Peace In, Peace Out

Peace is no small gift. However enlightenment has it’s drawbacks. Not actually, but as the world would view it, it may look like laziness, unmotivated wandering, and best of all bliss for no apparent reason. Maybe that is why if the world could find the Christ it would kill him all over again. The world says you must be like us, toil and spin, get hung up in special relationships, struggle, suffer, get old, get sick and get die. Enlightenment says, I need do nothing (of the sort). The world says one must plan and control his trip. Enlightenment says, lets see where this road goes or better yet, lets see where it does not go and enjoy all of it. Enlightenment may see what the rest do and go the other way. That road is narrow and filled with present peace. The crops that thrive on the sides of that path are not trampled and easily reachable. The path of this mind is straight and it’s yoke light. The world is Inside out and backwards. Enlightenment reverses the world to right side up and says be still and know it’s all right to do so. Enlightenment is the end of suffering. Peace is no small gift.

Soulshine, better than Sunshine, better than Moonshine, let it shine till the break of day. -All Man Brothers

One doesn’t have to go looking for Love if that’s where He’s coming from. Here are three great mysteries. To a bird it’s the air, to a fish it’s the water, to a earthling it is himself. At the great Oracle of Delphi’s Temple there was a sign at the door few took a second look at. It said “Sartre Neuron”meaning know yourself. Indeed one cannot know anything until he knows himself. What does that mean -“know yourself” and know the Omniverse. Why? Because it’s ALL You. I suppose we could fill up all of the books that have ever been written with how to know yourself, for that is why they were penned. Why do we do the things we do? What is Love? Why am I fearful? Why am I here?

This world is a life sentence, why not take the curriculum. I suppose we all are whether we like it or not. Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 5.53.27 PM

This is A Course in Miracles. It is a required course. Only the time you take it is voluntary. -ACIM

Why might that be true. Because it is a course in YOU. Born in prison, born free, white black or red, we all must take the course in ourselves. When might an opportune time to take this course present itself? Anytime is fine but when one stops and says “there must be a better way” this presents the student with the Teacher. Out of the darkest places comes the brightest light. In the world of duality it seems that the darker the place one finds himself in, the brighter and more joyful places he is able to experience, once he pulls out of the debts of hell. In this sense severe pain may become our great teacher. In some religions pain is inflicted by the seeker on purpose. Fasting, whipping, extreme physical exhaustion, and even being buried alive are attempted in order to transcend fear and pain. In Africa I am told that when the boys are becoming men they drink Psyclocibe mushroom juice and are told to go out into the bush and kill a Lion with only a spear. Rights of passage are not well known in the western world. Since many do not pass through this process, before the narrow path (purification of the mind) can be taken one must learn what is different and what is the same. IMG_1668-0

I left my house when I was young. I walked down the sidewalk and fell into a hole. It took a long time to get out. 

A few years later I left my house and fell into the same hole. It took a while to get out.

Several years later I walked out of the house and fell into the hole. I got out quickly.

Later in life, I left my house, turned and walked down another street and went surfing.

And so it goes.

In this case one has to walk out of the house and inevitably fall into the proverbial hole. In this light falling can be welcomed and take on a meaning of the beginning of another journey. Tolerance for pain can be high but it is not without limit. And so the building of another ladder begins. If one losses his way and then finds it enough times (falls and gets up) he will have no fear of falling for he knows the way home. With no fear of falling there is no need to fall any longer, so he does not. He just stays home. The home of his peaceful mind.

What is Home? 

In the beginning home may still be here on this dimensional plane. Simply getting up to face the illusion one more day. Finding peace love and joy in all things, not circumstance dependent. In the ultimate sense Home is going All the way home. Sat Chit ananda IS attainable here before the dropping of the body. Before that happens the field must be plowed and fertilized. When this crop matures the yield will be one-hundred fold. So get on out there and start falling in some holes. 

Then get out your copy of whatever spiritual practice you enjoy and build that ladder.


This is me giving you a copy of A Course in Miracles. Go on – take it!

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