Order a New World

Every World one might imagine or travel to is made of mental constructs. Based on beliefs and values they are walked on and traveled thru. Like a worm hole. Yes, seek not to change this world, but seek to change your mind about it, and the whole dimension changes. But one cannot see two worlds at once. He cannot serve two masters with his thoughts. One cannot split his beliefs, they are total. Who can Love and hate at the same time? What can be seen in darkness that is real. One must choose between Love and fear. One exist and one is shadow. Perception is consistent, it shows one what he believes. See a fearful, hateful, vengeful, unforgiving world … 

Let all thoughts of darkness in this dream of death go and they are what? Gone! He but holds His Self in chains, hostage, with his mental constructs he walks upon. When the booming voice comes down and states; let my people go. In angst does it dawn on him that the voice speaks to him about his True SELF and His Brothers for he holds them in bondage as well. 

Therefore call upon the Great and Unfailing All and Always to help you unwind your mind from all these fearful constructs. No one can fail who seeks to reach to Truth. His Will paves the way as he journeys onward onto this new beautiful path to the chosen New World.

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