The Morning Star

While traveling in the Western region of the North American Continent; I awoke in the desert to the Morning Star. The dawn was upon my location of the planet and She appeared to me as a deeply Cosmic colorful Lantern. Beckoning me to follow, I zipped up my jacket with some hesitation, and began to do just that. How far will we go, do I need Living Water in this desert, how long will it take, should I be fearful? As I journeyed onward I realized that this might be an infinite walk and no preparations were required on my part, they had been arranged before time was. Indeed, I was before time was- One. How had it all happened? Non- essential information this was, for it was still happening now. This was The Way, The Truth and obviously The Light. Continue to follow where my unspoken marching orders. And this I do.   

I not to long ago camped on this cliff on the Oregon Coast. It was truly a majestic spot. During the first afternoon a thick predictable fog began to roll in. Hanging from a cable on that small island in the photograph there swung a magnificent ancient brass bell. During the first night the bell gently and sweetly chimed. The inhabitants of the coast are very familiar with this frequent occurrence of the ritual fog  rolling in. Bells have been placed since before time was so that the traveler might have spiritual vision. Just as the tide falls, what is underneath is revealed. When the human perception is withdrawn, what it was covering is revealed. What is perception? The senses and the thought patterns that make up ones world. They are noisey and form a veil around the mind. There is nothing so blinding as perception. One might ask how the perceptions came about. They are of our own making just as memory and projection of future events are of our own creation and neither one real.

Remove the senses and thoughts of past and future, move deeply into the Now.  Go into meditation and all will be revealed. The Who-man mind only sees according to the senses. What is believed and valued becomes the construct in which he travels. Perception is consistent, it shows what we want/choose to see. Where the heart/mind is there also lies his treasure.

There is another world that a different kind of vision will reveal

Just as when one quits one bad habit frequently another takes its place. A similar thing happens when the senses are removed or muted. In addition, Isolation, hunger, fatigue and rhythmic sounds have long been understood by the ancient cultures to induce samadhi. Remove the primitive senses and something far greater arises. This cannot be meaningfully relayed in words. For to speak of it reduces it. Those who speak do not know and those who know only point. Be of good cheer I have overcome the world and its primitive perception, and you will follow. 


By Big Al

  The term “archetype” has its origins in ancient Greek. The root words are archein, which means “original or old”; and typos, which means “pattern, model or type”. The combined meaning is an “original pattern” of which all other similar persons, objects, or concepts are derived, copied, modeled, or emulated. 

I suppose it’s an archetypical story. The idea that one must lose himself to find himself. I have come to understand this as the premise for enlightenment that so many speak about with the clear understanding that the one that is ” found” has no likeness or familiarity with the one that was lost. The two have never met. 

Interesting to me is the idea that I underwent this process many times and seemingly continue it now. Falling further and further down the rabbit hole, I see no end. The light at the end of the tunnel comes and goes as another tunnel appears, each time thinking; if life is a journey this must be the destination. 

On the spiritual search a mystic writes: better not to begin, once begun better finish. The initiate has no idea what he is getting into as his egoic constructs are broken down one belief at a time and in a few cases all at once. I’ve heard many stories both ways. I had hoped to get it over all at once but have come to see that even when that happens the consciousness frequently spends and equal number of years researching just what in Heavens name happened (Eckhart Tolle). Purity is not confined, therefore he is forced to find the ideas and words to attempt to communicate it to the others he now feels bound to assist. (Plato’s allegory of the cave). He finds himself in a completely new Heaven and a new Earth. I find that I am never alone in this new dimension, however it can get a little uncomfortable at first. Looking forward looking back I see that I had wandered into ” It” several times on my search, discarding “It” as nothing meaningful. Here we find the value in discovering what is the same and what is different. They must be seperated- what’s real and what’s not. This can be very simple but hard to do. If it’s not eternal it’s not real, that’s simple but just try to unwind what you call your life from that perspective. There will be much nashing of teeth! One can feel like he is losing or giving up a piece of himself each day- indeed he is. Very frightful! Once he sees that the giving up of nothing is no sacrifice he might relax a little. He gives little by little of himself. One day he says enough, I quit. Too late. He looks around for the pieces of himself he gave away- they are no longer. There is no going back. Better not to begin, once begun better finish- the dismanteling. 

I know this; all that arises passes away. I also see that the consciousness must come to the conclusion that he is a prisoner of his own beliefs, otherwise he will never consider an escape necessary or even possible. If I were the uninitiated reading this I would ask; where is there to go, escape from what, to what or whom am I a prisoner. ” Yes”, I would reply, now your on to it. 

When Buddha wrote:

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand (outside) battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels nor Demond, heaven nor hell.

What could he possibly have meant ” conquer yourself”.  

 Let me pose another question for your consideration. Where is this, where are you? What city are you in? Where is that? Where is that state? Where is that country, where is that continent? Where is that continent? Where is that earth? Where is the solar system? Where is the Milky Way Galaxy? You can’t even tell me where you are. This is the beginning of your quest. Where the fuck am I, how did I get here, who am I, where am I going, what is the meaning of this? On the other hand, maybe it’s better not to ask; just do it, be happy, have no fear. How far from home does one need to go to find his way home? What is the sound of one hand clapping? Who is the you that could be lost? Who is the self that has convinced himself that he is another- seperated one – and seperated from what reality. What apparent entity has made the illusive reality that you live in and where else is there to go. We travel but in dreams my brother. Realities can be exchanged by changing our beliefs, our values. Entirely new worlds can be experienced, if only we would stop, look and consider the possibilities. There ARE many mansions awaiting you not in the future but now.  

Richard Alpert
 We ALL find what we are seeking because it is a law of the Universe. Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be opened, as above so below, as within so without. Why? Because this place is all potential. Each seeker cannot but find what it is he is seeking because every sought item has an opposite answer. There are no problems only solutions. What we define as problems and answers are always evident in pairs- they exist together. They cannot exist apart, they would not be whole and this place, this dimension we are in is total, complete and whole. Is this a a Theosophy? One way to find out- believe it and try it on for size. These ideas must be born in your mind. Know you not Nicodemus you must be born again. Nicodemus ask: how am I to crawl back into thy mothers womb to be born again. Jesus states: what is born of water is water, what is born of spirit is spirit. 

Picture yourSelf standing where you now actually ARE. In Nirvana standing side by side with all of the ascended spiritual masters, which are all actually one with YOU. Looking down from there what advice would you give self that thinks he is here. I would think of that advice to be; go in Peace, Love and the joy of being. Love what is! If the ascended masters or God Itself where to look through your eyes what would He see but perfection. No pas or future would reasonably only see perfection. The past can only be remembered, the future but imagined. Now see as God sees.

If that’s to much to ask go and undergo your crucifixion and resurrection  into the Spirit of the One mind. 

 Where the River meets the Ocean and the Ocean meets the sky- you will find me there.

My Little (TOE) Theory of Everything

Where was I, oh yes, Theorhetical Theory or Theosophy of the void. Now then, Avatars are we, yes this is nothing more than a Sim. How are you doing in this particular simulated game called ” The Dream of Death”. Stop teaching yourself to die for you make a promise that you cannot keep. This is only one page in a great and shining series of Novels and dimensions.  

 How do I know this? The same way you can come to know it. Search and you will find but not only find but experience. I would recommend NOT taking anyone’s word for it. Why? Because that’s a thin ice of belief and not  enough to walk on. You must experience it for yourself. Pointers are available but they only point. Be careful here, most people stop and analyze the pointers but the analysis of pointers is pointless.   

If one could know one constant in all of the Universe then everything may be laid out and deduced with simple math from that constant. I recall Stephen Hawkins stating that his desire was to find one eloquent equation to describe the Universe. How beautiful a thought. The speed of light is the only thing that has been found to be constant. It’s interesting that the earth has no light of its own. That light must travel here from elsewhere. A nice metaphor for you and I. The purpose of evolution is to evolve. The highest form of evolution is to become the light of Love. All the technology, time and space travel that can, has or will happen cannot transcend it. All the forms of matter are meaningless. Be Love Now is the ultimate equation of the Universe in evolution!

Complexity is NOT of the Omni- verse, it just appears that way. Why? Because you are. Today this is my Big TOE. Evolve to- be Love Now. And since evolution in itself is a fallacy because we are ultimately perfect and perfection leaves no room for further improvement.  One may deduct Therefore-  YOU ARE LOVE NOW!  No time, no distance, no need of anything of any sort.

The meaning of Love

Now just how is this accomplished. What is the meaning of this. The meaning of Love cannot be taught. A description of YOU is impossible. The Buddha once said”enlightenment is the end of suffering”.  Notice he did not say what enlightenment was but what it was not. In this same way we cannot say what ((YOU) Love is. However one may remove all of the blocks to the awareness of (Love) himself and now he has an experience of what he IS. These blocks consist of beliefs or mental constructs about what he thinks he is. Every decision one makes stems from what he thinks he is. Change these beliefs and ones  entire world changes. 

The question I hear you ask now is: yes but what’s the true religion,  which construct is tru? I say to you,  I Am the Hindu, the Muslim, Taoist and the Jew. I AM before time was. I AM my Fathere Father, my children’s children. I have no favorites among personalities or beliefs. Do not limit me to your simple inefficient language. I AM the All and the Always, and YOU are a part of me regardless of what you attempt to make of yourself.

Oregon Coast
Bada Bing, bang boom- that’s all folks. Good afternoon, good evening and in case I don’t see ya- Goodnight!!