Perfect Place-Perfect Time or PPPT


We often meet our destiny on the road we took to avoid it. Ones travel through time and space is not at random. Therefore, we must accept whatever comes to us as it is woven with a golden thread into the fabric of our destiny. We are always in the perfect place at the perfect time or PPPT.

The Unified Field is thoroughly known to all intend to know it. All of the Myth’s, parables, metaphors and allegory’s are true. We merely need to follow the paths of those who have come before us. The path is our own but will seem familiar. Somewhere in our genetic code of the double helix it is imbedded and echoes the memory of home.IMG_0369 If one wants to know the experience of the ancient paths he must go beyond the temples, churches and ashrams, beyond the writings, doctrine, dogma and theosophy. He must go to the movies. Yep! All the Dragon slaying, Princess rescuing, Knights of the round table, seeking The Holy Grail, Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz, Lion King, The Hobbit, Thor, Hercules, Star Wars, The Matrix. Its all there. However we must go beyond the movies to the experience. The images of an historical Jesus going into the desert for forty days and forty nights then being tempted by the devil. Buddha becomes an ascetic, consults the wisdom teachers then sits under the Bodie tree to be tested by lust, fear and social duty. Mohammad goes and sits in a cave and meditates until he hears a voice that dictates the Koran to him. Lord Krishna and Vishnu ride into battle blowing their Conk horns to complete their part in the grand play. Moses leads the Israelites out of bondage, goes to the top of the mountain and receives the ten commandments from a burning bush. Now it is YOUR turn. These historical figures or any other are of little value here and now other than to show us the way. You and I are the Buddha, the embodiment of the Christ consciousness in this lifetime. If one believes this, only one question remains. How do we come to know that, what is the mechanism that will transform the ordinary experience of a body/ego on earth into the butterfly of the eternity? What is your Heroes journey?

What thing out in the world terrifies you. What have you been given to overcome? What cause would you sacrifice yourself for. The overcoming of the ego is the central element in all the stories of the world in which a hero, the Christ consciousness or the Buddha nature emerges.

It is better to conquer oneself than to win a thousand battles on the field. No one can take it from you, not Heaven or Hell, Angels nor Demons.    -Buddha

After You Conquer Yourself (later today)

One wants to know the end, then I say know the beginning for the two are one. When the two become one the entire body shall be filled with light.The circular nature of the human mind is akin to a ferris wheel, the alpha and the Omega, the ring on our finger, all symbolizing no beginning and no end. The mind cannot grasp eternity however it can remember the present.

Now is the closest approximation to eternity that his world offers. -ACIM

Once a figure walked down a road in the center of a field. Men worked the field on both sides. The figure walked slowly down the middle of the dirt road in no hurry. He wore a tall hat. This hat was painted right down the middle. The men working on one side of the field saw a tall blue hat. The men on the other a red hat. Once the figure had walked through the field he quickly turned his hat around and walked back through the field once more. The men on both sides saw the same colored hat as before. Later during lunchtime someone mentioned the man with the blue hat walking down the road. Another man replied “you are a fool the hat was red”. The two men began to squabble violently over the color of the hat. The argument went on for years and years. Families and even villages took sides to defend the color of the hat.IMG_1783-0

This is the human condition. Attack and defend. Pick up your sword and your shield and lets fight over something, anything, pick something. Duality is the two sided hat, the paradox of this world. The infinite field of the divine appears in many shapes, paths, colors and hats. Not recognizing this is the war of the world. Every teaching, every person has a gift for one who cares to have eyes to see. Looking for the differences one will always find them. Knock and the door will be opened to the difference or the bliss. Seek and one will find because he is actually creating the finding. The man being whipped is the man doing the whipping.

The memory of the divine comes to the quiet mind

Lay down your sword and shield. You and I have fought many battles together. We have each played the victor and the victim. He who does not defend himself cannot be attacked. Lao Tzu  of the Tao Te Ching rides off on his Bull into the sunset of the countryside with no sword or shield. He has tamed the Bull within himself. imagesHe has no use of the sword and shield any longer. The Buddha sits under the Bodie tree until the truth comes to him. The Christ facing his crucifixion is asked if it is true that he is the Son of God. He simply states “it is as you say it is”. The truth does not battle with illusions, how would the truth battle a shadow, a phantom.

Once while walking in the forest I entered a spiders cobweb unexpectedly. I was swatting the air, pulling it out of my mouth, brushing off the imaginary spider. I did not know someone was watching me. He must have thought I was insane, fighting with the air. STOP! Surrender to the All and the Always. Doing battle with the illusion makes it real to the defender and attacker. The always knows it’s way to you. Any attempt to direct your own way is not the way. Be like the water, it flows with gentle ease. Attempt to grasp it and it quickly shoots out of your hand. Put your hand in the stream and let it flow through. Do not attempt to squabble over the color of the hat.

This Cosmos is not ultimate reality. If it is not then it is of no value. Now why would I say something like that. Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exist. The transient and fleeting are not real because they have a beginning and a end. As long as we are tied to the things of this world we are tied to this dimension. Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world, Jesus states. Then he sang “Can’t Touch this”  but it did not get recorded until much later by MC Hammer (short for My Christ Hammer). If one needs nothing of this world then how can it touch him. However Love and Forgiveness fall like raindrops from Heaven on a dry and dusty world where thirsty and starving features come to be caged in a prison of their own making. Look up, the door is unlocked but one does not plan his escape until he realizes his cell. IMG_0352

I cannot tell you anything you do not want to hear, nor can I tell you anything you do not already know. My lovely dear child of the divine I but teach myself. To have peace teach peace to learn it. We have all taught the whole Universe what we are but now let what we are teach us.

PIPO-Peace In Peace Out

PPPT-Perfect Place-Perfect Time

Peace In, Peace Out

Peace is no small gift. However enlightenment has it’s drawbacks. Not actually, but as the world would view it, it may look like laziness, unmotivated wandering, and best of all bliss for no apparent reason. Maybe that is why if the world could find the Christ it would kill him all over again. The world says you must be like us, toil and spin, get hung up in special relationships, struggle, suffer, get old, get sick and get die. Enlightenment says, I need do nothing (of the sort). The world says one must plan and control his trip. Enlightenment says, lets see where this road goes or better yet, lets see where it does not go and enjoy all of it. Enlightenment may see what the rest do and go the other way. That road is narrow and filled with present peace. The crops that thrive on the sides of that path are not trampled and easily reachable. The path of this mind is straight and it’s yoke light. The world is Inside out and backwards. Enlightenment reverses the world to right side up and says be still and know it’s all right to do so. Enlightenment is the end of suffering. Peace is no small gift.

Soulshine, better than Sunshine, better than Moonshine, let it shine till the break of day. -All Man Brothers

One doesn’t have to go looking for Love if that’s where He’s coming from. Here are three great mysteries. To a bird it’s the air, to a fish it’s the water, to a earthling it is himself. At the great Oracle of Delphi’s Temple there was a sign at the door few took a second look at. It said “Sartre Neuron”meaning know yourself. Indeed one cannot know anything until he knows himself. What does that mean -“know yourself” and know the Omniverse. Why? Because it’s ALL You. I suppose we could fill up all of the books that have ever been written with how to know yourself, for that is why they were penned. Why do we do the things we do? What is Love? Why am I fearful? Why am I here?

This world is a life sentence, why not take the curriculum. I suppose we all are whether we like it or not. Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 5.53.27 PM

This is A Course in Miracles. It is a required course. Only the time you take it is voluntary. -ACIM

Why might that be true. Because it is a course in YOU. Born in prison, born free, white black or red, we all must take the course in ourselves. When might an opportune time to take this course present itself? Anytime is fine but when one stops and says “there must be a better way” this presents the student with the Teacher. Out of the darkest places comes the brightest light. In the world of duality it seems that the darker the place one finds himself in, the brighter and more joyful places he is able to experience, once he pulls out of the debts of hell. In this sense severe pain may become our great teacher. In some religions pain is inflicted by the seeker on purpose. Fasting, whipping, extreme physical exhaustion, and even being buried alive are attempted in order to transcend fear and pain. In Africa I am told that when the boys are becoming men they drink Psyclocibe mushroom juice and are told to go out into the bush and kill a Lion with only a spear. Rights of passage are not well known in the western world. Since many do not pass through this process, before the narrow path (purification of the mind) can be taken one must learn what is different and what is the same. IMG_1668-0

I left my house when I was young. I walked down the sidewalk and fell into a hole. It took a long time to get out. 

A few years later I left my house and fell into the same hole. It took a while to get out.

Several years later I walked out of the house and fell into the hole. I got out quickly.

Later in life, I left my house, turned and walked down another street and went surfing.

And so it goes.

In this case one has to walk out of the house and inevitably fall into the proverbial hole. In this light falling can be welcomed and take on a meaning of the beginning of another journey. Tolerance for pain can be high but it is not without limit. And so the building of another ladder begins. If one losses his way and then finds it enough times (falls and gets up) he will have no fear of falling for he knows the way home. With no fear of falling there is no need to fall any longer, so he does not. He just stays home. The home of his peaceful mind.

What is Home? 

In the beginning home may still be here on this dimensional plane. Simply getting up to face the illusion one more day. Finding peace love and joy in all things, not circumstance dependent. In the ultimate sense Home is going All the way home. Sat Chit ananda IS attainable here before the dropping of the body. Before that happens the field must be plowed and fertilized. When this crop matures the yield will be one-hundred fold. So get on out there and start falling in some holes. 

Then get out your copy of whatever spiritual practice you enjoy and build that ladder.


This is me giving you a copy of A Course in Miracles. Go on – take it!

The Reversal

by Alex Williams

The Human Earthling goes out to toil and spin for little green strips of paper that the world holds as valuable. They are not backed by anything. Even if they were backed by Gold – what is a precious metal. He/she uses this currency to make the body attractive and comfortable. Bolt on Boobs, fake fingernails, high heels, make up, hair color, suits, …..We must drive this car, live in this neighborhood, it is all to make the body attractive and comfortable. We collect so many things that we need bigger houses and alarm systems to then protect it, body guards to keep us safe. IMG_0353

Looking from far above the battleground the serial adventures of the body begins with being born by other bodies. It builds a concept of itself and lays that idea on a world. It learns that there is a  difference between pleasure and pain. What is free will when he is trained to run from one and towards the other. This body lives a little while between birth and death, then dies to decay along with other bodies. In between it wonders in and out of different places that it designs.

Do you have desire to overcome the world and it’s dreaming. To learn what occurred and how to reverse it. Are you the effect of the world or it’s cause? Does the body tell the mind what to think, what it is experiencing or does the mind create the experience. 

The body is a picture of what you are because what you truly are cannot be seen. The body is a learning device and is completely neutral. It merely tells you what you have requested it to. The ultimate lesson is that this reality is all mind. Therefore put the focus where it should be and all the rest will align accordingly. This world is an outside picture of an inward condition. This one has control over, therefore he has dominion over all things. Correct and purify the mindScreen Shot 2016-02-10 at 5.53.09 PM

How does the circularity of the ego continue the guilt trip? By projecting the guilt onto other bodies it guarantees that it will always be in view. We are not upset for what our brother did to us but for what we think we did to him. God created us in his likeness and we returned the favor. In the same way we believe that our brother will do to us what we think we did to him.

Another side of that idea is what passes for marriage in this culture. One incomplete person seeking another to fulfill him. Searching for a better half is truly a mistake. The search implies that one is not complete. In effect one sees something in another he believes is missing from hisself. Once together this arrangement becomes a prison. In order to get what He needs he is held prisoner to fulfilling with resentment what the other ask for. In contrast to this thought system is the idea of a completely whole person coming together with another entirely whole person in order to grow through the spiritual practice of surrendering the ego for another. In effect transcending the self for another love symbol (the other) representing God Himself. Finally we learn to see the Divine in every sentient being and in every particle. IMG_0356

Since guilt made this dimension, forgiveness will undo it. What is forgiveness? It is the foregoing of this world. To give before receiving any further projection of guilt. To look past as if nothing happened. To remind the mind that what it sees is not so.

This world is a optical delusion of consciousness.    -Albert Einstein

Is this to be “in the world but not of the world”? It is to look past it completely, realizing that one is NOT in the world but the world in him.

The shortest teaching of Jesus is in the book of Thomas and it proclaims ……….

“Become passersby”IMG_0373

The Screen

by Alex Williams

Once there existed a large screen. This screen was brilliantly made of white silk. It stretched from all four corners of the Galaxy. This screen was All and Always and nothing nameable. Nothing much happened to the screen, never the less it was content. All at once an array of light beams traveled toward the screen at great speed. Low and behold the light beams contained a movie about a small Earthling boy being born and growing up. The screen had no knowledge of projection, movies or Earthlings. It was fascinated but stunned as it reviewed the images. One movie was followed by another, all containing images and references to the Earthling boy’s life. After several years of watching these images, the screen was so saturated with the earth person, the screen began to believe it was “He” on the screen. “Oh, don’t go in there” he would say to the image, “there’s a monster”. Sometimes he would try to reach down and illiminate the monster to keep them both from harm. All during the Earthlings life, the silk screen laughed and cried as if He were the images projected onto Him. One day a a film was shown on the screen of the boy walking into a movie theatre to view a different kind of film with new images. The screen then realized how the images were cast by a projector. He thought to himself that the two must go together. He also came to know that in order for a new set of images to be cast, the film was simply changed. Noticing this was of great alarm to the screen. How could “He” be the Earthling boy if it were only an image. Further more, if the Silk screen was not the boy then who was he.

I ask you and I. Would we react to the images on our screen if we knew they were not real? What would we do? When one comes to the realization that he is projecting the images would one still attempt change the screen? By thinking we are a body (or the image we project) we twist reality into a fantasy by seeking pleasure where it is not -outside of us. One believes in what he creates. We create these fantasy’s within our mind and thus believe in them.IMG_0354

The next time you are upset know this is not necessary. Why? Because one see’s something that is not there. The movie one watches is only that- a movie. Attempting to change the screen will avail us nothing. Have you ever seen a movie projected where there was a speck of dust on the projector lens? Any attempt to wipe the screen clean would be to no avail. We don’t react to figures in a dream because that gives them reality. If one defends himself he is attacked. However there is a way. The projector and the film are the source of the projection. The projector lens may be cleaned. The film may be changed so that one can cease the complete belief that he is only the figure one the screen. One can return to know He is the pure white silk screen.

Love falls like raindrops from Heaven on a dry and dusty earth, where thirsty and starving creatures come to die. -ACIM

The world is old and tired now. The traveler drags through the desert. He see’s a mirage of Palm trees and watering holes that give no peace because they contain none. He wanders in the desert of his own making, locked in a prison cell. The traveler has attempted to create an Oasis of his own reality. He has manifested nothing from nothing and received nothing in return. Those who attempt to get nothing from nothing get much more than they bargained for. He awakens and looks up to see the prison cell door is unlocked in the desert of unreality.

Perception is consistent it shows us what we want to see. Change what you want to see and all the world will change accordingly. What you want to see will truly change but you must want it truly. Any attempt at the manifestation of an illusion of a world is the same as making an ego self. One might say the ego is a dream of death. If one were to give his attention to a death wish he will make it real for him. Therefore, there is nothing so blinding as the senses. The creation of the body is the manifestation of perception. This is an effort to make fleeting images, sounds, memory and time real. God is reality and reality has not perception of fleeting and ever shifting hallucinations of sights and sounds.

Release the projector by forgiving the entire movie of your mind. This reversal will run the movie backwards so to speak, until the film reel runs to the end and no more images are projected. If one wants to make a movie and project it onto himself (create our own reality) then he will manufacture a mis-creation and may even call it Hell in comparison to Nirvana.IMG_0353

A vision of the great Rays of revelation are not seen with the body’s eyes. In order to see this new Heaven and new Earth, the field of the mind must be tilled and fertilized. When the new seeds are planted a new crop will arise free of the weeds of impurity and discontent. But how does one plow the field of the mind?

The ego is nothing more than a small software package one designs and then lays upon a dying land called a body. This sickened wall of flesh is then identified as “a little powerless victim of ones own making”. No crops worth eating come from this field of perception. The ego stands bleeding and looks up to see that it is he that holds the smoking gun of sorrow and hatred, blame and judgement. It is only he that judges and hates his own mis-creations. His brothers are the mirror in which he see’s himself. His wish to see a hateful viscous world reflect back to him this cracked and broken mirror. Searching through the shards for a whole clear view this way is impossible. The window of perception must be cleansed, the mirror of the mind is cracked and not the mirror itself.

The personality (ego) that is proud of his intellect is akin to the prisoner who is proud of his cell. In order to be proud one must be separate. This separation comes from meeting up at the “Attack and Defend Pub” or the “I’ll Never Forgive You Bar and Grill”. Instead meet at the “Love smorgasbord” and the “Saloon of Transformation”. Order the living water and never thirst again. The Guru, the Self and God are one. Accept this and escape the horror movie as well as the unlocked prison cell of the mind.

The problem with writings on the internet is that you never know if they are true. -Alexander The Great