The Screen

by Alex Williams

Once there existed a large screen. This screen was brilliantly made of white silk. It stretched from all four corners of the Galaxy. This screen was All and Always and nothing nameable. Nothing much happened to the screen, never the less it was content. All at once an array of light beams traveled toward the screen at great speed. Low and behold the light beams contained a movie about a small Earthling boy being born and growing up. The screen had no knowledge of projection, movies or Earthlings. It was fascinated but stunned as it reviewed the images. One movie was followed by another, all containing images and references to the Earthling boy’s life. After several years of watching these images, the screen was so saturated with the earth person, the screen began to believe it was “He” on the screen. “Oh, don’t go in there” he would say to the image, “there’s a monster”. Sometimes he would try to reach down and illiminate the monster to keep them both from harm. All during the Earthlings life, the silk screen laughed and cried as if He were the images projected onto Him. One day a a film was shown on the screen of the boy walking into a movie theatre to view a different kind of film with new images. The screen then realized how the images were cast by a projector. He thought to himself that the two must go together. He also came to know that in order for a new set of images to be cast, the film was simply changed. Noticing this was of great alarm to the screen. How could “He” be the Earthling boy if it were only an image. Further more, if the Silk screen was not the boy then who was he.

I ask you and I. Would we react to the images on our screen if we knew they were not real? What would we do? When one comes to the realization that he is projecting the images would one still attempt change the screen? By thinking we are a body (or the image we project) we twist reality into a fantasy by seeking pleasure where it is not -outside of us. One believes in what he creates. We create these fantasy’s within our mind and thus believe in them.IMG_0354

The next time you are upset know this is not necessary. Why? Because one see’s something that is not there. The movie one watches is only that- a movie. Attempting to change the screen will avail us nothing. Have you ever seen a movie projected where there was a speck of dust on the projector lens? Any attempt to wipe the screen clean would be to no avail. We don’t react to figures in a dream because that gives them reality. If one defends himself he is attacked. However there is a way. The projector and the film are the source of the projection. The projector lens may be cleaned. The film may be changed so that one can cease the complete belief that he is only the figure one the screen. One can return to know He is the pure white silk screen.

Love falls like raindrops from Heaven on a dry and dusty earth, where thirsty and starving creatures come to die. -ACIM

The world is old and tired now. The traveler drags through the desert. He see’s a mirage of Palm trees and watering holes that give no peace because they contain none. He wanders in the desert of his own making, locked in a prison cell. The traveler has attempted to create an Oasis of his own reality. He has manifested nothing from nothing and received nothing in return. Those who attempt to get nothing from nothing get much more than they bargained for. He awakens and looks up to see the prison cell door is unlocked in the desert of unreality.

Perception is consistent it shows us what we want to see. Change what you want to see and all the world will change accordingly. What you want to see will truly change but you must want it truly. Any attempt at the manifestation of an illusion of a world is the same as making an ego self. One might say the ego is a dream of death. If one were to give his attention to a death wish he will make it real for him. Therefore, there is nothing so blinding as the senses. The creation of the body is the manifestation of perception. This is an effort to make fleeting images, sounds, memory and time real. God is reality and reality has not perception of fleeting and ever shifting hallucinations of sights and sounds.

Release the projector by forgiving the entire movie of your mind. This reversal will run the movie backwards so to speak, until the film reel runs to the end and no more images are projected. If one wants to make a movie and project it onto himself (create our own reality) then he will manufacture a mis-creation and may even call it Hell in comparison to Nirvana.IMG_0353

A vision of the great Rays of revelation are not seen with the body’s eyes. In order to see this new Heaven and new Earth, the field of the mind must be tilled and fertilized. When the new seeds are planted a new crop will arise free of the weeds of impurity and discontent. But how does one plow the field of the mind?

The ego is nothing more than a small software package one designs and then lays upon a dying land called a body. This sickened wall of flesh is then identified as “a little powerless victim of ones own making”. No crops worth eating come from this field of perception. The ego stands bleeding and looks up to see that it is he that holds the smoking gun of sorrow and hatred, blame and judgement. It is only he that judges and hates his own mis-creations. His brothers are the mirror in which he see’s himself. His wish to see a hateful viscous world reflect back to him this cracked and broken mirror. Searching through the shards for a whole clear view this way is impossible. The window of perception must be cleansed, the mirror of the mind is cracked and not the mirror itself.

The personality (ego) that is proud of his intellect is akin to the prisoner who is proud of his cell. In order to be proud one must be separate. This separation comes from meeting up at the “Attack and Defend Pub” or the “I’ll Never Forgive You Bar and Grill”. Instead meet at the “Love smorgasbord” and the “Saloon of Transformation”. Order the living water and never thirst again. The Guru, the Self and God are one. Accept this and escape the horror movie as well as the unlocked prison cell of the mind.

The problem with writings on the internet is that you never know if they are true. -Alexander The Great

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