Solvation of the riddle of the Omniverse- Whole Mind

Alex P Williams – Durango, CO

Again,  this is Big Al Will-I-Am broadcasting live in Unity and High-Definition on the Spirit Broadcast Network, which is everywhere you want to be. 

With the declaration of; teach on the basis of what you want to learn, because what you teach is teaching you. Here we go…

Keep in mind we are working with simple words, very limited. Words are symbols of symbols twice removed from reality. We are using words to create metaphors in order to bring us to an experience of where we already are in reality.


Here is where we have ” learned” we are. 

 This is Not so. 

 Some examples of The Fibanacci . We can see similarities with the rings in our own Universe and everywhere within the same.

Here is what I am proposing in my metaphor. Simply stated, we have wondered off from creation in search of. In search of what? What would it be like to go off and experience individuality and person- ality. It was a mistake that happened so long ago that it is all but forgotten. Through DNA memory and re-construction we have simply forgotten ” True Reality”. We are simply playing out a fantasy of nothingness in our forgetfulness. We have hid ourselves from realty within this Fibanacci sequence. We are all One appearing as many. There is only one of use apparently fractionalized in this dimension appearing as seven- Billion. In illustration, it’s as if we dropped a large single piece of glass on the World and it broke into billions of pieces.   

What’s the solution to this Hell we made. We must each bring ourselves back to whole mind. We must realize Unity. It’s all happening now. This is a great place to be in the re- evolving backwards to Unity.    

 This place in the illusion of space time was created by projection of the one mind. Projection is not creation. Creation is extension of what you were created As. In order to unwind ourselves out of this hiding place in the Fibanacci spiral, we must all extend what we were created as. Another way to say it would be that in order to come into Unity or whole mind is to reverse the belief in seperateness or attack and defend modality. Who are we really attacking and defending but a part of ourselves. 

The total and complete insanity of descending on this apparent globe, drawing imaginary lines, subdividing continents into country’s, states, provinces, cities, towns, villages and finally personal estates; developing different Gods and beliefs and then attacking and defending those illusory beliefs; killing each other in the name of personality, seperateness, individuality – must stop. How will it though. It seems that it will take much clock time for this re-engineering of the DNA. 

It would seem absurd, even evil to me years ago to even mention this. But hey I have nothing to lose. At John Hopkins and other places around the Globe research is being closely examined on Entheogens and Psychodelics with astounding results. DMT, Ayawauska, Ibogain, Mushrooms, LSD. This is pretty far out but maybe we should just release it into the water supply. We see movies made based on the destruction of the population using the water supply, why not reverse that idea to save it. We have all witnessed the results of the 1960’s. In fact I believe we are continuing to see those results manifest today. Was it enough? No, I don’t think so.  

it even looks like a Mushroom
In reality I don’t see how we can screw up a false reality. Even if we totally destroy ourselves- so what. The issue I see is the pain and suffering that continues up to the point of destruction. Then again pain and suffering are truly mind made entities. Pain and pleasure as we label these emotions are two sides of the same coin. This is how the entire ” show” continues. Everyone is running away from “pain” and toward “pleasure”. I gotta get mine even if I have to take it from you. Yep let’s make enough LSD and release it into the water system- save the world. Probably lose a few hundred thousand in car and plane wrecks. Twenty- five thousand people die every hour as it is. But the idea of death IS the issue. I must get MY happiness before I’m terminated. What a mess. 

 However, like I said, all anyone of can do is extend what he was truly created as. Call it whole mind, Love, Peace, Buddha Nature, Krisna Consciousness, the Toa or whatever, but call upon it Now!

See: Entheogens at

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