The Pope Comes To America

  Alex Williams –

We have all recently seen the cast of The Pope coming to the U.S. What we have not seen is that His airline flight arrived here very late. Many thousands of good Catholic Americans were left complaining and sweating standing in the sun. Here’s what went down.

Hurried from the Aircraft to the awaiting Limosine the Pope ushered the long drive to commence by waiving a hand forward to the driver. The driver slowly pulled away from the curb and eased down the road. After a few minutes of patient and conservative journeying the Pope asked the driver to hurry up, after all many thousands of his peeps were awaiting. The driver simply stated that he was extremely reluctant to do so explaining that he had already received two speeding tickets and a final third would end his driving career and the ability to support his Catholic family. The Pope immediately informed the driver of his International drivers license that he possessed. ” let’s switch places” the Pope suggested, ” I can’t lose this license”. Off they went speeding toward the important address of the crowds. As fate would have it a Rookie Motorcycle Policeman was surveying the roadway and immediately pulled the Limo over. Rolling down the window the Pope saw the eyeballs of the Officer Pop with amazement for you see he was wearing his full battle array – hat and all. The officer returned to his bike and called his Seargent informing, “Sarge, I’ve pulled over a BigBoy”. The Sarge in frustration asked, I hope it’s not the Mayor, he was scheduled to be on that side of town today. The Officer shook his head saying, oh, he’s much bigger than that. The President, the Sarge replied, is going to the speech, surely you have not pulled over him. Oh no, the officer replied, he’s much bigger than him. The Sarge confounded asked, if it’s not the Mayor or the President then who is is.

The Officer admitted that he was hesitant to say, only one thing is sure,  the Pope is His Limo driver.

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