Journey Without Distance

  Take a walk out around a relaxing park somewhere close to home, breath, jog a little if possible. Clear your mind. Arrive back home and find the most comfortable place you can lie down. Get as comfortable and peaceful as possible. Take a few deep breaths in thru the nose and out thru the mouth. 

Now normally I would teach to never allow the mind to go into the past, however for this exercise we will go on a journey without distance to the place you never left. I want you to quiet your mind for a moment then; go back to when you were 35 years old. What was going on in your life? Were you working, married, children? Picture yourself there, feel, smell, taste your surroundings. 

Now go back to 25 years old. What was happening in your life? Feel it, see it. Goals, aspirations, health, financial.  

Go on back to 15 years old. Friends, family, school, cars, dogs, houses, clothes, events. Go on back to 5 and do the same. Brothers, sisters, playmates, forts, swings, feelings, kindergarden. 

Now we are going way back to the toddler era where you experienced everything directly without the darkened glass of thought and names of objects. Go back to the room where you were brought when you came home for the very first time. Imagine walking in to that room now. There you are lying in your Crib. Walk up to your Crib, reach down and pick you up. Gaze deeply into your eyes, what would you tell yourself. What advice do you now give yourself at the beginning?

  After placing yourself gently back down and thinking of how well this loving advice will serve you, a great and shining light appears. You look at the light which suddenly envelops the entire Universe. Slowly from a great distance a figure walks forward toward you. You can’t quite make out the figure but somehow you know they have a message for you. You know this entity intimately. Who is it and what message is now delivered to you?

This is but one page in a great and shining series of Novels. If not Now then When.  Journey back to zero- everything. To before time was.

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