The Reversal

by Alex Williams

The Human Earthling goes out to toil and spin for little green strips of paper that the world holds as valuable. They are not backed by anything. Even if they were backed by Gold – what is a precious metal. He/she uses this currency to make the body attractive and comfortable. Bolt on Boobs, fake fingernails, high heels, make up, hair color, suits, …..We must drive this car, live in this neighborhood, it is all to make the body attractive and comfortable. We collect so many things that we need bigger houses and alarm systems to then protect it, body guards to keep us safe. IMG_0353

Looking from far above the battleground the serial adventures of the body begins with being born by other bodies. It builds a concept of itself and lays that idea on a world. It learns that there is a  difference between pleasure and pain. What is free will when he is trained to run from one and towards the other. This body lives a little while between birth and death, then dies to decay along with other bodies. In between it wonders in and out of different places that it designs.

Do you have desire to overcome the world and it’s dreaming. To learn what occurred and how to reverse it. Are you the effect of the world or it’s cause? Does the body tell the mind what to think, what it is experiencing or does the mind create the experience. 

The body is a picture of what you are because what you truly are cannot be seen. The body is a learning device and is completely neutral. It merely tells you what you have requested it to. The ultimate lesson is that this reality is all mind. Therefore put the focus where it should be and all the rest will align accordingly. This world is an outside picture of an inward condition. This one has control over, therefore he has dominion over all things. Correct and purify the mindScreen Shot 2016-02-10 at 5.53.09 PM

How does the circularity of the ego continue the guilt trip? By projecting the guilt onto other bodies it guarantees that it will always be in view. We are not upset for what our brother did to us but for what we think we did to him. God created us in his likeness and we returned the favor. In the same way we believe that our brother will do to us what we think we did to him.

Another side of that idea is what passes for marriage in this culture. One incomplete person seeking another to fulfill him. Searching for a better half is truly a mistake. The search implies that one is not complete. In effect one sees something in another he believes is missing from hisself. Once together this arrangement becomes a prison. In order to get what He needs he is held prisoner to fulfilling with resentment what the other ask for. In contrast to this thought system is the idea of a completely whole person coming together with another entirely whole person in order to grow through the spiritual practice of surrendering the ego for another. In effect transcending the self for another love symbol (the other) representing God Himself. Finally we learn to see the Divine in every sentient being and in every particle. IMG_0356

Since guilt made this dimension, forgiveness will undo it. What is forgiveness? It is the foregoing of this world. To give before receiving any further projection of guilt. To look past as if nothing happened. To remind the mind that what it sees is not so.

This world is a optical delusion of consciousness.    -Albert Einstein

Is this to be “in the world but not of the world”? It is to look past it completely, realizing that one is NOT in the world but the world in him.

The shortest teaching of Jesus is in the book of Thomas and it proclaims ……….

“Become passersby”IMG_0373

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