My Little (TOE) Theory of Everything

Where was I, oh yes, Theorhetical Theory or Theosophy of the void. Now then, Avatars are we, yes this is nothing more than a Sim. How are you doing in this particular simulated game called ” The Dream of Death”. Stop teaching yourself to die for you make a promise that you cannot keep. This is only one page in a great and shining series of Novels and dimensions.  

 How do I know this? The same way you can come to know it. Search and you will find but not only find but experience. I would recommend NOT taking anyone’s word for it. Why? Because that’s a thin ice of belief and not  enough to walk on. You must experience it for yourself. Pointers are available but they only point. Be careful here, most people stop and analyze the pointers but the analysis of pointers is pointless.   

If one could know one constant in all of the Universe then everything may be laid out and deduced with simple math from that constant. I recall Stephen Hawkins stating that his desire was to find one eloquent equation to describe the Universe. How beautiful a thought. The speed of light is the only thing that has been found to be constant. It’s interesting that the earth has no light of its own. That light must travel here from elsewhere. A nice metaphor for you and I. The purpose of evolution is to evolve. The highest form of evolution is to become the light of Love. All the technology, time and space travel that can, has or will happen cannot transcend it. All the forms of matter are meaningless. Be Love Now is the ultimate equation of the Universe in evolution!

Complexity is NOT of the Omni- verse, it just appears that way. Why? Because you are. Today this is my Big TOE. Evolve to- be Love Now. And since evolution in itself is a fallacy because we are ultimately perfect and perfection leaves no room for further improvement.  One may deduct Therefore-  YOU ARE LOVE NOW!  No time, no distance, no need of anything of any sort.

The meaning of Love

Now just how is this accomplished. What is the meaning of this. The meaning of Love cannot be taught. A description of YOU is impossible. The Buddha once said”enlightenment is the end of suffering”.  Notice he did not say what enlightenment was but what it was not. In this same way we cannot say what ((YOU) Love is. However one may remove all of the blocks to the awareness of (Love) himself and now he has an experience of what he IS. These blocks consist of beliefs or mental constructs about what he thinks he is. Every decision one makes stems from what he thinks he is. Change these beliefs and ones  entire world changes. 

The question I hear you ask now is: yes but what’s the true religion,  which construct is tru? I say to you,  I Am the Hindu, the Muslim, Taoist and the Jew. I AM before time was. I AM my Fathere Father, my children’s children. I have no favorites among personalities or beliefs. Do not limit me to your simple inefficient language. I AM the All and the Always, and YOU are a part of me regardless of what you attempt to make of yourself.

Oregon Coast
Bada Bing, bang boom- that’s all folks. Good afternoon, good evening and in case I don’t see ya- Goodnight!!

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