Back to Zero Everything

By Alex Williams
It seems so obvious really. And you know this. Just a reminder. 

 We have all created these characters called “me”. Then furiously rush around gathering and seeking in order to add to that fictional character. Of course we then get lost when we realize we have created nothing from nothing and it leads to nothing. However there is a turn right back down the road we can still make. It leads to being fully human. Some call it whole mind, Buddha nature, whatever we earthlings might call it, call upon it now! It’s being fully organically physically Human. I see it as the highest art form of the earthling.   

  It has nothing to do with the attachments and prisons of the world. It doesn’t watch the news although it can. It focuses on being while doing. It finds happiness inside of the doing. The form varies infinitely. It doesn’t sit in a cave and meditate although it might. It’s never lonely or alone. It doesn’t throw its pearls before swine because it doesn’t know “swine”. Expression is an outlet and in this there is no contempt or judgement, it’s all applauded. It just entertains itself. This or that is fine. Happy in the Sun or rain, waves crashing or calm, it remains unaffected. Content in poverty or gaining riches. It’s not stale and it’s not still although it can be. Love- yes it’s ALL love- that’s all it is, nothing else. Not graspation copulation although it might. It never gets lost, never is in conflict. It’s the happiness and freedom of getting out for Summer break. Every nights a Friday night and every day a Saturday. It’s every moment. It’s the complete undefinable paradox of the Omniverse. Why? Because it’s not going anywhere. It is the other side, THIS is the OTHER side. This is IT! It does nothing and leaves nothing undone. It has no name and every name. It is your daughters children and your grandfathers mother. It’s all and nothing. It’s the unified field, the Holy Spirit, God and the MOTHER of all of these. Get in it, waller around, get the smell of it on you, take it with you to nowhere.  

 Stick with me- I’ll teach you nothing!

The echoes of the laughs

Popping of the fire

Tires crunching over the gravel

Colored leaves fall

Tree shadows grow long into the night

I’ve got to enjoy it more somehow

It’s precious value has faded

Already can I see the future when I look back and only then notice what I missed

Even knowing that, I can’t seem to change it now

Why can’t I be in it now as its happening

I can be and I AM

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