The split path

  The split path represents the split mind. If one were to sit and watch he will see the a mind that is engaged in either thinking of the past or envisioning the future. Both are illusory and we might even go so far as to say that the mind is blank. The most that can be said about the past is that it’s gone. Let the past be lifted of all ancient fears and release the present reality to all that is. Now is the closest approximation to eternity that this world offers. If one cannot see anything as it is now then it can be said that he sees nothing. 

 Notice that the middle of the path is not worn at all. No footsteps or car tires travel there. The path to Nirvana is narrow and many never find it. The path to the past and future are heavily traveled and most  use these as there method of transporting the mind. Never satisfied with what is, they travel to nowhere with a blank mind. And so the thoughts they think they think are meaningless, located in two apparent illusory dimensions.  


Listen to your thoughts. They are images one has made. Be aware of the thought as the watcher of the thought. Observe the mind. Be the observer. Take a step back- observe the observer observing.  

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