Mohammad goes and sits in a cave and meditates until he hears a voice that dictates the Koran to him. Lord Krishna and Vishnu ride into battle blowing their Conk horns to complete their part in the grand play. Moses leads the Israelites out of bondage, goes to the top of the mountain and receives the ten commandments from a burning bush. Now it is YOUR turn. These historical figures or any other are of little value here and now other than to show us the way. You and I are the Buddha, the embodiment of the Christ consciousness in this lifetime. If one believes this, only one question remains. How do we come to know that, what is the mechanism that will transform the ordinary experience of a body/ego on earth into the butterfly of the eternity? What is your Heroes journey?

What thing out in the world terrifies you. What have you been given to overcome? What cause would you sacrifice yourself for. The overcoming of the ego is the central element in all the stories of the world in which a hero, the Christ consciousness or the Buddha nature emerges.

It is better to conquer oneself than to win a thousand battles on the field. No one can take it from you, not Heaven or Hell, Angels nor Demons.    -Buddha

After You Conquer Yourself (later today)

One wants to know the end, then I say know the beginning for the two are one. When the two become one the entire body shall be filled with light.The circular nature of the human mind is akin to a ferris wheel, the alpha and the Omega, the ring on our finger, all symbolizing no beginning and no end. The mind cannot grasp eternity however it can remember the present.

Now is the closest approximation to eternity that his world offers. -ACIM

Once a figure walked down a road in the center of a field. Men worked the field on both sides. The figure walked slowly down the middle of the dirt road in no hurry. He wore a tall hat. This hat was painted right down the middle. The men working on one side of the field saw a tall blue hat. The men on the other a red hat. Once the figure had walked through the field he quickly turned his hat around and walked back through the field once more. The men on both sides saw the same colored hat as before. Later during lunchtime someone mentioned the man with the blue hat walking down the road. Another man replied “you are a fool the hat was red”. The two men began to squabble violently over the color of the hat. The argument went on for years and years. Families and even villages took sides to defend the color of the hat.IMG_1783-0

This is the human condition. Attack and defend. Pick up your sword and your shield and lets fight over something, anything, pick something. Duality is the two sided hat, the paradox of this world. The infinite field of the divine appears in many shapes, paths, colors and hats. Not recognizing this is the war of the world. Every teaching, every person has a gift for one who cares to have eyes to see. Looking for the differences one will always find them. Knock and the door will be opened to the difference or the bliss. Seek and one will find because he is actually creating the finding. The man being whipped is the man doing the whipping.

The memory of the divine comes to the quiet mind

Lay down your sword and shield. You and I have fought many battles together. We have each played the victor and the victim. He who does not defend himself cannot be attacked. Lao Tzu  of the Tao Te Ching rides off on his Bull into the sunset of the countryside with no sword or shield. He has tamed the Bull within himself. imagesHe has no use of the sword and shield any longer. The Buddha sits under the Bodie tree until the truth comes to him. The Christ facing his crucifixion is asked if it is true that he is the Son of God. He simply states “it is as you say it is”. The truth does not battle with illusions, how would the truth battle a shadow, a phantom.

Once while walking in the forest I entered a spiders cobweb unexpectedly. I was swatting the air, pulling it out of my mouth, brushing off the imaginary spider. I did not know someone was watching me. He must have thought I was insane, fighting with the air. STOP! Surrender to the All and the Always. Doing battle with the illusion makes it real to the defender and attacker. The always knows it’s way to you. Any attempt to direct your own way is not the way. Be like the water, it flows with gentle ease. Attempt to grasp it and it quickly shoots out of your hand. Put your hand in the stream and let it flow through. Do not attempt to squabble over the color of the hat.

This Cosmos is not ultimate reality. If it is not then it is of no value. Now why would I say something like that. Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exist. The transient and fleeting are not real because they have a beginning and a end. As long as we are tied to the things of this world we are tied to this dimension. Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world, Jesus states. Then he sang “Can’t Touch this”  but it did not get recorded until much later by MC Hammer (short for My Christ Hammer). If one needs nothing of this world then how can it touch him. However Love and Forgiveness fall like raindrops from Heaven on a dry and dusty world where thirsty and starving features come to be caged in a prison of their own making. Look up, the door is unlocked but one does not plan his escape until he realizes his cell. IMG_0352

I cannot tell you anything you do not want to hear, nor can I tell you anything you do not already know. My lovely dear child of the divine I but teach myself. To have peace teach peace to learn it. We have all taught the whole Universe what we are but now let what we are teach us.

PIPO-Peace In Peace Out

PPPT-Perfect Place-Perfect Time

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