The Morning Star

While traveling in the Western region of the North American Continent; I awoke in the desert to the Morning Star. The dawn was upon my location of the planet and She appeared to me as a deeply Cosmic colorful Lantern. Beckoning me to follow, I zipped up my jacket with some hesitation, and began to do just that. How far will we go, do I need Living Water in this desert, how long will it take, should I be fearful? As I journeyed onward I realized that this might be an infinite walk and no preparations were required on my part, they had been arranged before time was. Indeed, I was before time was- One. How had it all happened? Non- essential information this was, for it was still happening now. This was The Way, The Truth and obviously The Light. Continue to follow where my unspoken marching orders. And this I do.   

I not to long ago camped on this cliff on the Oregon Coast. It was truly a majestic spot. During the first afternoon a thick predictable fog began to roll in. Hanging from a cable on that small island in the photograph there swung a magnificent ancient brass bell. During the first night the bell gently and sweetly chimed. The inhabitants of the coast are very familiar with this frequent occurrence of the ritual fog  rolling in. Bells have been placed since before time was so that the traveler might have spiritual vision. Just as the tide falls, what is underneath is revealed. When the human perception is withdrawn, what it was covering is revealed. What is perception? The senses and the thought patterns that make up ones world. They are noisey and form a veil around the mind. There is nothing so blinding as perception. One might ask how the perceptions came about. They are of our own making just as memory and projection of future events are of our own creation and neither one real.

Remove the senses and thoughts of past and future, move deeply into the Now.  Go into meditation and all will be revealed. The Who-man mind only sees according to the senses. What is believed and valued becomes the construct in which he travels. Perception is consistent, it shows what we want/choose to see. Where the heart/mind is there also lies his treasure.

There is another world that a different kind of vision will reveal

Just as when one quits one bad habit frequently another takes its place. A similar thing happens when the senses are removed or muted. In addition, Isolation, hunger, fatigue and rhythmic sounds have long been understood by the ancient cultures to induce samadhi. Remove the primitive senses and something far greater arises. This cannot be meaningfully relayed in words. For to speak of it reduces it. Those who speak do not know and those who know only point. Be of good cheer I have overcome the world and its primitive perception, and you will follow. 

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